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The Ultimate Guide To Frenchie Harnesses

frenchie harnesses

If you’ve just brought your little gremlin home, then you’re probably thinking about what items to buy for your pet. Frenchie harnesses are one of the most important items since they serve as training tools and teach your dog obedience. This guide will help you find the right French bulldog harness according to your pet’s age and needs.

What type of harness is best for a French Bulldog?

Since there are so many different types of Frenchie harnesses on the market, you’ll probably get confused. Does your dog need a no-pull dog harness, mesh Frenchie harness or orthopedic dog harness can be just some of the dilemmas you will face. And….to be honest, we completely understand you, especially if you have become a dog owner for the first time. To ease your search for the right dog harness, we’ve made a list of features you have to look for.

best french bulldog harness

  • Frenchie harness made of mesh

Mesh harnesses for French bulldogs can be a great option for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin. Since Frenchie puppies have thinner coats, mesh harnesses will help their skin breathe. At the same time, they’re softer, so your pet won’t get any skin irritation by wearing them.

Adult Frenchie with sensitive skin should also wear harnesses, especially during summer months. As we all know, these pooches are very prone to overheat, so we have to pay attention to their physical condition during the summer months. One of the options to make your French bulldog safe and relaxed during warm weather is to provide it with a cozy mesh harness.

Unlike polyester harnesses that don’t allow your dog’s skin to breathe, mesh Frenchie harnesses provide your pet with over-needed skin ventilation.

  • X-shaped Frenchie harnesses

So-called X-shaped Frenchie harnesses will be a great option for pooches who tend to pull a lot when they’re on a leash. The X-shaped straps go across the dog’s chest, so the dog won’t be able to pull as much as he would while wearing a collar.

Besides, x-shaped harnesses provide you with better control when taking your dog on strolls. They’ll be a great option during the lessons of obedience and keeping a dog safe from escape.

  • Harness Vests for French bulldogs

Harness vests are perfect for cold weather conditions. They will keep your dog both safe and cozy especially if you choose a padded vest with integrated metal D-rings. Some harness vests also come with adjustable straps to provide better safety and give a snug feeling. If you live in a cold climate, buying this type of Frenchie harness will be the best choice.

  • Orthopedic Frenchie harnesses

Orthopedic dog harnesses feature 2 leashes to help both dogs and owners during strolls. When your French bulldog is getting on in years or suffers from painful joints, they may require a little support. Frenchies often suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and loss of cartilage between joints. Therefore, an orthopedic dog harness is a way to go to provide the help your pet needs.

  •  Y-Shaped Frenchie Harnesses

Y-shaped harnesses will be a perfect option for dogs who don’t love to feel multiple straps on their bodies. They provide greater freedom and allow Frenchies to feel more comfortable and relaxed during strolls.

  • Back clip harnesses for Frenchies

These are the most common harnesses you’ll find on the market. They feature D-rings that are positioned in the center of a Frenchie’s back. Back clip types are also the easiest to use and will be the best pick for pooches who tend to walk obediently.

  • Front clip dog harnesses

Otherwise known as no-pull Frenchie harnesses, front clip types have D-ring leash attachments on the front so they are best suited to pooches who pull a lot.

Should a Frenchie have a collar or harness?

French bulldogs are known for their brachycephalic skulls which means they can suffer from breathing issues. Due to this fact, French bulldog collars won’t be a good pick for young pooches who are not taught to obediently walk on a leash.

If you put a collar on your untrained puppy, then you have to be aware that a collar can cause severe neck and spine injuries. Frenchies have sensitive and thick necks, flat skulls, and elongated soft palates, which means they shouldn’t wear collars in case they pull on a leash. On the other hand, collars are prescribed by the law and they should carry our dogs’ ID tags.

What size harness would Frenchie need?

Although they are small in size, Frenchies have wide chests and bellies. Therefore, most standard-sized batpigs won’t fit small sizes. Medium and large sizes are the most-common picks of French bulldog owners. Thicker neck pooches might even need XL size, while newborns usually suit XS and S sizes.

Do French Bulldogs need a special harness?

French bulldogs need harnesses that won’t restrict their moves and breathing. They’re very sensitive, so please, keep in mind that your dog needs to feel comfortable and breathe normally while walking.

In case you own a Senior French bulldog, we suggest you buy an orthopedic dog harness to improve your dog’s mobility.

How do you stop a Frenchie from pulling on a leash?

Besides being patient with your pet, you also need to find the right French bulldog harness. Just imagine how would you feel wearing a small size of sneakers during walking or running.

Rewarding and as well telling your pet words of praise will mean a lot for your dog’s personality. Therefore, arm yourself with patience, energy, and love, because it’s the only way to help your dog grow into an obedient pet.

What are the best picks of Frenchie harnesses?

Soft Padded French Bulldog Harness

Made from high-quality nylon webbing and padded with soft plush, this French bulldog harness will be a great pick for pooches of all ages. The main strap goes across the dog’s chest, while the D-ring is placed both on the front and back sides so you can choose how to use it.

frenchie harnesses

Breathable French Bulldog Harness

Your French bulldog has been asking for this for years! We know the struggle of finding a harness that will fit your pup perfectly and allow them to run around like crazy. With 4 adjustable points, breathable mesh, and an easy-to-adjust buckle, you’ll never have to worry about your dog breaking free from its leash again.

frenchie harnesses

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set

It’s hot out there, so you’re going to want your best friend to cool down with you. Get them ready for summer with a new dog harness that looks chic and is comfortable too. With a lightweight cotton canvas fabric and 3D embroidery, this harness is perfect for your pup whether they’re on a hike or chilling at the beach.

french bulldog harness

Camo French Bulldog Harness Vest

Keep your pup safe and stylish with this winter stretchable harness vest made of thick, soft, and high-quality poly-cotton blend. With a unique design, this vest is easy to put on and take off with a comfortable fit. The product has been specifically created to provide your dog with the utmost warmth throughout the whole winter season. Perfect for walking your dog in snow or ice, this Frenchie vest guarantees your pup will be staying warm and cozy all winter long.

frenchie harnesses

Amazonian Vibes Padded French Bulldog Harness

Sick of the fight of trying to get your Frenchie to wear a dog harness? Look no further. The only strap goes across the chest- no more struggling with the neck or back. Designed by dedicated French bulldog owners, this harness is sure to make any Frenchie happy.

frenchie harnesses

Dual Professional Air Mesh French Bulldog Harness

Made from scratch-resistant oxford fabric and improved with mesh parts, this is probably one of the best Frenchie harnesses on the market. It also features reflective parts and an extra handle on the dog’s back to help owners easier maneuver with their pets. The handle will be of great help when your dog is climbing stairs or jumping into the car.

french bulldog harness

French Bulldog Harness Winter Vest

This is another French bulldog harness that will be perfect to wear on cold days. It features an elastic turtle neckline, it’s padded with pp cotton, and comes with adjustable straps on the back. They are also reflective, so your dog will stay visible even in low-light conditions.

frenchie harnesses

Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness

Trimmed neatly with a soft material, this pick is carefully made to suit both puppies and adults. Dogs will feel very comfy while wearing it especially because it features mesh on the inside. There are also reflective parts to improve visibility and a matching leash to complete the outfit. D-ring is put on the back, while the front ring is great to attach an ID tag that will keep your furry friend safe in case of escape.

frenchie harnesses

Reflective Padded French Bulldog Harness and Leash Set

Perfect for nervous dogs who don’t like multiple straps, this dog harness will also be a great pick for pooches prone to skin irritations. Nylon-webbing straps are padded with spongy fabric, so your pet won’t get any redness or skin irritation in case of pulling. According to dog owners’ experiences, this pick will work on dogs of all ages.

frenchie harnesses