December 14, 2020
french bulldog heat

What Can I Put On My French Bulldog’s Nose?

The French bulldog’s nose is a main ‘tool’ that helps him to discover the world. That tiny body part alternates between wet and dry and contains more than 300 million olfactory receptors. Since your Frenchie’s nose needs to get essential care just like the rest of his body, these tips will help you keep it soothed and healthy. What is the best product to use […]
December 8, 2020
french bulldog food

French Bulldog Food – How To Know What’s Right For Your Dog?

We all know that most dog owners feed their dogs with dry kibble or canned food. Since we live fast lives, they seem like the quickest option for you but not always the best for your Frenchie. While cats are strict carnivores, dogs can also enjoy eating grains, fruits, and veggies. To make sure that you’ve made the right choice for your pet, we decided […]
December 6, 2020
french bulldog brushes

What Are The Best French Bulldog Brushes?

Finding the right French bulldog brushes might sound challenging because, unlike many other small dog breeds, Frenchies have a single layer of coat. This feature makes them shed less, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t brush them regularly. These are some useful tips that can help you choose the best brush for your Frenchie. What are the best French bulldog brushes? When choosing the […]
December 1, 2020
french bulldog losing hair

What Are The Causes of Your French Bulldog Hair Loss?

French bulldog hair loss is probably one of the most concerning conditions. In some cases, this issue can be related to seasonal baldness, while other cases include more severe conditions. That’s why it’s very important to react on time and discover the main reason for your dog’s hair loss. What could be the reasons for the French bulldog hair loss? Seasonal baldness The first case […]
November 21, 2020
french bulldog coats

8 Adorable French Bulldog Coats For Cold Weather

Thinking about how to save our Frenchies from hypothermia is one of the greatest concerns of every owner. Unlike long-haired dogs and dogs with normal muzzles, French bulldogs are incapable to regulate their body temperatures all alone. Therefore, dressing your batpig in warm French bulldog clothes doesn’t mean that you’re wasting your money on needless items. French bulldogs must wear clothes in cold weather, so […]
November 17, 2020

Top 6 French Bulldog Boots For The Winter Season

We all know that walking on cold, icy, and sharp pavements can cause severe damages to the French bulldog’s paws. That’s why we have to provide them with the right protection and make them safe from street salt and harsh weather conditions. French bulldog boots are one of the most important items your dog should have for safely pawing through the winter season. Why do […]
November 12, 2020
french bulldog reverse sneezing

French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing- Causes and Treatment!

Being a witness of the French bulldog reverse sneezing is a scary experience for most dog owners. In those situations, most dog owners don’t know what to do and become afraid for the health of their dogs. We all know that sneezing is a normal reflex of releasing allergens or elements that interfere with our breathing. However, have you ever wondered why your dog is […]
November 5, 2020
french bulldog eye problems

French Bulldog Eye Problems- What Do You Need To Know?

French Bulldog eye problems are one of the most common issues that can occur in this breed. These pooches are widely recognizable for their protruding and big eyes that become susceptible to different irritations, infections, and allergies. How to recognize French bulldog eye problems? French bulldog eye problems are followed by redness, squinting, and discharge. A dog can also start rubbing the face onto the […]