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15 French Bulldog Gifts

As an owner of the most unique and gorgeous dog breed in the world, you probably want to show some love for those furry gremlins. That’s why we decided to choose the best French bulldog gifts on the market that will thrill every Frenchie owner. From adorable French bulldog shirts for humans to jewelry and some awesome home items, the choice is only yours! There’s no way you can resist them.

French bulldog gifts that will blow your mind

Peeking Frenchie iPhone cover

We think there is no human who could stand without a phone for a day. Since phones became not only our inevitable fashion details but also over needed items, it’s high time to make them stylish and cute at the same time. And what’s better than putting a peeking Frenchie on your phone cover? This lovely gremlin case is available in vast designs and will perfectly fit every Frenchie lover.

French Bulldog Leather Keychain

Why not take your lovely pooch wherever you go? Frenchie World leather keychain will always remind you of your French bulldog and will be ready to follow you on the wildest adventures. We are sure that from now on you’ll not be able to forget your keys.  It will be one of the best French bulldog gifts for the back to school, birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, and other special occasions. It is also a cute charm pendant hanging decoration for car key,backpack, wallet,purse, shoulder bag, handbag or whatever you want to put it on.

Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog pool sliders

We are sure that summer is a favorite season for every human on this Earth! It’s the time when you can enjoy playing endless games with your Frenchie, going to the beach, enjoy swimming and spending time in nature. Therefore, your feet also deserve to take a break and enjoy wearing some lightweight footwear. The following Frenchie World slippers present a total hit this season. They are extremely durable, non-slip, breathable, and dry very quickly. High-quality rubber sole with soft and thick arch support will definitely keep your feet the comfortable whole day.
















French Bulldog 3D LED Hologram Night Lamp

The following French bulldog 3D Led lamp will surely thrill people of all ages. It presents a good gift for your bedroom, living room, baby room, and any other place in the house since it looks like a home detail every Frenchie owner would like to own.  The lamp can be remote-controlled from a distance of up to 30 feet and illuminates in 7 colors. We bet there is no kid that wouldn’t like to have this cute little shiny gremlin to keep his/her back while sleeping at night.

Matching Mother and daughter French Bulldog embroidery jacket

Is there anything cuter than seeing a mom and daughter dresses in same outfits? In case you are a Frenchie mom who enjoys buying items inspired by your four-legged friend, and you are a mom at the same time, then these embroidery jackets will make everyone turn their heads. The jackets are available in gray and pink colors and can be worn on cozy spring and autumn days.  Let your French bulldog keep your back every time you go outside for a walk!

















Vintage French Bulldog wall clock

In case you are a lover of vintage stuff then this French bulldog wall clock will surely become your favorite home item. A wall clock presents an essential part of every household, so you definitely can’t get wrong by choosing it as a gift. It can be put in a living room, office, and even in a kid room since there’s no child who doesn’t like Frenchies.

The clock goes with 16 Keys LED Remote Controller to customize the colors of the LED vinyl light. With the remote controller, you will have a variety of light setting which includes to power on or off lights, pause or play, dim or change the speed of lights and also create a rainbow of colors.


Frenchie Table LED Lamp

This lamp is probably the most adorable and unique French bulldog gift you’ll ever find. It comes in two designs – Frenchie gentleman goes with a hat, while Frenchie lady wears a bow. You can put it on your night table while reading books or newspapers in the evening, as well as a great detail to your living room. The LED bulbs prevent the lamp from overheating so there is no working limit. In case you have children, there is no way they’ll refuse to go to bed when they see these adorable sleeping Frenchies.

French Bulldog Welcome mats

Welcome to Frenchie home! This doormat can be used both as an indoor and outdoor home element and goes with an anti-slip plastic bottom. The mat is available in different colors and designs and is made of waterproof material. The adorable peeking Frenchie face is ready to host every good and obedient visitor.

French Bulldog Women Watch

For all playful Frenchie moms who like to think of their furry gremlin every time they want to check what time is it, we have prepared another cute Frenchie gift. The watch band is made of artificial leather and will perfectly fit any kind of style. No matter if you are a lover of casual, elegant or sports style, this wrist watch will suit all your outfits.  A beautifully printed Frenchie face inside the watch will definitely bright up your days!

















Kids Winter Clothing

We all know how much Frenchies like to play with children. They are able to keep them entertained for hours and are ready to clown around just to make them happy. In the name of all kids who have the luck to grow up with those adorable furry batpigs, Frenchie World team created this cute Kids Winter Clothing. From now on, Frenchies will have their best partners in crime.

Not Today Womens T-Shirt

Most of us would agree there’s nothing better than lying all day long. This French bulldog shirt is perfect for lazy moms who don’t like getting up early. Sometimes, only 5 minutes more can help you deal with so-called ‘Monday depression’. Are we right?

NEW iPhone silicone cases

Among all French bulldog gifts, this one is our favorite one! This phone case is available in multiple designs, so you can choose which one fits your mood best. Do you prefer a Frenchie nerd, Frenchie lady or Frenchie gentleman…. it’s only up to you.

Where’s My Coffee Mug

Are you also a coffee lover that can’t start a day without drinking a morning coffee? Well, in case you are, then this mug will definitely become your favorite one. You can use it both at work or at home and is great for tea, coffee, and other drinks as well.

French Bulldog Backpack

Backpacks, pencil boxes, and bags are something that everyone uses. Attention French bulldog lovers: Our backpack with a print of these adorable and loveable creatures is an essential for a day at the beach, on that hike you’ve been wanting to take, or just school stuff in general. Made out of sturdy canvas and available in 2 colors with sizes small-and big to fit all body types.

French Bulldog Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

From now on, your listening to music can get a totally different dimension. You can use this adorable Frenchie Bluetooth speaker in your car, in your home and even when spending time outside with your friends because it works on rechargeable batteries. This speaker carrying powerful stereo, it’s extremely compact and lightweight so you can carry it wherever you want. You can either use this as home decoration or for spending marvelous party playtime.

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