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At What Age Should You Neuter A French Bulldog?

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If you’ve just become a French bulldog owner, then you probably have many questions to relieve, and ‘At what age should you neuter a French bulldog?’ is definitely one of them. Therefore let’s discover the good and bad sides of this intervention and when is the best time to perform it?

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Should I neuter a French bulldog?

Dog neutering is the name for a surgical procedure of removing a male’s testicles. According to vets, this procedure is recommended and common procedure that can extend a dog’s life. It prevents a dog from testicular cancer, perianal cancer, and prostate issues (hyperplasia). 

Besides, a neutered French bulldog will be less prone to roam away from home. Since it’s in the male’s nature to search for a mate, it’s nothing surprising to find a Frenchie searching for a creative way to find a ‘girlfriend’.

On the other hand, many experts claim that neutering helps a Frenchie to be better behaved. They’ll be less prone to show aggression and other behavioral issues such as separation anxiety. At the same time, they’ll be less prone to marking territories and mounting other dogs, people, and objects.

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When Is the best age to neuter a French bulldog?

As a dedicated Frenchie owner, you might find yourself in a dilemma when is the right time to neuter a French bulldog. Since it brings both risks and benefits, it’s good to know the ideal timing for such a procedure.

This procedure takes many advantages, anesthetic risks, and possible adverse effects. Neutering and spaying are recommended procedures for rescued dogs because, in that way, we also prevent unwanted litters with health issues to be born. On the other hand, there are many myths that have been associated with French bulldog neutering. While some think that this surgery leads to gaining weight, others blame it for stunt growth, and laziness as well. However, the truth is that these facts depend only on the owner’s responsibility, lifestyle, and care he provides to a dog.

Age limit for neutering a Frenchie

The answer to a question when to neuter a French bulldog is when your dog becomes fully muscularly developed. In other words, this procedure can be performed from the dog’s 8th month of age. The earlier you perform the surgery, the better it will be for your dog. Therefore, try to do it between the 8-12th month.

Anesthetic risks for a dog

When we talk about the anesthetic risks, you should search for a hospital and anesthesiologists that have experiences with the breed.

What are the pros and cons of neutering a French bulldog?


  • prolongs the life expectancy
  • decreases health issues
  • prevents unwanted behavior such as the tendency to run away, and marking the territory
  • prevents aggressive behavior


  • it might be risky for a dog’s bone development if it’s performed early (before 8th month)
  • the high price of a procedure
  • reaction to anesthetic
  • not all Frenchies will solve the behavioral issues


Everyone needs time to recover after the surgery, including your dog. Therefore, in the next few hours, sometimes days, your Frenchie will probably feel dizzy and dazed. Since this is a routine surgery, it’s very likely that your pet will be released home the same day when the intervention has been performed. That’s why it’s advisable to restrict your Frenchie’s activity for approximately 5- 7 days. Besides, it’s advisable to wear the Elizabethan cone to prevent him from chewing and licking the spot.

Like humans, dogs can also show signs of swelling and redness. In that case, your vet will probably prescribe you an antibiotic cream or oral therapy to prevent infections. In most cases, complications are uncommon. However, it’s always better to keep your dog on an eye to prevent any unplanned situations.

Aside from this, you should also avoid bathing a Frenchie for at least 2 weeks. When the wound heals, you should use a mild French bulldog shampoo that won’t sting the skin. Search for a product that suits the sensitive French bulldog’s skin and that is rich in Aloe Vera. The following shampoo is tested by Royal Veterinary College, University of London. It’s free of parabens, soaps, alcohol, and features Aloe Vera for the main ingredient.

neuter a french bulldog