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How To Keep A French Bulldog Warm At Night?

Stepping into cold months brings many concerns for French bulldog owners, and one of them is whether your dog feels enough warm. Does he need an extra layer to stay safe from hypothermia, and what items can help. That’s why we want to provide you with tips on how to keep a French bulldog warm at night. For Frenchies, feeling snug and warm is especially important because these pooches have thin coats, brachycephalic skulls, and short legs.

How to keep your French bulldog warm?

As we all know, Frenchies are incapable to live in too cold or too warm climates. They best suit living in moderate temperatures between 18-23 C. Therefore, if you live in a cold climate, it’s essential to provide your furry friend with warm clothes and beds, and even blankets.

French bulldogs have one-layered coats and flat muzzles that can’t warm up the air they breathe. That’s why they require wearing clothes when going to strolls and at night indoors.  They are at risk to suffer from hypothermia which occurs when the body temperature quickly drops. It is followed by symptoms such as trembling, muscle stiffness, slow breathing, shivering, lethargy, low heart rate, tiredness, and dilated pupils.

Here are the steps to follow to keep a French bulldog warm at night:

Choose the right French bulldog bed

To keep your dog warm at night, you can choose a winter dog house or a warm and deep French bulldog bed. The following Frenchie World Lion House is made of warm and soft fleece that will help your pet to maintain optimal body temperature. Winter Yarn Dog Bed is our other pick because your dog will be able to stay snug and ‘dive’ into comfort because it looks like a nest. In that way, your furry friend will feel warm and safe during the night.

french bulldog warm at night

Dress your dog in pleasant French bulldog pajamas

French bulldog pajamas can be worn as protection from allergens and dirt, or for staying warm overnight. They are usually made of cotton fabric and cover almost the whole dog’s body. The following Ultra Soft Bandito Dog Pajamas are soft in touch, stretchable, and ideal to wear as an extra layer. If your dog sleeps restlessly and doesn’t like the feeling that blankets provide, then dog pajamas are the right choice for your furry friend.

To feel superior warmth and coziness, we suggest you have a look at this Red & Blue Striped Dog Outerwear. It features thick fabric and a fuzzy fleece inside that makes this pajama-jumpsuit suitable even for outdoor wearing.

french bulldog warm at night


Sunny-Side Up French Bulldog Pajamas are made of soft and premium cotton fabric. It comes in three colors and features elastic cuffs and high cut to prevent messy going to the toilet.

Use warm French bulldog blankets

Another item that can keep your French bulldog warm at night is a blanket. Dog blankets from the Frenchie World shop are made of soft and quality fleece. They are available in 3 colors and come in one size. You can wash them in a machine at 30 c and ironing is not needed.

french bulldog warm at night

Extra tips to keep a French bulldog warm at night

  • Let your pooch sleep with you

Well, this should be the last option because Frenchies can easily become very clingy if you make an over-attaching relationship. On the other hand, it’s not a hygienic option to allow your dog to sleep with you because they collect dirt and allergens on their coat. Besides, some people are allergic to a dog’s dander so in that case, this would not be a wise option.

  • Use heated dog bowls

This tip should also take an important place on this list because the water you pour into your French bulldog’s bowl can quickly become cool during the winter months. By using heated dog bowls, you’ll prevent your Frenchie from catching a cold and coughing from drinking cold water.

  • Don’t place your French bulldog’s bed near to heating

When trying to keep a French bulldog warm at night, it’s important not to go to extreme limits. Therefore, do not place your dog’s bed near to heating because it will only do the opposite. Your pooch can dehydrate, and even get heatstroke.

  • Microwave heating pads

Microwave heating pads can be placed under a blanket or a mattress. They are filled with a sort of special liquid that stays warm for a long time. These heating pads are similar to those pads we put on infants to help them easier deal with abdominal colics.