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What Is The Best Harness For A French Bulldog?

best harness for a french bulldog

Searching for the best harness for a French bulldog doesn’t need to become your never-ending issue. With your Frenchie’s needs in mind, you have to select a dog harness that will make him/her comfortable, relaxed, and safe. A quality Frenchie harness should also provide you with better control and help you during training lessons.

What to look for when searching for the best harness for a French bulldog?

If you’re having a dilemma about whether to choose a harness or a collar for your Frenchie, the answer is pretty simple. Every dog needs to wear a harness at a young age. Since puppies tend to pull a lot, harnesses will prevent them from choking and spinal and hip deformities.

When we talk about Frenchies, most veterinarians recommend using harnesses over collars. French bulldog collars serve to carry the dog’s ID tags that are prescribed by law. Besides, your dog can look really gorgeous while wearing it, but attaching the leash should not be considered as an option in case you own a Frenchie. Only adult pooches who don’t pull should be allowed to have a stroll with collars.

Frenchies will feel more relaxed and comfortable wearing dog harnesses. Since they are on a higher tendency to suffer from breathing issues, their short necks and flat skulls can’t sustain something to bother their airways. Collars put extra pressure on the dog’s spine as well, while harnesses spread the pressure across the chest.

Here is the list of features to search for when choosing the best harness for a French bulldog:

  • Material

French bulldogs should not wear harnesses made of harsh fabrics. Unlike most other dogs, these batpigs have single layers of coats. Due to this, you have to choose a harness with padded straps that will be strong but soft to the skin. Given that these batpigs are prone to overheating, it’s best to choose French bulldog harnesses with fewer straps and those made of mesh.

  • Leash Attachments

There are harnesses with three types of leash attachments: front clip, back clip, or dual clip. Dual clip French bulldog harness is often used for untrained puppies or senior pooches who need a support of a double-attachment leash.

  • Reflective parts, and adjustability

These are also important characteristics to search for when choosing a dog harness. Reflective parts improve visibility when going outside in night hours. Adjustable straps allow you to customize the size according to your pet’s body.

Where to find the best harness for a French bulldog?

Depending on your dog’s age, needs, and season, you should select a dog harness with appropriate features. We’ve selected the top 7 picks that will suit your Frenchie through different life stages. With these reviews, your search for the best harness for a French bulldog will go much faster and easier.

Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness

Specially designed for untrained pooches, this Frenchie harness will keep your little gremlin safe and confident. The inner side is made of breathable mesh, while the outer layer features durable canvas. The straps are adjustable and made of waved nylon webbing to prevent skin irritations.

  • available in many colors and sizes
  • hand washable
  • reflective parts for better visibility
  • metal D-ring on the back
  • frontal D-ring to attract the dog’s ID tag
  • low neckline
  • perfect for untrained puppies

best harness for a french bulldog

Frenchie World® soft padded harness

Perfect for warm days, this padded French bulldog harness will make your pet comfortable during strolls. It features strong nylon webbing straps that are padded with plush. The soft plush gently adheres to the skin and prevents redness and cuts.

  • D-ring on the chest to attach the dog’s ID tag
  • available in many colors
  • reflective thread
  • adjustable size
  • quick-release and durable plastic buckle
  • low-neckline strap to prevent breathing issues
  • suitable for summer months

best harness for a french bulldog


Breathable Mesh Light Vest Harness

Summer days don’t need to become your Frenchie’s nightmare thanks to this breathable mesh harness. Your dog can wear it wet to get a pleasant cooling effect. The high-density mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe, and the double D-ring on the back provides extra safety.

  • vest-shaped harness
  • it should be worn wet in hot weather
  • made of breathable and soft mesh
  • double D-rings on the back
  • padded edges
  • velcro closure on the back



French Bulldog Harness Winter Vest

If you’re tired of daily dressing your Frenchie into warm clothes during the winter season, then you have to check the following padded vest harness. It’s warm, filled with PU cotton, and features a zipper closure. The nylon straps with reflective threads are sewn into the vest and they’re also adjustable with plastic buckles.

  • available in different colors
  • machine washable
  • durable buckles
  • reflective parts
  • warm layer for cold days
  • high cut that prevents potty messes

Orthopedic No-pull French Bulldog Harness

In case you live with a senior Frenchie, then you have to be prepared to support his pawing through old age. The handle on the dog’s back serves to improve mobility in senior Frenchies who suffer from arthritis. You can lift your dog when you want to save him from danger or to help him to climb the stairs and jump into the car.

  • attractive design
  • extra handle on the back
  • suitable for senior dogs
  • reflective stripes
  • no-choke cut
  • supports the dog’s spine
  • hand washable
  • adjustable fit

No-Pul LED French Bulldog Harness Vest

In case you enjoy taking your Frenchie to explore the great outdoors with you, LED dog harness represents a must-have item. This ideal tool training with two safety straps will stop your dog from pulling and make him learn good walking manners. Since it’s foamy-padded, your little Frenchie won’t feel any discomfort and will stay safe even when walking at night thanks to the LED buckle. The LED buckle works on a battery, so you can turn it on when you go for a stroll in low light conditions.

  • inner side made of breathable mesh
  • LED light works on batteries
  • 3 light modes
  • reflective parts
  • adjustable size

Dual Professional Air Mesh French Bulldog Harness

We can’t finish our list of French bulldog harnesses without mentioning this double mesh harness. It features a breathable and soft mesh on both sides and padded edges for a better feeling. Therefore, this pick will be the choice for pooches that are prone to skin allergies. Besides, there is also a handle on the back to help your Frenchie to climb the stairs and jump into the vehicle.

  • reflective thread
  • hand washable
  • suitable for dogs of all ages
  • handle on the back
  • ideal to use during training
  • Dual Air-Mesh technology
  • great to use on senior Frenchies