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French Bulldog Puppies From Our Breeding

Our breeding
Welcome to the distinguished section dedicated to French Bulldog puppies, a tradition of excellence that began with my father back in the 1970s. Here at Heritage 70’s Kennel, we are deeply committed to ethical breeding, a legacy that has been the cornerstone of our program for decades.

Our journey in breeding these charismatic and affectionate companions focuses primarily on health, temperament, and exterior, in that specific order. Every puppy we raise is a testament to our dedication, ensuring they are robust in health, exemplary in temperament, and striking in appearance. We believe in a hands-on approach, meticulously nurturing each puppy from birth and providing early socialization to foster well-rounded personalities.

Our French Bulldogs are more than just pets; they are the heartbeat of our family. By adhering to stringent ethical breeding standards, we ensure each dog receives comprehensive health checks, necessary vaccinations, and the best possible care. Our puppies are born from a lineage steeped in champion bloodlines, not just exemplifying the breed’s physical attributes but also embodying its charming and resilient spirit. Choosing a puppy from us means welcoming a new family member, one who will bring endless joy, laughter, and loyal companionship to your home.

We invite you to be a part of our continuing legacy, where the love for French Bulldogs is not just a passion but a way of life.
Saint (Czech Republic)
Picasso, Paco & Pepper
Ragnar Lothbrok (USA)
Charlie (Spain)
Romeo (USA)
Rocco (USA)
Kosmo (Austria)
Peanut (USA)
Toby (Greece)
Codie (Brasil)
Coco (USA)
Riley (Italy)
Saint (USA)
Shonda (China)
Fluffy (Sovenia)
Frankie (USA)
Floppy (USA)
Wilson (Romania)
Blue and Tan girls (USA, Australia & Mexico)
Lilac girl (USA)
Yoda (Switzerland)
Mini blue boy (USA)
Mini blue pied boy (USA)
Mini blue boy (USA)
Micro blue boy (USA)
Buddy (Slovenia)
Tucker (USA)
Prada (USA)
Pam (USA)
Pablo (USA)
Bailey (Slovenia)
Buddy (USA)
Faith (Denmark)
Fabio (USA)
Face (USA)
Fahrenheit (USA)
Boy 5 (USA)
Blue pied girl (USA)
Lenny (United Kingdom)
Kiara (Denmark)
Woody (Mexico)
Supreme (Vietnam)
Chloe, micro full black girl (Austria)
Yahoo (USA)
Wall-E (USA)
Teddy (China)
Chiara (USA)
Toby (Netherlands)
Buddy (Slovenia)
Sophie (Ireland)
Monkey (USA)
Zoe (Germany)
Sky (Spain)
Supreme (USA)
Romeo (Netherlands)
Coco (Australia)
Charlie (Italy)
Lamborghini (Germany)
Samurai (USA)
Sambo (Japan)
Simba (USA)
Rollo aka Lexus (Hong Kong)
Choo-Choo (USA)
Loki (USA)
Roxy (USA)
Chloe (Dubai)
Lucy (USA)
Chloe (Italy)
Shadow (USA)
Tucker (Greece)
Bella (USA)
Roco (USA)
Rocknrolla (USA)
Rihanna (Andora)
Romeo (USA)
Maggie (USA)
Max (USA)
Patch Panda of Vanilla Flowers (Australia)
Alfa du Fleur De Vanille AKA. “Jerry” (New York, USA)
Bacardi De Vanille (soon in his new home, South African Republic)
Black Magic du Fleur De Vanille (soon in his new home, Chicago, USA)
Dream Dust du Fleur De Vanille (Bridgend, UK)
Ibizza du Fleur De Vanille (Canada)
Ice du Fleur De Vanille (El Paso, USA)
Jazz du Fleur De Vanille (Chile)
Kiki du Fleur De Vanille (soon in Norway)
Rockefeller du Fleur De Vanille (soon in Norway)
Katie du Fleur De Vanille (Seattle, USA)
Koda du Fleur De Vanille (The Netherlands)
Take My Breath Away du Fleur De Vanille (Austria)
Born To Be Wild du Fleur De Vanille (soon in USA)
Octavio Del Makarti du Fleur De Vanille (Austria)
Ulanova du Fleur De Vanille (Chicago, USA)
Baffie du Fleur De Vanille (Belgium)
Rolls Royce du Fleur De Vanille (Slovenia)
Rhea du Fleur De Vanille (Italy)
Raphael du Fleur De Vanille (Slovenia)
Roxy du Fleur De Vanille (Bosnia)
Monocle Panda du Fleur De Vanille (Switzerland)
Rianna du Fleur De Vanille (USA)
Rhapsody du Fleur De Vanille (Norway)
Uranus du Fleur De Vanille (South Africa)
Original Panda du Fleur De Vanille
Just Panda du Fleur De Vanille
Black Panda du Fleur De Vanille (Austria)
Frog of Vanilla Flowers (Germany)
Jean-Pierre of Vanilla Flowers (Austria)
Porsche of Vanilla Flowers (Serbia)
Pikachu of Vanilla Flowers (Italy)
Panthera of Vanilla Flowers (Austria)
Bella (Poland)
Baffie (China)
Perfect (USA)
Shorty and Cuba (USA)
Stella (China)
Bailey (USA)
Aisha (Sweden)
Sumo (reserved)
Beverly (reserved)
Buddy (reserved)
Baff (reserved)
Avery (USA)
Lucy (Germany)
Luke (Belarus)