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French Bulldog Eye Problems- What Do You Need To Know?

french bulldog eye problems

French Bulldog eye problems are one of the most common issues that can occur in this breed. These pooches are widely recognizable for their protruding and big eyes that become susceptible to different irritations, infections, and allergies.

french bulldog eye problems

How to recognize French bulldog eye problems?

French bulldog eye problems are followed by redness, squinting, and discharge. A dog can also start rubbing the face onto the floor or scratch the eyes with paws.  More than half of eye issues involve corneal injury, which is the transparent shield that lies over the eye. We can describe the corneal injury as the pain when an eyelash enters the eye. Unfortunately, if you leave untreated even mild injuries, your dog’s issue can grow into a big one and even lead to the loss of eyesight.

What are the most common French bulldog eye problems?

Cherry Eye in French bulldogs

Cherry eye in French bulldogs– This type of condition occurs when the third eyelid prolapses. It looks like a red and swollen ball in the corner of the eye. We also call the third eyelid the nicotinic membrane. It plays an important role in protecting the cornea, distributing the tears, and protecting the tear gland. If you don’t treat it on time, the cherry eye in your French bulldog can grow into an infection and severe issue. Usual treatment includes massage of the eye or surgery.

Entropion in French bulldogs

We can describe this condition as an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. The severity depends on the amount of skin around the eye, and as well as the weight of the folds. The entropion can trigger a skin fold dermatitis that is followed by severe itchiness and discomfort. The condition requires surgery that includes removing the narrow segment of skin.

Ectopic Cilia in Frenchies

Eyelash problems can also cause French bulldog eye problems, and Ectopic Cilia is one of them. It happens when the hair grows abnormally and comes into contact with the cornea. It can be very itchy, and painful to touch, so your pet will probably require surgery to get rid of the ingrown lashes. The Ectopic Cilia looks like a pimple on the root of the eyelash.

Distichiasis and Distichiae in Frenchies

Similar to the previous one, these conditions are also caused by improperly grown eyelashes. Distichiae occurs when the eyelashes grow to the opposite side (they grow towards the entrance to the eye). To fix this issue, the doctor should perform a routine surgery and find the root of the lash that cause improper growth. However, since it will probably occur continuously, there isn’t a permanent solution for this condition.

French bulldog eye care

Besides bat ears and flat muzzles, the big eyes are something that people especially adore on Frenchies. That’s why it’s essential to regularly rinse them with special eye solutions and to use artificial teardrops. During the blooming season, Frenchies can be very susceptible to inhalation allergies. Their short nostrils put them on a higher tendency to suffer from eye allergies that can end up with an infection.

Therefore, if your dog is an allergy sufferer, prepare him for the season by using special eyedrops with ectoine. Ectoine is a natural ingredient that makes a protective barrier and stops allergens to enter the tear duct. However, before buying any product, our recommendation is to consult with your vet who will determine the root of your dog’s problem.