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What Are The Most Popular Rare French Bulldog Colors?

rare french bulldog colors

If you are considering buying a Frenchie, then you surely have to make a difficult decision in choosing the right color. The French bulldog’s coat comes in many colors and patterns, so it’s not surprising why they are considered one of the most colorful dog breeds. Besides standard coat colors and patterns, rare French bulldog colors attract a lot of attention from potential owners. That’s why we will relieve the most important facts about rare coat colors in Frenchies.

rare french bulldog colors

What are the standard French bulldog colors?

We all know that Frenchies originate from England although they were later recognized as a breed in France. Despite their name ‘’French’’, these little gremlins are descendants of English bulldogs. Breeders from England considered today’s Frenchies for the runts of the litter. They were not only smaller in size, but also had 2 variants of ears. Rose-shaped and bat-shaped ears were 2 possible physical traits of these dogs.

As Frenchies became hugely fashionable in France thanks to Nottingham’s lace makers, they soon became recognized as a new breed. The first standard of the French bulldog breed was established in 1898 by the French Kennel Club. Later, the standard was modified in 1932 and 1948 and was reformulated in 1986. Ever since the types of standard French bulldog colors have not changed even we today have Frenchies with rare coat colors. The standard French bulldog coat colors are:

  • Fawn
  • White
  • Cream

Possible markings can be brindle, piebald, black shadings, white markings, and black masks. Any deviation from the previously listed colors is a disqualification. However, the coat colors in Frenchies changed quite a lot since then, and the rules remained the same. Today, rare French bulldog colors take over the market even though they’re often higher in price than standard Frenchies.

What are the most popular rare French bulldog colors?

If you want to buy a rare-colored Frenchie, it’s important to note that you can’t use it for showing purposes. A rare-colored pooch will serve you as a loyal and affectionate pet who will brighten up your days. Whatever color you choose, a Frenchie will be a good addition to your family, especially if you have kids. However, the most important thing is to buy it from a trusted and reputable breeder who will ensure you that a dog is in good health.

Unfortunately, rare French bulldogs can be prone to many health issues and some of them are narrow nostrils, allergies, elongated soft palate, issues with vision, and hip dysplasia. The most popular rare French bulldog colors are:

  • lilac/ Isabella
  • merle
  • blue
  • chocolate

Lilac French bulldogs

Isabella/ Lilac French bulldogs possess a dilute gene that triggers the lilac hue of the coat. Lilac Frenchies have a genotype bbdd (homozygous for liver, homozygous for dilution). Unlike pooches with darker coats, Lilacs have sensitive skin, especially around the muzzle, armpits, and nose. Therefore, their owners should pay special attention when exposing them to harmful UV rays and use sunscreen.

rare french bulldog colors

Merle French bulldogs

Merle Frenchies are one of the most popular rare French bulldog colors. We can describe them as pooches with lighter coat color with darker spots and splotches all over their bodies. Going back to history, many breeders tried to eliminate the merle coat in Frenchies because they were prone to health issues. Blindness, allergies, and deafness were only some of the health issues that occurred in these dogs. However, the eliminating was not successful, so today we can find merle Frenchies that are of good health. Breeders have succeeded in this by selecting healthy dogs for mating.

Blue French bulldogs

A blue French bulldog has a sort of mousy coat with a blue hue. The color is caused by a dilute gene that rarely occurs. Blue coat colors in Frenchies can range from a blue fawn, blue pied, blue brindle, and completely blue. Blue Frenchies usually have green, silver, or blue eyes which make them more attractive than they already are.

rare french bulldog colors

Chocolate French bulldogs

Chocolate Frenchies get the choco hue of coat thanks to the B allele (brown). Since it’s also a recessive gene, to get a chocolate Frenchie, both parents should be the carriers of this gene. It’s also important to mention that the b allele is not a testable gene so selecting is possible only by determining the red eye-glow test. The eyes of a Frenchie who has two copies of the b allele gene will have a reddish/orange glow in the sunlight.

rare french bulldogs


Sable French Bulldogs

We can describe sable French bulldogs as fawn Frenchies with traces of black hair (black-tipped hair). Sable coat is highly praised in the world of breeders although it’s not considered a traditional coat color. Many breeds can have a sable pattern that can occur in 3 patterns: clear sable tipped sable, and shaded sable. Clear sable Frenchies are completely red with just a few eumelanin (black/liver/isabella/blue) hairs. Tipped sables are red/ fawn Frenchies with eumelanin hairs (black/liver/isabella/blue). They usually have it on the back, head, ears, and tails. Shaded sables are red/ fawn pooches with brown and black hairs covering the top of the head, ears, and back. As with all A locus patterns, shaded sable can also be blue, liver, or isabella depending on whether eumelanin modifiers are present.

rare french bulldog colors

Why it is important to buy rare French bulldog colors from a trusted breeder?

According to different studies, rare Frenchies can be on a higher tendency to suffer from a color dilution alopecia. Dogs with this condition have extremely thin coats that develop hairless patches. The reason for developing hairless spots is found in the abnormalities of the hair follicles and the bumpy clumping of melanin granules in the hair shafts. Reputable and trusted breeders carefully select dogs for mating. Both parents must have a good health history to get a healthy litter of puppies.

Another potential health issue in rare French bulldog colors can be a tendency to allergies. The poor immune system will cause a dog to become itchy and develop bumps, wounds, and infections if left untreated. Again, this trait will also depend on the health of the selected parents.

How much should I pay for a Rare-colored Frenchie?

Rare French bulldogs are higher in price due to many reasons. Besides costs that all breeders of standard Frenchies have, breeders of rare pooches have to perform additional health checks as well. The recessive genes rarely occur, so it’s another reason why they’re high in price. Rare Frenchies usually cost between 5,000 to 15,000$. The price depends on many things such as the bloodline, health, appearance, color, and costs of DNA examinations. Whatever color you choose, a Frenchie will always be a good pick for every type of family. They are famous for their witty and affectionate nature, and friendly behavior toward people and other dogs.  Rare French bulldog colors are currently one of the most popular dogs, so that’s why it’s essential to search for a trusted and reputable French bulldog breeder.