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Why Your Frenchie Follows You Into The Bathroom?


For those who are wondering why your Frenchie follows you into the bathroom, we’ve prepared a few good reasons. We all know that bringing a Frenchie puppy home is one of the best things in our lives. The love a French bulldog shares with you is undemanding and selfless.

frenchie follows you into the bathr

Your Frenchie follows you into the bathroom? Here is why!

If you were thinking that your dog just wants to spy on you and interrupt your privacy, you’re wrong!

Dogs are pack animals

Don’t forget that dogs are pack animals. That’s why they feel unhappy and vulnerable when they realize they are left alone. Your furry gremlin just wants to spend time with you. The notion of being alone doesn’t exist for your Frenchie. When dogs are in a pack, they constantly interact with others. They eat, play, hunt, and do everything together.

You’re your dog’s pack leader so that’s why he doesn’t want to lose you! Your little gremlin simply can’t understand that you might want some time for yourself. In fact, your furry friend thinks that he’s doing you a favor by following you into the bathroom. So, in case you need a towel, don’t worry! Your Frenchie will bring you one!



The next possible reason for your Frenchie’s following behavior is that he is maybe protecting you. The chances are high that your Frenchie follows you into the bathroom to make sure you’re safe. While you’re doing something in there, you can’t defend yourself if something scary happens. So, from now on you can relax. Your French bulldog is your brave bodyguard.


Your French bulldog’s curiosity comes to third place. After all, it’s your dog’s house too. That’s why he wants to be part of the process. On top of that, most dogs lack excitement in their lives. So, they might be a little bored while you are at work. That’s why when some ‘unusual activity’ happens, your Frenchie wants to be by your side.


If your Frenchie follows you into the bathroom, then you should consider his age. Dogs become clingy as they get old because they lose the quality of vision and sense of hearing. So, maybe your pooch feels insecure to spend time alone without your help.

So, how to stop your Frenchie from following you into the bathroom?

If you think you’ll never be able to enjoy your bath time alone, you’re wrong! You can actually distract your dog’s attention by giving him interactive toys to play with. Interactive toys help improve your dog’s intelligence and keep him entertained.

The following self-rolling ball will start to do a 360 degrees self-rotation and keep your pet’s attention. Due to the sphere shape and self-balancing system, the ball will automatically change its direction when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc. no extra help required, all you need to do is turn the ball on to play and turn off when your pet is out of energy and done playing.


Food hiding puzzle game is great for making a dog think about how something works. You can hide the treat inside of the box and let your Frenchie investigate alone.

In case your pooch is a huge lover of food, then he’ll become thrilled by the following interactive food egg. The releases the food as your Frenchie rolls it.