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Gifts For French Bulldog Lovers- The Ultimate Guide

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We all enjoy buying gifts for our special persons because seeing their faces happy is priceless. Whether you want to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a cousin, you surely want to buy a unique gift that can’t be found in every corner. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best gifts for French bulldog lovers. We are sure that you’ll find your favorite pick because each item has been inspired by these little batpigs.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

What are the best gifts for French bulldog lovers?

If the person you’re buying a gift is Frenchie lover or owner, then you’ll surely not make mistake by buying one of the following Frenchie-inspired goods. We’ve selected slippers, bedding sets, mugs, art canvases, and even French bulldog t-shirts that can be worn on different occasions.

French bulldog art canvas

Decorating the interior represents one of the most exciting moments for many of us. Our homes are the places where we spend most of our time so that’s why we need to make them cozy, pretty, and fresh. Sometimes, adding a small detail will bring new vibes that will fulfill the space with new and fresh energy. The following French bulldog art canvas represents a perfect pick for those who adore these adorable creatures. You can choose between different prints that have been inspired by the beauty of Frenchies. The paintings are printed on high-quality canvas with waterproof inks and come in many sizes.

Mini Frenchie Ceramic Statue

Who’s told that gifts for French bulldog lovers can’t have the shape of a Frenchie? These 3d ceramic French bulldog ornaments represent an ideal pick for those who want to refresh their favorite space in the house or at work. The Mini Frenchie Ceramic Statue comes in different colors and it’s made of glossy ceramic. It will suit the modern type of interiors of those who love these furry gremlins infinitely.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Geometric French Bulldog Sweatshirt

If the person you’re buying a gift is a sport or casual type, then she’ll surely want to have this Geometric French bulldog sweatshirt in her closet. It is super soft, cozy and the relaxed fit makes it perfect for spending relaxing moments with a Frenchie on the sofa. The sweatshirt has been emblazoned with a print of geometric Frenchie and the quality of the fabric makes it a perfect choice for different occasions.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Women’s Luxury French Bulldog Watch

Sometimes adding the right accessorize may be a million-dollar worth item for your style. That’s why it would be great to refresh your outfit with a unique detail inspired by a Frenchie. This Women’s watch will always remind you how much you love your pet. It comes with an adjustable silicone belt and will serve as a chic detail on different occasions.

frenchie gift

French Bulldog Secrets Hardcover Book

If you’re planning to buy a Frenchie, or your special person has just brought a Frenchie puppy home, then it would be a good idea to have an ultimate guide about taking care of French bulldogs. This French bulldog Secrets Hardcover Book is written by the founder of the Frenchie World Aleksandar Gligorić. He is a world-famous French bulldog breeder that has sold his Frenchie puppies to many Hollywood celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Foxx, and many others.
 In this book, you’ll find useful tips about how to feed and take care of your Frenchie. It will also provide you with useful info such as when is the time to see a vet and what vaccines your puppy should get.

Personalized French Bulldog Necklace

Since there’s no woman who doesn’t consider her dog for her child, we’re sure that you would love to wear a necklace with engraved your dog’s name. This French bulldog necklace is a perfect gift for every Frenchie mom. The pendant will carry your dog’s name and it’s perfect to match with different outfits.

gifts for frenchie lovers

French Bulldog Ceramic Mug

If you can’t imagine starting the day without drinking a first-morning coffee, then this French Bulldog Mug will become your favorite pick. Emblazoned with your best friend, your Frenchie, this mug will provide you with a dose of energy every time you use it. The mug comes with a lid, straw, and a spoon. Therefore, you can use it for different types of beverages.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

French Bulldog Luggage Protective Cover

There is no better reason than packing luggage for going on vacation. When we talk about choosing gifts for French bulldog lovers, we’re sure that no one would ever remember to buy a protective cover for luggage. That’s why it would be great to thrill your special person with such a unique gift. This luggage cover is stretchable and comes in different sizes.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Where’s My Coffee Unisex Tee

For all those sleepy beauties who look like this Frenchie when they wake up, we’ve prepared this funny pick to refresh your wardrobe. The t-shirt is suitable both for men and women, and it’s made of 100 % breathable cotton. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, or short because it’s perfect for daily wear.

gifts for french bulldog lovers

3D Bulldog Puppy Glitter iPhone Case

Turn your phone into a Frenchie-inspired item by using protecting it with this 3D iPhone Case. The case is transparent and it carries a sleepy 3d French bulldog.

gift for frenchie lovers