July 16, 2019
french bulldog backpack carrier

Best French Bulldog Backpack Carrier! You will love it!

How many times did you want to have an extra pair of hands and to take your French bulldog with you? Leaving a puppy home can be a heartbreaking especially in case your best friend is not used to spend time alone. That’s why I want to represent you with a French bulldog backpack carrier that will help you in keeping your dog on the […]
June 27, 2019

How To Stop A French Bulldog From Chewing Your Stuff?

Are you pissed off finding your home items destroyed every time you get back from work? You were probably thinking that your pooch has already learned to pleasantly spend time alone and that you’ll find everything at one piece. However, in the case when you own a French bulldog, you need to keep in mind that these wonderful pooches tend to suffer from separation anxiety […]
June 18, 2019

Blue French Bulldog – The Ultimate Guide

It’s true that Frenchies simply catch everyone’s eye like magnets. However, there’s one magnificent color that seems to be the most popular in this dog breed. I talk about the Blue French bulldog whose color of fur leaves speechless. First of all, I must remind you that this dog breed is considered for the 4th most popular breed in the world. The reasons for such […]
June 14, 2019

French bulldog puppy care guide

In case you want to buy a Frenchie puppy and you are not sure how to take care of it, this guide will definitely help you! Since these lovely gremlins are known for their wrinkles, short noses, and wide opened ears, they require special cleaning and cosmetics. Clean Frenchie’s folds French bulldogs have dozens of dark and moist folds on their heads that collect dirt, […]
June 5, 2019

15 French Bulldog Gifts

As an owner of the most unique and gorgeous dog breed in the world, you probably want to show some love for those furry gremlins. That’s why we decided to choose the best French bulldog gifts on the market that will thrill every Frenchie owner. From adorable French bulldog shirts for humans to jewelry and some awesome home items, the choice is only yours! There’s […]
May 29, 2019

Summer Clothing and Accessories For French Bulldogs

We are sure there is no living being that hates summer. For Frenchie owners, it means a lot of time outside with their loving furry friends. On the other hand, you also need to stay aware of the fact that this affectionate dog breed is on a higher tendency to suffer from overheating. That’s why we made a list of the most important summer clothes […]
May 26, 2019

10 Best French Bulldog Food Bowls

We all know how much Frenchies love food. The food presents one of their greatest loves and can serve as the main motivational training tool. On the other hand, Frenchies’ full bellies often lead hi to experience stomach flatulence and releasing unpleasant-smelling gasses. That’s why you need to know how to choose the best French bulldog food bowls that will prevent your pooch from these issues. […]
May 23, 2019

10 French Bulldog Collars That Are Neck Friendly

Finding the right collar for your Frenchie could mean a safer and more relaxed walk both for you and your pooch. Collars present not only a great tool to train a dog but also serve to keep a dog’s name, medical details, and the owner’s phone number. However, in case you own a brachycephalic dog breed like Frenchies are, you need to pay attention to […]