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What Do You Need To Know About The French Bulldog Lifespan?

french bulldog lifespan

There are quite a lot of speculations about the lifespan of a French bulldog. As a dog owner, it’s undeniable that you want your dog to stay by your side for many years. However, sometimes you can’t affect your French bulldog lifespan since there are many factors that have an influence. Let’s find out what determines this statement.

What affects the French bulldog lifespan?

Standard-sized French bulldogs approximately live 12-14 years. When we talk about mini Frenchies, they live quite shorter- 10 to 12 years. This is relatively moderate because smaller dog breeds live shorter.  Of course, these are only general statements since some Frenchies lived even longer (up to 18 years).

Consider your dog’s genetics

One of the things that also affect your dog’s life expectancy is his bloodline and genetics. In other words, if a dog possesses a quality bloodline and his parents didn’t suffer from any health issues, there is a high possibility that such a dog will live longer.

why are frenchies so expensive

Choose a reputable French bulldog breeder

Another crucial factor is to choose a trusted breeder. Scammers often sell Frenchie puppies at low prices, and that’s exactly the reason for living with an unhealthy dog in the future. Paying high medical bills is only one of the troubles in heaven. We don’t even need to mention the suffering and pains such a dog will go through due to someone’s irresponsible breeding.

French bulldog lifespan depends on the care he gets

Your French bulldog’s life expectancy also depends on a number of factors such as the care you provide him with. Choosing the right diet for your Frenchie will have a great impact on his health. Eating an appropriate percentage of meat, veggies, and grains will help your dog to have a strong immune system and make him less prone to health issues. Balanced nutrition is the key to living a healthy life.

frenchie lifespan

French bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety

Since these pooches belong to companion dogs, it’s not recommended to leave them home alone for a long period of time. They adore interacting with their family members and follow them wherever they go. That’s why they are often called ’velcro dogs’.

Just like in humans, stressful situations can affect their health. And, for a French bulldog, the situation of spending time alone can be very stressful. Therefore, if you are considering buying a Frenchie puppy, we advise you to make sure it will fit your lifestyle. Owning a dog requires plenty of time that you’ll spend on its training. Teaching a dog to spend time alone while you’re at work is also a sort of training. It should be performed gradually.

Take your Frenchie to regular vet checks

Going to regular vet checks can really prolong a life span of a French bulldog. Discovering certain illnesses in an early stage can literally save the dog’s life. The most common health concerns in French bulldogs are infections due to untreated allergies, diarrhea, heatstroke, cherry eye, elongated soft palate, and hip dysplasia. Luckily, all of these conditions can be successfully treated and healed with the right therapy.

Vaccinations are essential for extending a French bulldog’s lifespan

We all know that vaccinations are important for protecting your dog from serious and potentially deadly diseases. That’s why I recommend you ask your vet for a vaccination schedule. In that way, you’ll know when is the time for the next shot. Some of the most important vaccinations that every dog should get are Bortedela Bronchiseptica, Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Corona Virus, Heartworm, and Kennel cough. The schedule may also depend on the country where you live.

Activity is important

Despite the fact we consider French bulldogs for low energy dogs, they require being active. Since they are also prone to obesity, activity presents the key factor for extending your French bulldog lifespan. Playing fetch will also help your pooch to get in shape and burn calories. Therefore, if your Frenchie belongs to greedy eaters, it’s time to start training.

French bulldogs and hot weather are not good friends

Thanks to their flat muzzles and elongated soft palates, Frenchies should escape going out in the hottest part of the day. They are prone to heatstroke and that’s why require drinking a lot of water and chilling in an air-conditioned room. It would also be better to feed a dog with multiple smaller meals than with one or two big. These precautions will also affect a French bulldog lifespan.

Feeding a dog refreshing and natural snacks such as watermelon, melon, bananas, and apples will also help him deal with overheating. However, do not overdo it because fruits are full of natural sugar.

Make your Frenchie warm during the winter months

Similar to the previous condition, this breed requires special care during winter. Their small bodies, short legs, and brachycephalic skulls make them prone to hypothermia. Therefore, I recommend you to take your bat pig only for short walks and dress him in a thick and waterproof dog jacket. Wearing dog booties is also essential because road salt and icy pavements can seriously hurt the dog’s paws.

Regularly clean your dog’s body parts

Since these little gremlins have dozens of folds on their face, it’s important to clean them of food leftovers and dirt. They can cause irritation and even infection if not properly cleaned. Another body part that you need to pay attention to is a French bulldog’s tail. Frenchie’s tail is naturally cropped but it has a hidden tail pocket that collects feces and dirt. Besides, it can smell really bad, and this spot also easily becomes susceptible to infections.

Provide your dog with plenty of love

In the end, love is the only thing that matters. Every dog is capable to feel our emotions since they are social beings. Therefore, my advice is to show your pet a lot of love and affection. Those are the things that can affect the French bulldog lifespan too.