November 26, 2021
french bulldog's nails

Trimming French Bulldog Nails: How To Trim A Dog Nails At Home?

Trimming your French bulldog’s nails might sound stressful. Most dogs don’t find it pleasant so that’s why it’s important to start early and learn how to avoid accidents. With a few simple steps, you and your furry friend can get professional-looking nails without the stress. Read on and discover the best tips for trimming the dog’s nails at home. Choose the right nail trimmer Not […]
November 26, 2021

How To Train Your Frenchie To Sleep in His Bed?

Do you own a Frenchie? If so, then I’m sure that his favorite place to sleep at night is right by your side. But what happens when he can’t find his loving human or someone else around for company? The time of loneliness does not sound fun to your dog. In case you want to save your bed from an uninvited four-legged guest, then you […]
November 23, 2021
bit frenchie society

Discover The Bit Frenchie Society! Collection of 10,000 Bit Frenchie NFTs!

Are you a fan of French bulldogs and the latest cryptocurrency NFT phenomenon that goes mainstream? Otherwise called Non-fungible tokens, these amazing digital works of art are one-of-a-kind verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain. Unlike bitcoin and ethereum, NFTs are not interchangeable, which means you won’t find two same NFTs in the world! You’ll be the only person who will get […]
November 15, 2021
french bulldog's eyes

How To Clean Your French Bulldog’s Eyes?

If you’ve noticed that your French bulldog’s eyes have dark stains under lower lids, then it’s the ultimate time for cleaning. So-called tear stains, this ugly-looking occurrence is more visible on pooches with cream and white coats. Most dog owners don’t realize that their pets also need regular eye cleaning. Dogs produce tears that contain iron, salt, and magnesium. When these three ingredients oxidize, they […]
November 5, 2021
french bulldog weight

French Bulldog Weight and Growth! Everything You Need To Know

Do you think that getting a Frenchie puppy will be your best life decision? Widely famous for their cheerful and affectionate natures, French bulldogs proudly take a high 4th position in homes all over the USA. They’re also known as one of the best dogs for apartment-living conditions due to their small size and low energy levels. However, have you ever wondered how big they […]
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