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June 6, 2018
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French Bulldog Allergy
June 18, 2018

The magnificent appeal of rare Blue French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Breed

*The magnificent appeal of rare Blue French Bulldogs

There are many theories about the exact origin of French bulldogs, but one type of Frenchies was always intriguing to people. The uniqueness of a blue French Bulldog leaves everyone speechless, so that’s why we decided to write about facts you need to know about them. A blue French bulldog coat has a slightly bluish hue that is derived from genetics. Although bulldogs are famous as watch dogs, you can’t expect from Frenchies to keep your back. These little masculine and silly dogs simply adore attention and being beside their owners.

If you’re the type of dog owners that want to show your blue Frenchie on different shows and competitions, you need to know that Blue French bulldogs are not recognized by any dog breeder association. The only allowed colors are white, fawn, brindle, and mixes of fawn and brindle. Of course, this fact only matters if you’re interested to show your dog. The blue color comes from a very rare dilute gene and is responsible for their coat changing color from black to blue/gray. It also affects their eye color, so that’s why is not surprising to see a little blue coated Frenchie with blue eyes.

There is a wrong opinion that this dilute gene is the main cause for other French bulldog’s defects, and the truth is that it only affects the color of their coat and eyes. There is not the proof that this uniqueness is related to their health issues. The blue coated Frenchie is not an allowed coat color because it was undesirable in the past, and today, the blue color is more than desirable.

If a French bulldog suffers from certain health issues, it’s only because of their irresponsible breeding. Remember that no matter if your Frenchie is blue, chocolate or fawn, you only need to be interested in his breeding history and integrity of the breeder. Our puppies are completely healthy because we invested all our knowledge and the reputation we’ve built for years.

If you decided to buy a French bulldog, you also need to know that you can’t get the best quality puppy for a small amount of money. Since our dogs are given the best of care, nutrition and passed all necessary tests, you need to know that they never had any health issues and that’s what we’ve been fighting for over 20 years.

The diluted (d) gene is very rare and the roots of blue and chocolate Frenchies go back to 1900’s. Scientists have come to a conclusion that the blue color doesn’t affect the dog’s health at all, and that they are completely the same as other French Bulldogs in all other aspects.

The only thing that is different about them is their single and thin coat of hair, so you need to care more about their body temperature and prevent them from getting too cold or too hot. Blue Frenchies are great companion ‘potato dogs’ and will never leave their owner alone. They’re especially great with children and like to play a lot. Not only they’re unique, but they also leave everyone speechless!