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French Bulldog Heat- How To Take Care Of Your Dog?

french bulldog heat

If you own a Frenchie female, then you would probably like to know how you could take care of her during the heat. The first French bulldog heat usually occurs between the 6th and 9th month of age. It’s the time when your Frenchie female becomes fertile and ready for her first pregnancy. At the same time, dealing with the heat cycle can be an unpleasant experience both for you and your pet.

french bulldog heat

French bulldog heat- What does it mean for your dog?

Most dogs usually come into heat twice per year. Since smaller dog breeds can come into heat more often, you shouldn’t worry if your Frenchie has a cycle 3 times a year. Hormones in females may take up to 2 or 3 years to develop normal cycles.

As we all know, the first sign of a French bulldog heat is a bloody vaginal discharge. The color of the vaginal discharge will change as the heat goes. The cycle lasts for about 10-15 days, and your Frenchie female will need to urinate more frequently.

A female will start to mark the territory, and that’s exactly the reason how males become attracted. The female’s urine during the heat contains a higher amount of pheromones that is actually the ‘call’ for other dogs.

Even though the heat cycle lasts for about 2 weeks, your Frenchie will be fertile only for a few days. You’ll know when your Frenchie female can become pregnant when the vaginal discharge becomes watery.

How to help your Frenchie female during the heat?

Just like women, female dogs can also become moody and grumpy a few days before the heat. During the proestrus stage, she can also experience changes in appetite and become more clingy. Therefore, your little four-legged princess will need huge emotional support during those days.

The biggest change your dog will go through is swelling of the vulva and a bloody discharge. Since you certainly wouldn’t like to find red spots all through the house, it will be the time to provide her with dog diapers. Depending on your pet’s amount of discharge, you’ll need to determine how many times a day you’ll need to change the diapers.

Besides, make sure you always have enough baby wet wipes in the house. They will be an additional help to clean up the mess on your Frenchie. Relaxing baths, massages, and showing affection are also the routines your little girl would like to get.

If you have male dogs in the house, make sure you keep your female separately. This might be a problem for the whole family, but it’s the only way to prevent unwanted litter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some females will tend to escape during the heat. French bulldog heat cycle might be one of the causes for your dog’s strange behavior and escape to find a partner. That’s why you should always keep her under the supervision and make sure all the exits are safe and closed. Keeping the collar on with an ID tag around your Frenchie’s neck will be of great help if your little princess succeeds to escape.

french bulldog heat

What do your need to know about the French bulldog silent heat?

Silent heat in French bulldogs usually occurs during their first year of life and can go without or with barely visible symptoms. The vaginal discharge doesn’t need to be present or it may be mildly present. However, other symptoms, such as clinginess, aggression, or destructive behavior occur more often.

Since French bulldog silent heat can be difficult to recognize, you should observe your dog’s strange behavior and body language. This type of French bulldog heat usually occurs twice before a dog shows a regular cycle.