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The Ultimate Guide To Blue Merle French Bulldogs

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Blue Merle French bulldogs have gained huge popularity over the past few years. They are widely recognizable for their rare blue coat color, light blue eyes, and distinctive marking. Since they belong to rare French bulldogs, future owners have to be very careful when choosing a breeder of these pups.

What do you need to know about the character of blue merle French bulldogs?

We all agree that blue merle French bulldogs are the proud owners of one of the rarest coat colors in this breed. They attract our attention wherever appear not only because of their unique coat color combination but also because of their witty personalities.

Frenchies love to cuddle and really enjoy being in their owners’ vicinity. Due to this reason, they don’t represent a good pick for people who live busy lives and spend a lot of time outside the home. If you want to add a blue merle Frenchie to your family, you have to be ready for a lot of playtimes. Regardless of the coat color, Frenchies are witty, curious, and love to clown around.

Thanks to their small size, Frenchies are also one of the best dogs for apartment living conditions. Since the list of good features doesn’t end here, we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that they currently take 2nd place on the AKC list of the most popular dogs worldwide.

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Things to keep in mind when buying blue merle Frenchies

Since blue merle French bulldogs belong to rare coat colors, you have to carefully choose the breeder of your future pet. As you’ve probably heard of the fact that rare French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from certain health conditions, choosing a reliable breeder is ’a must’.

Ask to meet the puppy’s parents

Even though the puppy you want to buy is insanely cute, we advise you not to be fooled by the first impression. Asking to meet your puppy’s parents is essential because it will reveal a lot about their overall health and personality. Do they have healthy or dull-looking coats? Are they properly socialized and friendly toward unknown people? What does their environment look like? Does the breeder care about their hygiene?

Those are only some of the questions to keep in mind when visiting the breeder.

Health history

The puppy’s parents’ health history is the second important thing to ask when buying blue merle French bulldogs. The breeder should not avoid showing you the health check documents or to give the impression that he is in a hurry to sell the dog. A reputable breeder always wants to make sure what kind of family his puppy is going to.

Is the puppy you want to buy vaccinated?

A blue merle French bulldog puppy you want to buy should not be younger than 8 weeks. it is the time considered sufficient for socialization and maturation. Besides, your potential puppy has to be vaccinated against certain diseases, and the vaccination schedule depends on the country you live in.

blue merle french bulldogs

What makes blue merle French bulldogs?

Breeders produce blue merle Frenchies by mating carriers of dilute and merle genes. The blue merle pattern is one of the most difficult to produce, and the dogs that have been selected for mating must go through several health checks.

Merle is a type of genetic condition. This gene is inherited, so the puppies with this pattern will have light-colored eyes and pink, sensitive skin on some body parts. We can usually see the light pink skin on their nose and paw pads. Puppies who have two merle parents will be on a higher tendency to develop certain health issues, so you have to be very careful when choosing a puppy you want to bring home.

Note that buying a dog brings a big dose of responsibility because your new family member should stay with you for many years. The merle pattern is not recognized by the AKC and such dogs are not found in purebred Frenchies.

Blue Merle pooches are one of the rarest French bulldog colors. Every dog comes with a copy of genes inherited by the mother and father. Since the merle gene is dominant, the breeder needs to select only one carrier of this gene for mating.

When the puppy carries two copies of the merle gene variant, it may have an increased risk of problems with the eyes and ears. Deafness and chronic ear infections could be only some of the issues.

What is a double merle French bulldog?

As we already mentioned, it’s not advisable to mate two merle dogs. However, in the case when this type of mating happens, such dogs have the possibility of being born with a double merle gene. Double merle Frenchies have only a few patches of darker coat, extremely sensitive skin, and are on a higher tendency to suffer from certain health issues.

Problems with eyes and vision are only some to mention. Wandering eyes, starburst pupils, small or deformed eyes, or missing one of the eyes are the most common conditions.

The appearance of blue merle French bulldogs

Besides blue merle Frenchies having a merle pattern, they are also recognizable for their light blue or almost grey eyes. These pooches can also have pink skin on their noses ad paw pads, so you should be very careful when taking them outside in hot weather.

Sun rays can or walking on hot pavements can cause severe burns on their noses and paw pads, so applying vet-approved sunscreen and wearing dog socks is preferred. Blue merle French bulldogs have a low level of melanin, which is actually the main reason for being so sensitive.

How much is a blue merle French bulldog?

Blue merle French bulldogs are one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Their price ranges between 5,000 and 20,000 dollars.

Depending on the breeder’s kennel, the puppies’ parents, and the care they get, their price can go really high. In order to make sure you’re buying a healthy dog, we recommend you ask for a DNA test and take the puppy to the vet for a quick health check. Note that you’re bringing a new family member and not a toy. That’s why asking for proof that the dog is completely healthy is over needed.