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10 Best French Bulldog Beds For Season 2019/20

french bulldog beds

If you are wondering whether your Frenchie needs a bed, the answer is simple. French bulldogs approximately sleep 14-16 hours per day. When we talk about puppies, they sleep even longer. Therefore, even if your dog is allowed to sleep in your bed, it needs to have his own place to have a nap, play, and rest. That’s why these 10 Best French bulldog beds will help you made a decision.

How to choose appropriate French bulldog beds?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a bed for a Frenchie is to observe its sleeping behavior. Does your dog like to stretch or to put the head on an elevated edge while sleeping? These are only some behaviors to consider. Frenchies that like to stretch all over the bed require sleeping on flat and cozy beds. Canines are denning creatures that search for safe, warm, and confined feeling while sleeping. No matter how heartbreaking it looks like to leave your Frenchie puppy to sleep alone, believe me, it’s better both for its physical and mental health.

The following “Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed has raised sides for extra comfort and is good to use both for puppies and adult pooches. There are six sizes to choose from and it’s filled with soft silicone lining.

french bulldog beds

Frenchie World French bulldog beds and houses are available in many types and designs. On the other hand, they also offer tents that can provide your house with a chic detail. At the same time, tents are great options for French bulldogs that suffer from separation anxiety. Since they are closed, Frenchies will feel secure and relaxed. They are also big enough to put toys inside of it so a dog can play and occupy his attention. This STRIPED DOG TENT (WITH CUSHION) is one of my favorites.

french bulldog beds

French bulldog beds for senior dogs

As your Frenchie ages, it might experience certain mobility issues. Its legs may start to lose cartilage which is one of the most important substances for normal knee functioning. Besides including Chondroitin supplements into your French bulldog’s diet, you can also help by allowing it to sleep on an appropriate bed.

Orthopedic French bulldog beds are one of the best to buy for older Frenchies that deal with arthritis and painful joints. Memory foam should be the main element of such a dog bed, because it shapes according to the dog’s body. In other words, a dog will feel like sleeping on the softest and coziest bed on Earth. The following Italian Handmade French bulldog bed contains 3 inches of memory foam. It is available in two sizes and dimensions. The covers are removable and washable which is another great feature of this bed.

french bulldog beds

My other pick of orthopedic French bulldog beds is the following one. It is designed to aid in the relief of aches and sores associated with age. It is made of 100% memory foam and is available in 4 colors.

french bulldog beds

What are the best winter French bulldog beds?

French bulldog breed is like no other breed. Besides it’s famous for its iconic appearance, this breed also tends to suffer from hypothermia. Therefore, if you live in a cold climate, my advice is to make sure your batpig sleeps in the warmest place in the house. Choosing the right winter bed also plays a huge role. This Winter Cozy dog bed is made of soft plush and is machine washable.

french bulldog beds

Dual Suede French Bulldog Nest

Does your Frenchie like to search for hidden places where he/she can safely sleep? If the answer is yes, then this dog bed will become his favorite one. The top can be removed with a zipper and it’s completely machine washable.

What French bulldog beds to use during summer?

Thanks to their brachycephalic skulls and soft palates, these little gremlins are on a higher tendency to get heatstroke in the summer. Luckily, some beds can help them deal with hotness. They are filled with a sort of gel that can help Frenchies to cool off. It’s recommended to put them out of sunlight since that’s how they work best. The following Self Cooling Paw Bed is super easy to clean and thick.

french bulldog beds


Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat

This sleeping mat is my other pick when we talk about summer French bulldog beds. Since it’s lightweight, you can even put it on your couch or your Frenchie’s regular bed during summer.

Dog houses for anxious Frenchies

Dog houses may present one of the best options for pooches that deal with a fear of being left home alone. Since French bulldogs may develop anxiety if they didn’t go through crate training lessons, it’s a good idea to teach them to spend time in their beds or houses from an early age. The following Girafe dog bed is warm and will make provide your puppy with a cozy shelter to have naps. french bulldog beds

Frenchie House Shark (Washable)

It might look scary at first, but dogs actually get thrilled with this dog house. The unique Shark design is something that attracts most pooches to spend time inside of it and play with the shark’s fins. The Shark house is washable, soft and lightweight, and is made of high-quality plush and suede.

french bulldog beds


Dog beds improve human sleep

It’s true that sleeping with a Frenchie by your side might sound cute, but there are studies that show that humans sleep better alone in their beds than with dogs by their side. There is a huge distinction between sleeping with a dog in the same bed and sleeping in the same room. Namely, the presence of dogs in human bedrooms can improve our night rests. It offers us a sense of security. On the other hand, allowing more of one dog to sleep in your bedroom can worsen our sleep. What’s your opinion about it?