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8 French Bulldog Gifts For Frenchie Moms

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There’s some special bond between Frenchies and their humans. Those adorable creatures are widely famous for their playful and affectionate nature that can’t leave anyone indifferent. In order to show your love for those furry batpigs, we decided to represent you with 8 best gifts for Frenchie moms. gifts for frenchie moms

Check out French bulldog-inspired gifts for Frenchie moms

iPhone Case with Expanding Stand holder

You must admit there’s no human who doesn’t check his/ her phone in the morning. It’s probably the first thing (after your Frenchie, of course) that you see every morning. So, in order to think of your little gremlin all day long, we suggest you take a look at the following Frenchie-inspired iPhone case. Gifts for Frenchie moms don’t have to be expensive! This phone case goes with a holder to improve better carrying. It’s available in 2 designs and will definitely thrill every Frenchie mom!

Pompom Frenchie Keychains

Let your Frenchie hang our with you all day long. This Pompom Frenchie Keychain will make you never lose your keys again. The pompom is available in 5 colors and the peeking bat ears will make you smile every time you take your keys with you- and that’s forever! Besides using it as a fashionable keychain, you can also hook it up on your favorite bag.

Matching Mother and daughter French Bulldog embroidery jacket

We bet you’ll never find anything cuter than these matching French bulldog jackets. From now on you can show that you are the most fashionable Frenchie crew by wearing these jackets. The jackets are available in grey and pink colors and can be machine washable in cold water.

Women’s French Bulldog Bubble Gum T-shirt

This summer T-shirt should become a must-have item for every Frenchie mom. It’s made of 100 % and will surely fit great to any kind of style. Women can wear it both when going to work or having a stroll through the neighborhood. Discreet and simple style makes it suitable for any kind of ocassion.

Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog pool sliders

There’s no way that you’ll not like the following Frenchie World pool sliders. They are made of soft material that provides arch support while walking. The sliders are available in black and red colors and can be worn during summer while spending time at the pool, on the beach or when having a walk. They will surely make you stand out from the crowd! The peeking Frenchie’s ears on your feet are ready to make everyone smile!

Flannel Women Pajamas

The following pajamas are definitely one of the best gifts for Frenchie moms. You can enjoy wearing them on lazy weekends while watching TV with a Frenchie by your side. Made of soft flannel material, they will keep every Frenchie mom warm and cozy during winter months.

Geometric French Bulldog Necklace & Pendant

Elegant and stylish geometric French bulldog necklace can become a great addition to your outfit. From now on, you can keep your four-legged friend close to your heart at any time of the day! The necklace is available in 3 colors and is inspired by origami.

I Didn’t Fart Slim Fit Unisex T Shirt

“It wasn’t me, it was my Frenchie!” How many times did you want to wipe out from the face of Earth when your little pooch farted in public? Well, if you are enough of explaining to everyone that it wasn’t you, then this T-shirt should become your choice! No matter what they do we still love our Frenchies!

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