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14 Best French Bulldog Harnesses To Buy In 2020

best french bulldog harnesses

If you’ve decided to become a Frenchie parent, there’s a long list of essentials you gotta buy for your little gremlin, and dog harnesses are definitely one of the most important. Since choosing the best French bulldog harnesses might sound challenging due to their unique body shape, we’ve selected 25 picks that will provide safety and that ease your strolls.

best french bulldog harnesses

How to choose the best French bulldog harnesses for their unique body type?

We all know that French bulldogs have short and stout bodies and thick necks. Due to those reasons, it might be difficult to find the right harness that will provide your pet with safety and comfort.

Therefore, we recommend you to follow these tips to make the best choice for your pet.

  • Choose the right fabric

No dog likes the feeling of discomfort and something to bother his body. That’s why we recommend you to choose a durable but pleasant fabric that won’t irritate your French bulldog’s skin. Mesh harnesses are pleasant in touch and they gently fit onto the skin. On the other hand, quality French bulldog harnesses should have solid straps made of nylon webbing in order to provide safety. They won’t tear off even after years of wearing.

  • Choose the right type of French bulldog harnesses

Depending on your dog’s age and behavior, you need to select the right type of a Frenchie harness. For older pooches, we recommend you to use Senior French bulldog harness that features a double handle. The handles on the dog’s back serve to ease his strolls and help when you want to withdraw him when jumping into the car or going upstairs. On the other hand, there are also French bulldog harnesses that prevent pulling and move the pressure to the chest area. Vest harnesses are also another type of dog harnesses that are crafted for anxious pets.

  • Find a Frenchie harness at a reasonable price

It’s an undeniable fact that a dog harness should be a good investment. It should provide your dog with safety, comfort and should ease the training lessons. However, the key is also to find a quality French bulldog harness at a reasonable price.

  • Choose a stylish pick for different seasons

If you ask me, your pet should have a harness for summer and winter months. Mesh harnesses are preferable to wear in the warm weather, while winter Frenchie harnesses can look like a padded vest or can be made of straps so you can easier dress clothes on your pooch.

best french bulldog harness

Why to use harnesses over collars on French bulldogs?

Even though Frenchies are small in size, they shouldn’t wear collars until they go through obedience training. Otherwise, your pet can make severe damages to his neck, spine, and even hips because he’ll tend to pull a lot. French bulldog harnesses provide better support to a dog’s whole body and promote a healthy posture. They don’t restrict the breathing and help you easier maneuver with a dog when going to strolls.

When we talk about French bulldog collars, they should also take their place on the list of essentials. Collars are great for older dogs that have learned to obediently walk beside the owner’s legs. They should also carry the dog’s ID tag and can be worn as stylish details.

What are the best French bulldog harnesses for puppies?

From the moment you’ve just brought your little Frenchie puppy home, you might start searching for a quality Frenchie harness. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best French bulldog harnesses to suit those tiny and short bodies that need special support throughout their young age.

Frenchie World® soft padded harness


Since Frenchie puppies have sensitive skin and a thin layer of fur, we recommend you to choose a padded French bulldog harness. It will prevent them from irritations, cuts, redness, and blister that can occur if something scratches their skin. We also need to note that you should pay special attention to their armpit area because harnesses with numerous straps may cause cuts in those gentle spots.

What does Frenchie World Soft Padded harness feature?

  • nylon webbing padded with soft microfiber
  • reflective sewing
  • two metal D-rings to attach the leash and dog’s ID tag
  • adjustable strap that goes around the belly

french bulldog harnesses



Frenchie World® Reflective protective harness

If your dog tends to pull a lot, then you should have a look at the following Reflective protective harness. The X-shape on the chest area prevents a dog from pulling and moves the pressure to the frontal part. Besides, the chest part is padded and it’s made of soft and elastic mesh foam.

What does the Frenchie World Reflective Protective harness feature?

  • nylon-webbing straps
  • 4 adjustable points
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • easy to put on and take off
  • reflective sewing that improves visibility in low-light conditions
  • quick-release plastic buckle

french bulldog harnesses

Soft Suede Leather Rhinestone Harness

If you’re looking for the best French bulldog harnesses that your dog can wear on special occasions, look no more! This French bulldog harness is decorated with hundreds of zircons that will make your batpig shine like a diamond. Besides, it comes in many colors, so you can choose the one that fits your dog’s style.

What does Soft Suede Leather Rhinestone Harness feature?

  • soft suede that is skin-friendly
  • adjustable points
  • a low neckline that doesn’t restricts the breathing
  • The woven binding provides durability
  • metal, elegant buckle on a dog’s back

best french bulldog harnesses


Rhinestone SOFT Dog Harness & Leash set

Besides it’s made of soft and comfy mesh, this Rhinestone dog harness comes with a matching leash. Therefore, it’s a money-saving option and it’s perfect to be worn throughout the year. Your dog will get the essential support, and you’ll successfully prevent him from pulling.

What does Rhinestone Soft Dog harnes & Leash set feature?

  • reflective parts
  • emblazoned with shiny zircons
  • ideal for nervous dogs who don’t like the straps
  • easy hook and loop closure
  • double D rings to provide better safety and to keep the dog’s hips and spine in a healthy posture
  • low neckline

french bulldog harnesses


French Bulldog Harness

To make your walks easier and to keep your dog’s hips and spine in a healthy posture, we suggest you have a look at this French bulldog shares. The solid straps will make this harness last for years, while the inner foamy mesh will allow the skin to breathe.

What does French bulldog harness feature?

  • padded and reflective edges
  • x-shape, the outer side looks like a denim
  • the inner side made of mesh
  • 4 customizable points
  • ensured with double D-rings
  • it can be both with a matching leash

frenchie harness

Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness

If you’re looking for durability, comfortability, and softness, then look no more! This pick is one of the best French bulldog harnesses you’ll ever find. It features a gorgeous design, and it’s flexible and padded which is very important to consider when owning a Frenchie. It will hold up beautifully on your dog’s body, no matter how big the adventure is.

What does Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness feature?

  • specially crafted for the French bulldog breed
  • the neckline is wide to prevent strangulation
  • it doesn’t restrict the breathing
  • easy to clean fabric
  • suitable for gentle skin
  • adjustable points

best french bulldog harnesses

French Bulldog Spinal Support Breathable Padded Harness

The 360-degree body support is perfect for puppies that haven’t been taught to obediently walk on leash. Instead, on the dog’s back, the pressure is put to the chest part. Therefore, your pooch will stay away from neck and spinal injuries. The harness features a soft and foamy fabric that fits snuggly onto the skin.

What does Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness feature?

  • spinal support
  • metal D-ring on the dog’s back
  • hand washable
  • flexible and comfy fabric that is filled with sponge
  • one adjustable point

best french bulldog harnesses

No-pull Breathable French Bulldog Harness

The following dog harness features one leash connection point made of metal. It is available in vibrant collars and comes with heavy padding throughout. Besides, it also has 2 release buckles on each side which make the harness easy to put on and take off.

What does Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness feature?

  • soft and breathable mesh
  • reflective thread
  • adjustable points
  • metal D-ring
  • comes in many colors and sizes
  • suitable for dogs of different ages

best french bulldog harnesses

Unicorn Reversible Harness

Perfect for summer wear and anxious pups, this Frenchie harness is so elastic and pleasant that your dog will have a ‘naked feeling’ while wearing it. It features a breathable mesh inside that serves to cool down your Frenchie in the summer. Besides, the four separate straps connect to a single top piece so you can take it off very easily.

What does Unicorn Reversible Harness feature?

  • cute unicorn pattern
  • easy to clean and dry
  • allows the dog’s skin to breathe
  • easy to release buckle

best frenchie harnesses

French Bulldog No-Pull Nylon Harness

Besides it’s padded with foamy and breathable mesh, this harness provides maximum comfort and support to a dog’s whole body. Therefore, it deserves to find its place on our list of the best French bulldog harnesses. The edges are soft and padded with pleasant-in-touch fabric, while there are 4 adjustable points. There are also 2 quick-release buckles that makes it easy to put on and take off.

What does the French bulldog no-pull nylon harness feature?

  • skin-friendly fabric that allows the skin to breathe
  • mesh inner side, oxford fabric outside
  • reflective thread
  • double D rings, one for a dog’s ID tag , and another one to attach the leash
  • hand washable
  • quick-release 2 buckles

best french bulldog harnesses

What are the best French bulldog harnesses for senior dogs?

Senior French bulldogs require better support because they lose the cartilage through the years. Their joints may become painful and swollen, which may end up in experiencing mobility issues. That’s why is important to have a French bulldog harness with one or two handles on a dog’s back. They serve to help the owners to easier maneuver with their pets when going upstairs, downstairs, jumping into the car, etc.

Dual Professional Air Mesh French Bulldog Harness

Dual Professional Air Mesh French bulldog harness is padded with a spongy mesh and allows the skin to breathe. It features a handle made of nylon webbing on a dog’s back and a metal D-ring for a leash.

What does Dual Professional Air Mesh French bulldog harness feature?

  • Both the frontal and backside are padded which is very important for a dog’s skin.
  • Reflective parts that improve visibility during night walks.
  • Adjustable belts that go around a dog’s belly for better support
  • A practical handle on a dog’s back to support mobility
  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • scratch-resistant oxford fabric
french bulldog harnesses

Senior French Bulldog Harness

Since we all know that is not easy to find the best French bulldog harnesses for senior dogs, we’ve decided to introduce you to one of the best-selling on the market.

Senior French bulldog harness is specially designed for French bulldogs that suffer from hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. Unlike other dog harnesses, this one comes with numerous belts and two handles. To improve your dog’s mobility, you need to use a long leash with two buckles. The first one should be hooked to a metal D-ring, and the second one should be attached to the second handle. As you walk with your Frenchie, you’ll be able to gently lift his hind legs and ease his walking.

What does Senior French bulldog harness feature?

  • reflective thread and small straps
  • available in different colors
  • padded with foamy fabric
  • two handles
  • adjustable points
  • hand washable in soapy and cold water


best french bulldog harnesses

Orthopedic No-pull French Bulldog Harness

Made in gorgeous summer patterns, this dog harness can be used on dogs of all ages. Thanks to two metal rings, you can choose the place to attach the leash. For dogs who tend to pull a lot, this will be a perfect option because it prevents choking.

  • Comes with a handle on a dog’s back
  • Reflective parts
  • Available in different patterns and sizes
  • Perfect both for junior and senior frenchies
  • Padded parts
  • Adjustable points
  • Straps made of nylon webbing
  • Hand wash in cold water

best french bulldog harnesses

Custom Dog Name Reflective Adjustable French Bulldog Harness

If you want to provide your dog with a unique harness that will carry a customized printed name on it, then this is one of the best French bulldog harnesses for your pet. It features a handle on the back to support mobility, and it’s made of solid oxford and easy to clean fabric. There is a low strap that goes under the dog’s neck and around a belly to keep the spine in a proper posture.

What does Custom Dog Name Reflective Adjustable French Bulldog Harness feature?

  • many patterns
  • rubber handle on a dog’s back
  • reflective thread
  • easy on and off buckle
  • removable velcro patch with a customized dog’s name
  • breathable mesh lining

best french bulldog harnesses








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