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Are French Bulldogs Destructive?

French Bulldog chewing habits

We all know French bulldogs as clingy, loyal, and charming. However, what do you know about their other side of personality? Are French bulldogs destructive is probably one of the topics that every future dog owner would like to be revealed.

Are French bulldogs destructive and when?

Even though we consider Frenchies for friendly dogs, they can act destructively in certain situations.

Staying home alone= separation anxiety

Leaving French bulldogs home alone can lead them to suffer from separation anxiety. Since these pooches belong to lovely companions, they react very sensitively to loneliness. So, leaving them alone at home for a prolonged time can cause them to suffer from this disorder and become destructive. So, while some dogs will chew on rugs, beds, and shows, others can go very seriously with their behavior.

Self-destructive behavior includes running away through a window or trying to break the door in order to escape and find the owner. Paw chewing and biting body parts is also another cause that can end up severely.

are french bulldogs destructive


Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t make a distinction between separation anxiety and boredom. Bored behavior is easier to solve, and bored dogs are usually those who don’t get enough activity during a day.

Although Frenchies are considered for low-energy dogs, they need to get enough play and interaction to release pent-up energy. Besides taking your pooch to regular strolls, you should allow him to play with dog toys too. Interactive toys for French bulldogs that require to be filled with snacks or peanut butter represent a great way of keeping a dog occupied. They also improve intelligence, so it’s another reason why you should use them. Since food is one of the best motivational tools, interactive toys for Frenchies can be used during training too.

are french bulldogs destructive

Teeth Growing Process

When the dog goes through a teeth growing process, he tends to search for chewable items that will help him easier deal with pains. Therefore, if you’re still wondering are French bulldogs destructive, we can say that the teeth phase can be one of the reasons. Just remember how do human babies behave in the same stage. They chew on their hands, but your dog can’t do that with his paws. That’s why you have to help him. Besides using cooling gels for pain relief, you can use toys too. French bulldog chew toys that are made of silicone are one of the best to help your pet.

The following French Bulldog beeping chew toy comes in two sizes. It features a durable and elastic rubber with pins. It provides a massage to a dog’s gums, and it’s available in different colors.

are french bulldog destructive

Poor socialization

If you’ve adopted a rescued Frenchie, then there’s a high possibility that such dogs haven’t gone through socialization lessons. Frenchies that cost cheap will probably develop health issues in the future. Hip dysplasia, restricted airways, narrowed nostrils, are only some of them. Unfortunately, such dogs are often left on the street left to fend for themselves. They can have behavioral problems and become aggressive and destructive. Therefore, if you’re considering to adopt a Frenchie, you gotta invest plenty of time and energy to make him become socialized.

Abandoned Frenchies can act aggressively toward strangers, kids, and unknown dogs. They’ll also be very fearful to make a trustful relationship with new owners.  Healthy and well-performed socialization includes discovering new odors, meeting new people and animals.

Are French bulldogs destructive? Wrapping up

Every Frenchie can become destructive if don’t go through training lessons. Luckily, Frenchies are smart, so they’re good students. To prevent your dog from destructive behavior, it’s essential to tailor his personality on time. Besides teaching him to play with his toys, every dog should know where the limit is. Crate training, socialization lessons, and regular strolls are the key factors for living with an obedient pet.