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Male VS. Female French Bulldogs- Which One Will Suit Your Family Best?

male vs female french bulldogs

Does it matter at all and what are the advantages of owning a male or female Frenchie? We who love dogs of all breeds, colors, dimensions, natures, and genders, will always say it doesn’t matter, but there are some things you should know before you make a decision. When it comes to buying or adopting a Frenchie, in addition to choosing the breed itself, future owners are faced with another dilemma, to buy/adopt a male or a female.

By deciding to live with a dog, your life will change forever. However, how will you know if a male or a female dog suits your family better? When choosing a French bulldog puppy, it’s essential to buy it from a reputable and trusted breeder who will ensure you that your future family member carries good genes. Believe it or not, not only training lessons but also genetics play an important role in tailoring the dog’s personality. Read on and discover the truth about whether it’s better to own a male or a female French bulldog.

male vs female french bulldogs

What are behavior differences between male and female French bulldogs?

We all know that both male and female Frenchies are adorable. However, if you’re still in doubt about what gender to choose for your family, this guide might help you. Both male and female French bulldogs make lovely and affectionate companions whose behavior may vary during certain life stages.


On the other hand, male French bulldogs are more assertive, mischievous, and playful. They are harder to train than females because of the fact they’re not on the same psychological levels at certain life stages. The advantages of males can also be their disadvantages. They are bigger, stronger, and more dominant, but they are also more stubborn, especially when they enter puberty. Male French bulldogs are more inclined to mark the territory, which will be not so pleasant for their owners especially if they do that indoors. Males are also more sociable and need more attention than females. However, it doesn’t mean that they will be more affectionate and in the mood to cuddle. Another advantage of owning male Frenchies is that they generally get along better with other animals.


For beginners, who are encountering the role of a dog owner for the first time, it is generally recommended to buy or adopt female dogs. They are calmer, gentler, more attached to their owners, cleaner, and less prone to conflict. However, many people give up on buying females due to their heat cycle that knows to be quite messy. The good news is that today we can find different products that alleviate the scent during the cycle, as well as special pants that will keep your house clean.

The main behavior differences between male and female French bulldogs are their abilities to accept and learn lessons. Frenchie females mature faster, so they faster learn commands and tricks.

male vs female frenchies

Male VS. Female French bulldogs- Who is more aggressive?

Both males and females can behave aggressively if don’t get adequate training lessons. Owners are those who tailor their dog’s personalities and help them to grow into confident pets. Besides a dose of efforts they need to invest, the puppy’s genes also play an important role in tailoring their final behavior and temperament. That’s why we highly recommend you to buy French bulldog puppies from reputable breeders who don’t work as puppy mills. Breeders who overproduce Frenchie puppies don’t have time to provide them with basic socialization lessons.

Every puppy should get its first socialization lessons while it’s still in the kennel. They include the interaction with other siblings from the litter, its mother, and adjusting to scents in the environment. Those are key elements that help puppies to meet new environments, other dogs, and get the essential info about the outside world.

Speaking generally, male Frenchies tend to have more stable personalities. However, they’ll also need more time to get properly trained. They may act stubborn and will require to get an adequate motivational tool in order to show good results. Female Frenchies are prone to show aggressive behavior during their young age. Since they mature earlier, their hormone levels change more often.



It does not apply as a rule, but there is a greater chance that male Frenchies will be disobedient and run away whenever they get the opportunity. He will certainly return when he is hungry, but no one wants to stress and share photos on social media because he decided to rule in someone else’s yard as well. Also, he will likely be the one to attack another dog, again a male, or be attacked in mutual intolerance around the territory they both want or consider their own. Still, male Frenchies will be great for training in case you motivate them with snacks. Unlike their human alter ego, they’d like to cuddle with you as much as they want, even before bed. All of this gives some people the right to say that males are more loyal and not as independent as females, so they will seek more attention from their owners.


About one of their traits, mostly everyone agrees. French bulldog females will behave much better with children than males. As expected, the mother’s instinct will make them look at your child as their own. Therefore, they will obviously be on their side in your discussions. A brave Frenchie female will let you know it by barking and growling at you. What the owners don’t agree with is that females are more attached to their owners and will wander around much less in search of a male.

However, even when they wander off, be sure that they will bring something from that ” adventure”. They like to investigate the environment, so they can bring you an item like a trophy.

The general rule for Frenchie females is that they’d like to cuddle only as much as they want. Then… they’ll turn around and go their own way. They are reportedly less aggressive, but no one who has seen them in a bitter “quarrel” with another female or with anyone who, in their opinion, endangers the puppies will claim that. During the heat cycle, they often change their behavior and refuse food – women will understand if we say it all looks like a classic PMS.

male vs female french bulldogs

Male VS. Female French Bulldogs- Does neutering or spaying affect their behavior?


Of course, these characteristics change significantly in case you neuter or spay your dog. By performing these procedures, dogs become calmer, and they will be less prone to wandering. Their hormone levels become stable, so they won’t be moody or show aggression. Besides, spaying female dogs can help in preventing uterine infections and mammary cancer, while neutering procedure protects them from benign prostatic hyperplasia and testicular cancer.

It has not been proven that male Frenchies are more attached to women, and female Frenchies to men or vice versa. They will often prefer a family member who feeds them every day or takes them for a walk, but that has nothing to do with gender, but with instinct and hunger. If you own more than one dog, it would be good for them to be of different genders. Then, supposedly, they will “fight” less about the territory, but you will have to separate them more often unless you don’t want to constantly raise or give away puppies.

Male VS. Female French Bulldogs- What are the size differences?

As you may guess, females are smaller in size than males. Male pooches weigh between 20-28 pounds, while females weigh usually between 16-24 pounds. Males are also higher and have bigger heads and more visible muscles. Four-legged ladies look slimmer and they are not as stocky as the males.

Male VS. Female French bulldog- Lifespan

The French bulldog’s lifespan doesn’t depend on gender but only on the carried genes, and care he/she gets. French bulldogs usually live between 10-14 years. We can also find examples where some Frenchies lived up to 16 years with good care and diet. Love, regular health checks, vaccinations, a balanced diet, and care are the main words to keep in mind if you want your Frenchie to live longer.

Male VS. Female French bulldogs- Cost and Care

Female French bulldogs are often higher in price especially if you buy them from a reputable breeder. Many breeders will also require breeding rights because they don’t want their dogs to finish in a puppy mill.

Besides these facts, female Frenchies can’t mate in a traditional way which is another extra cost for a breeder/owner. When it comes to puppy delivery, Frenchie females will also require to go through a C-section surgery. Postnatal and prenatal care are also quite expensive, so due to all previously mentioned reasons, female French bulldogs are higher in price. They will require to take additional vitamin supplements that are necessary for their babies. Folate, vitamins such as B6, B12, E, and A are of great importance for pregnant French bulldog females.

When we talk about the care of both males and females, their owners have to provide them with adequate hygienic routines. Here is the list of the most important care routines to perform on your Frenchie:

  • Tail pocket cleaning
  • Regular coat brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Folds cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Tooth brushing

french bulldog breathing

Male VS. Female French bulldogs- How do they get along together?

French bulldogs like being surrounded by kids, people, and dogs. They enjoy playing, running around, and thinking about how they can stay someone’s center of attention. Therefore, both males and females make wonderful friendships, especially if they grow up together.

Just like all dogs, Frenchies are pack animals, so they’ll be less prone to anxiety. Another benefit of owning 2 dogs is that they’ll be able to spend more time alone. They’ll definitely not feel bored and chew on home items because they’ll have each other to play with. In the end, they’ll also keep each other fit and healthy.

Male VS. Female French bulldogs- Who is a greedy eater?

Since French bulldogs are prone to flatulence due to their flat skulls, it’s nothing odd to see them eating fast. Frenchie owners know what we are talking about. They sound like they choke during meals, so that’s why we have to slow down their eating by using anti-choke feeding bowls.

Both males and females generally have a good appetite. However, females may deal with the loss of appetite during the heat. Besides, female Frenchies are more prone to gaining weight due to their constant hormone oscillations.

If your Frenchie female is one of those who deal with this issue, then you should definitely consult your vet and ask for advice on what diet will suit her best. Aside from this, choosing the right feeding bowl will also help greedy eater who eats fast.

Our suggestion is to check the following Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl. It features a rotating bone in the middle that serves to prolong the dog’s meal. By using this bowl, your dog will be less prone to gasses and stomach bloating. The bone will teach your pet to work for his food and prevent choking.

Male VS. Female French bulldogs- What essential items you need to buy?

Regardless of the fact what gender of Frenchie you choose, every dog owner needs to make a list of essentials to buy before a new family member arrives home.

There aren’t big differences between shopping lists for males and females except one. Frenchie females will need to wear diapers during the heat cycle. Female dogs usually go into heat twice a year (every 6 months).

If you’re still wondering what are the most important items your Frenchie needs to have from the first day, read on and check our list.

During the first months of life, your Frenchie will need to wear a harness that will prevent him from pulling. The collar is more suitable for adult dogs who have already learned to obediently walk on the leash. Don’t forget to buy an ID tag as well where you’ll write/engrave your dog’s name and your phone number. This detail can literally save your dog’s life in case of wandering.


Buy only high-quality food bowls that will suit your dog’s neck, throat, and age. Since most Frenchies sound like they choke during meals, our suggestion is to buy anti-choke feeding bowls. They’ll teach your pet to eat slowly which is the key element for keeping a dog safe from stomach bloating.

You’ll also need a portable water bottle with a collapsible bowl that is important for keeping a dog hydrated while spending time outside.

Carriers for French bulldogs are great products for saving a dog from excessive fatigue. French bulldogs can’t sustain high physical exertions, so carriers can be very handy when you go shopping, traveling, or hiking.

We always recommend using hypoallergenic dog shampoos or dry-cleaning foams for Frenchies. They have sensitive skin that can easily become dry and itchy if treated with inappropriate cosmetics.

Our suggestion to use for French bulldog’s coat is the following Dry Cleaning Shampoo. It can be especially handy for Frenchie females when you want to get rid of strong scents during their heat.

Both male and female Frenchies deserve to sleep in cozy and soft beds that will help them have a quality rest. To easier determine what type of bed will suit your dog best, we recommend you monitor his sleeping behavior in the first days you bring it home.

Does your Frenchie like to put his/her head on an elevated edge? Does your batpig like to spread all over the bed? These are only some of the questions to ask yourself.  Depending on your dog’s sleeping position, you’ll be able to easier determine what type of bed to buy.

  • Male VS. Female French bulldogs- they both need a cooling bed

Dealing with the summer season is definitely the worst for all Frenchies. They can’t sustain living in high temperatures because their snouts make them incapable to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, for keeping your pet cool and safe during the summer, it’s important to let them sleep on cooling beds. French bulldog cooling beds are filled with a special type of gel that stays cold for a long time. It’s completely safe for your pet and the outer layers of such beds are usually made of heat-resistance fabric.

Our best pick is the following Self Cooling™ pad bed that comes in different sizes. The gel shapes as your dog take the sleeping position, so comfort is promised.

  • Male VS. Female French bulldogs- They both need to wear protective clothes

Depending on the climate and season, both females and males will need to wear protective clothing. Therefore, from the moment you became a Frenchie owner, you gotta think about buying winter and summer essentials.

  • Nail trimmer, brushing glove, ear-cleaning solution

These are three essentials you shouldn’t forget. Every pooch needs to get these general care routines to stay healthy and look nurtured. Don’t forget that your pet’s coat, nails, and teeth tell a lot about you too.

How should you choose a French bulldog?

If you ask breeders and dog experts about which one will be a better pet, we’re quite sure that everyone will tell you that the dog’s sex is relatively unimportant. However, the things you have to consider are the dog’s genes, health, previous lifestyle, and training abilities. Every puppy can grow into a confident and obedient pet if you treat it with love, affection, and respect.

Just like humans, dogs’ personalities may vary. And, while some of your friends had the luck to buy a calm-tempered pooch, you might come across a hyperactive French bulldog. In that case, you’ll need to invest plenty of energy and efforts to occupy its attention. Besides, stubborn pooches are usually bad students and pretty bad at housebreaking rules.

Once you find a reputable breeder, make sure you ask him all the necessary questions to make sure that your dog will be in good health. The last thing you want to happen is to pay high medical bills in the future just because you haven’t checked all the documents of your puppy.

Some of the questions to ask the breeder are:

  • Has the puppy got all the vaccination shots?
  • Who are his/her parents? May I see them if it’s possible?
  • Can I see your kennel?
  • What is the puppy’s health history?
  • What food the did puppy eat in the kennel?
  • Do you offer a health guarantee or any sort of contract?
  • How long have you been breeding French bulldogs?
  • How do you socialize the puppies?


Male VS. Female French bulldogs- Making a final decision

Whatever decision you make, you need to know that Frenchies make wonderful pets. There are small differences between the genders, and every Frenchie will be loyal, playful, and affectionate. The most important thing to keep in mind from the moment you became the dog owner is that you’re the only one responsible for shaping your pet’s personality. Dogs are like kids. They copy our behavior and become our mirrors. Therefore, be careful about your mood and behavior too.