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Why Is My French Bulldog Skin Turning Black?

french bulldog skin turning black

It can be shocking to see your French bulldog skin turning black, and realize that his pale pink tummy is becoming dark.  Since this condition can be triggered by many factors, we’ve decided to relieve all the facts about this concerning condition.

french bulldog skin turning black

The reasons why is your French bulldog skin turning black

The good news is that in most cases, this condition shouldn’t cause worry. But, in certain situations, your dog may require therapy and vet visits. Let’s find out the main reasons for your Frenchie’s dark skin.

  • Flank alopecia- primary hyperpigmentation

Flank alopecia is a common condition that affects bulldog breeds in general. It’s a cosmetic condition that happens due to a lack of exposure to light. Besides, it can be a result of a dog’s genetics and belonging to a specific breed. To determine the exact type of this condition, vets usually perform skin scraping, blood tests, and cytology. One of the solutions to help your pet improve the skin that turned black is to include hormones Melatonin and Prolactin to his diet. They can prevent seasonal baldness that often happens during colder months when our dogs aren’t exposed to the sun as much as they’re during the summer. However, I strongly advise you not to include it on your own but only on the vet’s recommendation. He should prescribe you the correct amount according to the dog’s age and weight.

Another solution can be exposing a Frenchie to natural sunlight. However, we all know that these batpigs are prone to overheat, so this might represent an issue. Therefore, choose afternoon hours when the sun goes down and moderate temperatures to improve the black and hairless patches on your dog.

french bulldog skin turning black

  • Secondary Hyperpigmentation

Unlike primary hyperpigmentation that occurs due to genetics, induced hyperpigmentation is triggered by food and environmental allergens. Besides, French bulldog skin turning black can be induced by contact dermatitis and skin infections. In such cases, your dog will require medical treatment such as oral antibiotics and topical creams.

Infections may vary by a variety of sources especially due to a dog’s itchy behavior. That’s how a dog develops micro-cuts and becomes susceptible to bacterial infections. Yeast infection, atopic allergic dermatitis, and demodicosis red mite are only some conditions that might occur.

  • Hormonal issue

Hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome can be only some of the conditions that can trigger your French bulldog skin turning black. Pooches who suffer from Cushing’s syndrome have an increased level of adrenal hormones in their bodies that cause darkening on the belly area. On the other hand, Hypothyroidism is another condition that includes hair loss, dull and thin coat, and dark pigmentation on the tail, trunk, back, and rear legs.

How to cure French bulldog dark skin?

Unfortunately, some dogs will never be able to heal dark and hairless spots on their skin. They will stay permanent whatever you try because in most cases this is a cosmetic condition triggered by genetics. If inflammation is present, using certain topical creams and shampoos can improve the condition. The healing process may last up to one year, so you’ll need to invest a lot of patience and will.

Tips to improve your French bulldog’s coat

Since your French bulldog’s coat relieves a lot about its health and care, using natural products can help a lot. Coconut oil is known as one of the best natural remedies for a dog’s itchy and inflamed skin. It moisturizes, heals the wounds, and possesses antimicrobial properties.

Another natural product that can help in maintaining a healthy coat is apple cider vinegar. You can make a solution made of 50 % of water and 50% of apple cider vinegar to improve shine, and release itchiness. However, make sure you don’t apply it on an open wound or cut because it will cause pains and stitching.

Regular grooming is the step you shouldn’t forget. Make sure you groom your French bulldog’s coat once a week. That’s how you’ll help him release the dead hair and dust collected. I prefer using a grooming glove on my Frenchies because it helps me to reach all the places on their bodies. It is soft, features dozens of silicone pins, and won’t cause cuts and scratches while grooming. It represents an ideal solution for your French bulldog’s shedding process, especially during the summer months.


Aside from previously mentioned tips, olive oil can also help in healing the don’t dry coat. My tip is to massage the dog’s dry skin with the Olive oil, let it absorb it for an hour, and then to perform bathing. Your dog will have a visibly brighter and healthier coat already after the first procedure.