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What is a Mini Frenchie? The Ultimate Guide to its health, care, and diet

Lately, we could notice that many people decide to buy a mini Frenchie. This little gremlin is often higher in price because requires a special way of breeding, and a number of health checks to make sure it’s healthy. A mini Frenchie can be found in different colors, sizes, and appearances. It takes a leading position in homes all around the world. However, before buying a Mini Frenchie, there are several things to take into account. Let’s discover which ones!

mini frenchie

 Who are mini French bulldogs?

French bulldogs often steal everyone’s attention not only because of their iconic appearances but also because of their ‘portable’ sizes. They became even more popular when the breeders came to an idea to ‘produce’ mini Frenchies.

However, have you ever wondered what does determine the price of these little cuties?

Well, a mini Frenchie requires a selective way of breeding. It means that the breeder should perform a number of health checks on dogs that have been chosen for mating. Those pooches should also be smaller in size from regular-sized Frenchies.

Another factor to consider is the type of mating. Frenchies can’t mate in a traditional way and require to go through artificial insemination. This is a big cost for a breeder, especially if we take into account failed attempts that can happen. After pregnant Frenchie dams go through a number of health checks during their pregnancy, the last step presents the C-section. These brave moms deliver their puppies through C-section, and their recovery may last up to one or two months.

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How do breeders produce a mini Frenchie?

Mini French bulldogs can be produced from runts. Runt is the smallest puppy from the litter that doesn’t have any health issues and it’s only small in size. To produce Mini French bulldogs, a breeder should use healthy runts for further breeding until he gets the whole litter of newborn miniature puppies. Miniature puppies are produced accidentally, without having a specially-tailored method.

Dwarfism in dogs is another way to get a mini Frenchie. However, such pooches have spine and hips deformities and don’t have a long lifespan. Therefore, buying a micro French bulldog for a small amount of money isn’t advisable. It often tells that the breeder’s only intention is to overproduce unhealthy dogs and earn money.

After the breeder selected the smallest puppy from the litter, he performs health checks to make sure it doesn’t have any genetic diseases. After several generations pass through the kennel, the breeder will have a perfect-sized mini Frenchie.

In what colors do Mini French bulldogs come in?

French bulldog breed is one of the most colorful breeds you’ll ever find. They are also one of the world’s most popular dogs according to the AKC. These batpigs proudly take the high 4th position in homes all over the USA and even the 1st place in the UK.

When we talk about their temperament, the good news is that they are very friendly both toward dogs and people. That’s why people often choose it for families with children because they behave gently with them.

Frenchies are otherwise called ‘city dwellers’. They’ve got such a nickname because they best suit apartment-living conditions. They are not outside dogs and don’t need much exercise, so if you’re not a sports-type of a person, this canine is the right pick for you.

When we talk about the colors of mini French bulldogs, they can come in more than 10 colors of fur. Besides, the AKC approved colors such as cream, fawn, and white, you can find this breed in rare colors as well. The allowed markings are brindle, piebald, and black masks.

Rare-colored mini French bulldogs are higher in price and they can come in blue, merle, Isabella, and lilac colors. Blue, Isabella and lilac pooches are produced accidentally by the occurrence of the dilute gene. If one of the parents is the carrier of this rare gene, then chances are 50/50 to get a Frenchie with mouse color of fur.

What are the possible health issues of mini French bulldogs?

Like any other brachycephalic breed, a mini Frenchie best suit living in moderate weather conditions (18-23 C). Its shortened muzzle makes it prone to overheating and hypothermia. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a mini French bulldog, my advice is to provide your dog with self-cooling items. Self-cooling beds, cooling collars, and vests are some of the most important products to buy.

mini frenchie

Another aspect to consider when choosing a mini Frenchie for a pet is to pay attention to its diet. Diet for a Frenchie should be well-balanced in order to keep its immunity in optimal ranges. Otherwise, your pooch may start to suffer from environmental allergies, yeast infections, and other issues.

To escape food allergies in your mini Frenchie, my advice is to choose a dog food brand that is free of artificial colors, by-products, and chemicals. Here you can check the list of the best food brands for French bulldogs. If you’ve noticed that your pet’s having severe allergies, then you might consider feeding it with the BARF diet for French bulldogs. Sometimes, raw food seems like the best option for batpigs that suffer from food allergies.

Stomach bloating is also important to mention. These little gremlins tend to eat fast due to their flat skulls. They literally ‘eat the air’ all together with the food. Therefore, every mini Frenchie should eat from specially designed anti-choke feeding bowls. The following one is tested on this breed and provenly helps in decreasing stomach gasses. It has a rotating bone in the middle that serves to prolonge the meal.

Wrapping up

Mini French bulldogs are only one of the currently world-popular micro puppies. Regardless of what dog breed you choose to buy, it’s advisable to search for a trusted breed that can tell you everything about the dog’s health history. In the end, you are not buying just a dog. You are bringing a new family member that should by your side for the next 10-15 years.

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