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Top 20 French Bulldog T-Shirts To Know Right Now

french bulldog t-shirts

If you are a French bulldog lover or admirer then you’ll surely like to wear a shirt inspired by Frenchies. French bulldog T-shirts for humans can not only add a spotted detail to your outfit but will also celebrate the love for these gremlins. We selected the top 20 picks that can be worn on different occasions.

Why We Love French Bulldog T-shirts For Humans?

Frenchie tees by Frenchie World have been created with plenty of love for these batpigs. They come in many colors and patterns that can be easily matched with different parts of clothes. Whether you want to have a unique piece for daily outfits or evening walks, these tees will make a lovely detail to your style. Let’s discover what are the best picks of French bulldog t-shirts for humans for this summer season.

Women’s French Bulldog Bubble Gum T-shirt

If you’re a lover of clean and decorous design, then you’ll adore this French bulldog bubble gum t-shirt for Women. The peeking Frenchie with giant bubble gum can refresh your summer outfit and show everyone that you’re a proud Frenchie mama.  The tee is made of cotton and the cut fits different body types. Before ordering, we recommend you to check the size guide.

french bulldog t-shirts

I Didn’t Fart Slim Fit Unisex T-Shirt

Bring a dose of humor to your daily routine by wearing this hilarious shirt inspired by Frenchie’s farts. The t-shirt represents a smelly life-struggle of every owner of this breed. Imagine you’re sitting on the couch and suddenly the evil-smelling gas starts to conquer the room. We bet you would rather jump out from your skin at that moment if you could. On the other hand, those ‘I’m sorry’ puppy eyes melt your heart like no other being in the world.
The tee is unisex, so it’s suitable both for Frenchie dads and moms who like to wear clothes inspired by their lovely pets.
french bulldog t-shirts

Frenchie Mom T-shirt

Since we are sure every Frenchie mom would like to wear such a tee, we decided to put it on our list. It features breathable and stretchable cotton, and it’s available in 2 colors. You can match it with your favorite jeans, skirt, or shorts to get a lovely and cute look that celebrates these cute batpigs.

Frenchie face all over printed t-shirt

If you don’t know what to wear in the evening, then you gotta check this black French bulldog t-shirt for humans. Made in elegant black color, it features all-over printed Frenchie face. Those big eyes and smushed face will add a unique and spotted detail that you would love to wear.

The colors are non-toxic and it features a comfortable fit for Frenchie moms and dads.

french bulldog t-shirts

Pardon My French

For those days when you want your outfit to tell hundreds of words, we recommend you wear Pardon My French t-shirt. It’s available in many colors, and the breathable cotton will make you comfortable to wear it. The prints are of high-quality and they won’t crack or fade even after many washes.

french bulldog t-shirts

Life Goals French Bulldog T-shirt

We are quite sure that Frenchie owners agree that one of their main life goals is to live happily ever after with their French bulldogs. That’s why we recommend you to have a look at this t-shirt for women that can become the favorite pick for your daily wear. If you don’t know what gift to buy for a Frenchie mom, this tee will surely put a smile on her face!
french bulldog t-shirts

In Case Of Unhappiness Women’s T-shirt

We all have those days when we’re feeling down and not in such a great mood. However, dog owners would agree that no one can put a smile on their faces like their dogs. Therefore, your search for the cutest French bulldog t-shirts for humans can stop here! This tee will show everyone that your Frenchie is the brightest spot of your life. Its witty personality and affectionate nature is something that you can’t resist. That’s why we would like to add this pick to your summer outfit.

French bulldog t-shirts- Not Today Tee

We are sure that everyone needs just 5 more minutes to spend sleeping. However, not everyone is as lucky as your dog. If you ever wondered Do French bulldogs sleep a lot, the answer is -Yes! French bulldog puppies can sleep up to 20 hours a day. That’s why we decided to add this tee to the list of the best French bulldog t-shirts for humans.

You can match it with your casual or sports picks of clothing when you want to add a funny detail inspired by Frenchies. The tee is made of cotton, so it will make you feel pleasant on hot summer days.

french bulldog t-shirts

Livin’ La Vida Women’s Frenchie Tee

Inspired by summer vibes, this French bulldog t-shirt will make your outfit fresh and ready for the hustle and bustle. The stretchable and breathable fabric and the relaxed fit will support all your activities. It can be worn on many occasions-whether you’re going to meet with friends or to have a stroll with your pup. Besides, this tee is available in many patterns, so we recommend you to check it immediately.

french bulldog t-shirts

Women’s All Over Print Frenchie Hawaii Cut & Sew Tee

Are you ready to go to spend a day at the beach with your Frenchie but you don’t know what to wear? Well, if you have only 5 minutes to get ready, then we advise you to check this Frenchie Hawaiian French bulldog t-shirt. It’s emblazoned with tropical palm trees and cute hidden Frenchies. Since it’s made in multi-color print, we are sure you’ll adore matching it with your shorts and skirts.

frenchie tees

French Bulldog Men’s T-Shirt

Inspired by the World-famous American TV series called Friends, this t-shirt for Frenchie dads will add a spotted pick for your outfit. Since we can’t imagine our lives without friends and Frenchies, we’ve decided to create a tee that will piece together these two things. The tee is available in 2 colors and the prints are made of the quality and non-toxic colors.

frenchie tees

Peeking Eye Women’s T-shirt

If your Frenchie follows you everywhere, then you gotta wear this tee. This peeking face is probably the most annoying ‘occurrence’ that happens every time you wanna ‘visit’ your toilet in peace. Those curious spies will never leave us alone even when we so desperately need privacy. French bulldog t-shirts by Frenchie World come in black and white colors and many sizes. Since it’s stretchable, you’ll enjoy wearing it on different occasions.

french bulldod tees

French bulldog T-shirts-Wine and Women

Since most women would agree there is nothing better than drinking wine and owning a Frenchie, we’re sure you’ll adore this tee. The funny print will add a dose of humor to your style, while the fabric is so soft in touch and pleasant to wear. Heavier tees like this one tend to wrinkle less and will hold their shape better in the longer run.

Where’s My Coffee Women’s Tee

If you’re not a morning person and you can’t open your eye before taking the first sip of coffee, then this is the tee of your dreams. Aside from previously mentioned picks, this is one of the best-selling French bulldog t-shirts of all time. It’s made of cotton and it features a cute frowning face of a morning Frenchie.
french bulldog t-shirts

Frenchie World Community Member Men’s Cotton Crew Tee

If you’re a member of a Frenchie World Instagram Community, then it’s the ultimate time to include this t-shirt to your closet. The t-shirt is unisex, it features a regular fit and it’s available in many colors. It’s a marvelous way to show everyone that you love Frenchies. The prints are of the highest quality, and won’t crack or fade due to machine washing.

The Dogfather T-Shirt

Inspired by the American crime film, The Godfather, this tee is designed for dads who like the comfort feeling. This quality pick of French bulldog t-shirts will slot seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. You can match with a good pair of jeans or shorts and get ready to buzz through the town.

Hipster Frenchie t-shirt

Get ready for chilling with friends, and wear a French bulldog t-shirt with a giant print of a batpig. Embellished with a hipster Frenchie, this tee will make your outfit cute, special, and casual. It represents a perfect pick for warm days because it’s made of natural and breathable fabric. The cut is regular, and the stretchability makes it great for everyday wear.

french bulldog t-shirts

I Love French Kisses Women T-Shirt

For all those romantic girls out there, we’ve prepared this lovely I love French kisses t-shirt. Show everyone how much you love your little gremlin and enjoy wearing it when going to strolls.

Thanks to a lovely pattern, it can also become a perfect Valentine’s gift for Frenchie moms. The cut is stretchable, but we recommend you to order one or two bigger than your usual size.

Frenchie Wars t-shirt

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, the three live action series, then you gotta wear this tee this summer season. We’ve created it with the Frenchies in main roles,  so your only task is to find your favorite character. Made of 100%, this Frenchie t-shirt will support all your activities and make you look special wherever you appear.

frenchie t-shirt

I Have Done The Math French Bulldog Women’s T-Shirt

The house will always be small for a Frenchie and a cat under the same roof. Therefore, it’s better not to provoke your pooch because he’ll do even math to distract you from the idea of getting a cat. Since French bulldogs love to be someone’s center of attention 24/7, it’s won’t be wise to get a feline.

This French bulldog t-shirt not only features a hilarious print, but it’s also made of breathable and stretchable cotton. The taped neck and shoulders bring a dose of casual style, and the preshrunk cotton won’t shrink during the washing process.

How to Choose the best French bulldog T-shirts?

  • Choosing the right fabric

One of the most important things to consider when buying clothes is the fabric. The fabric should be skin-friendly and allow the skin to breathe in order to escape irritations and allergies. Besides, the cut also plays an important role because no tee should restrict your moves and activities.
  • Let your Frenchie tee inspire you

Another criteria to consider is to choose a piece of clothing that will reflect your personality. Whether it would be a funny message or a print, the t-shirt should suit your spirit.
Since their majesty of tees can serve different occasions, we can wear them at works, during training, and on many other casual occasions.
  • How do you feel wearing it?

Wearing a t-shirt should make you feel good in it. If you prefer cotton fabric, then you can stay calm in hot weather due to its water-absorbing properties. On the other hand, the poly-cotton blend is easier to care for, and much durable than cotton ones. Therefore, if you’re not a lover of ironing, you’ll ‘adore’ wearing clothes made of blends.
  • Choosing the color

Depending on the rest of your outfit, and the part of the day, you should know to choose the right color of the tee. We recommend you wearing paster or vivid colors during the summer, while for colder weather you can choose neutral and dark tones. The evening also requires wearing darker clothes, except you’re having a relaxing walk by the sea.

  • Choosing the right cut

Choosing the right cut is especially important if you want to hide or show specific spots on the body. The relaxed fit is meant for those who adore wearing baggy and casual clothes, while perfect-fitting t-shirts would be the favorite pick of a sports type of person.