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If you’ve just brought your Frenchie puppy home, you have a long way to go in tailoring his personality. Owning a dog brings lots of responsibility, and since these dogs are considered for very dependable pooches,  you have to train them from the very beginning. ‘Why is my Frenchie so clingy?’ is probably one of the questions you’ll ask yourself at least once. However, do you know what could be the reasons for such behavior? Read on, and find out.

Why is my Frenchie so clingy?

It’s nothing odd for the dog to follow his owner through the house. However, what to do when he starts to do it excessively? Clinginess in Frenchies can be triggered by different reasons and some of them are:

  • overattachment
  • genes- Velcro dog syndrome
  • age

How to prevent your dog from being over-attached?

One of the most important lessons to perform when you bring a dog home is to teach him to use his crate. The crate, in this case, doesn’t need to represent the cage or some other closed space. It can be a simple dog bed or an x-pen where your puppy will feel safe. Note that until yesterday, your puppy has been surrounded by siblings and his mother, so any sudden change in the place of living can be very stressful. That’s why you should perform this step gradually. In the first few days, your puppy may act lethargic and fearful and will need your affection to become relaxed. It’s the part of adaptation, so you

Aside from the fact that you’ll need to make an unbreakable bond with your pet, it’s also important not to make a dependable relationship.

It means that you should teach your Frenchie to spend time alone. You can use different interactive French bulldog toys, as well as to get a second pet if there are chances.

Why are French bulldogs known as Velcro dogs?

French bulldogs are often called Velcro dogs because they belong to companion dog breeds. Companion breeds have learned to work for their owners and have been selectively bred to be dependable. Therefore, a Frenchie will not be a good choice for a person who is often away from home.

French bulldogs represent the perfect choice for large families with children because they love to have interaction with their family members. French bulldogs and kids make the perfect match because they teach each other socialization. Besides, Frenchies are very playful just like our youngest family members, and will be ready to clown around all day long just to stay in the center of attention.

why is my frenchie so clingy

Why is my Frenchie so clingy? Does age affect that occurrence?

If you’ve noticed that your senior French bulldog started to follow you excessively, then he’s probably doing it because of his age. Older dogs often feel insecure because they can start to gradually lose their sense of vision or hearing. Therefore, you need to have a lot of understanding of such behavior.

What tools can help in the prevention of Frenchie’s clinginess?

As we already mentioned, it’s essential to provide your dog with a quality dog bed or a dog house where he’ll be able to spend time. The following Pineapple Dog house is semi-open, so your Frenchie will have a feeling of safety while spending time inside.

why is my frenchie so clingy

Another dog bed that also represents a dog house is the following Frenchie World Tent. It’s big enough for your dog to spend time inside and play with toys while you’re finishing errands at home.  The Frenchie World® tent is made of Eucalyptus hardwood, complete with cotton canvas with a 2-flap front opening and is extremely easy to assemble.

why is my frenchie so clingy

French bulldog toys are another great option to keep your dog entertained. Besides, they can help puppies to easier deal with teeth growing period.

Interactive Frenchie toys are designed for dogs who act clingy and suffer from separation anxiety. They improve a dog’s intelligence and make it occupied from the owner’s absence. The following Frenchie World IQ Treat Egg releases snacks as your dog rolls it. It’s suitable both for small puppies and adult dogs, because there isn’t a better motivational tool than food.