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What Smells Do French Bulldogs Hate The Most?

Have you ever wondered what smells do French bulldogs hate the most? While we use our eyesight to make memories about specific items, our dogs are masters of smell. They have a much stronger sense of smell than us, because their muzzles are their main ‘tools’ for exploring the world. If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie acts strange when they come in contact woth a specific scent, it’s the ultimate time to become aware of the things that can make your dog unpleasant.

what smells do french bulldogs hate the most

What smells do French bulldogs hate the most?


For humans, the smell of citrus fruits is one of the most wonderful smells in the world. That’s why we often use them for making air fresheners, cosmetics, and perfumes. However, most dogs can’t stand their smell because the strong scent irritates their sense of smell. Therefore, if you want to prevent our Frenchie from chewing on home items, you can use bitter sprays based on lemon or orange for spraying ‘forbidden items’. On the other hand, some Frenchies don’t mind eating a slice of orange occasionally, so this statement doesn’t apply to all dogs.

What smells do French bulldogs hate


The smell of peppers is probably one of the worst nightmares for your dog. Cooked, fried, or fresh, your little batpig will run away to another room just to escape the wonderful scent of any type of pepper. Even though peppers are rich in vitamin C, we don’t recommend you to feed your dog with this ingredient. A dog who ate a pepper may start sneezing and experience a kind of allergy attack and trouble with breathing. Special attention should be paid to chilly peppers because they can cause severe eye irritations in your Frenchie.


Vinegar is famous for its powerful anti-calc cleaning effect. Besides we use it in the kitchen, our Frenchies will feel very unpleasant to feel its strong smell. However, apple cider vinegar can provide our dogs with many benefits. Vets recommend using an apple cider vinegar mixed with 60% of water for spraying a dog’s coat. It will improve the shine of your French bulldog’s coat and will help him to release of bad smell. Our tip is to use it during baths by mixing it with your French bulldog’s shampoo. That’s how you’ll protect your pet from yeast infection and bacteria.

House-cleaning products

To save your Frenchie from the poisonous effect of house-cleaning products, we suggest you buy those that are made on a natural-basis. Besides, it’s important to place them away from your dog’s vicinity, because you can’t know when your dog will become curious to find out what is in the box or bottle.

What smells do French bulldogs hate

Human Perfumes

If you’ve ever been curious to find out what smells do French bulldogs hate the most, human perfumes definitely deserve to find the place on this list. Although your Frenchie smells bad from time to time, you should never spray him with your perfume. Dog perfumes are carefully crafted to suit the dog’s sensitive skin and they are free of alcohol and artificial fragrances. As one of the best fragrances to spray your Frenchie’s skin is the Coconut oil. It not only smells great but also helps in releasing itchiness and treating bumps, rashes, and other irritations.


If you ever got drunk, then you probably noticed (if you can remember that scene) your Frenchie walking out the room by seeing you in such a terrible condition. Regardless of what have you been drinking, your do will smell the strong smell of alcohol. Some dogs may try to lick the glass of your beer because they think it’s sometihing tasty, but most pooches will run away immediately.

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