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French Bulldog Secrets- The Essential Guide For Frenchie Owners

french bulldog secrets

If you already made a decision to buy a Frenchie puppy, then you probably have many questions to ask about your dog’s nutrition, care, and exercise. New dog owners usually have dilemmas about the amount of food their puppies should eat, as well as when is the right time for training. That’s why we want to introduce you to the book about Frenchies– French bulldog secrets.

What are you going to discover from the book French bulldog secrets?

This book will provide you with the best tips about taking care of French bulldogs. Since these little gremlins have wide-opened ears, naturally cut tails and dozens of wrinkles, there are things that every Frenchie owner should pay attention to.

Besides you’ll learn a lot about the history of this breed, you’ll also relieve many facts about their nutritional demands. These dogs are not like the others. They are prone to flatulence and gasses if not fed with balanced nutrition.

 As with humans, the proper diet is the key differentiator between a healthy, beautiful dog and an average-looking one. This Frenchie book will show you exactly which foods are best for this little breed, and also which foods to avoid. Recipes included.

Since the food also affects a Frenchie’s coat, there are useful chapters that will help you find out what ingredients can improve its coat.

The tips for first-time dog owners

The book will provide you with the checklist of the essential items you need to buy, as well as what health checks your Frenchie should do. It will also explain to you how to perform training tricks and when is the right time to start. 

Since French bulldogs belong to companion dogs, it’s important to become aware of the fact that they are prone to suffer from separation anxiety. 

That’s why the French bulldog secrets book will relieve you tips on how to prevent your pooch from this issue. 

french bulldog secrets

How to live with a healthy and happy French bulldog?

Since French bulldogs come in various characters, colors, and sizes, from mice hunters to toy lovers, we will help you choose the perfect Frenchie to fit your current lifestyle and daily activities.

To live with a happy and obedient Frenchie, it’s essential to perform the right training lessons. Despite the statement for being ‘good students’, Frenchies know to act stubborn from time to time. That’s why you should know how to approach these little gremlins without getting a side effect. 

French bulldogs are also known as one of the most affectionate pooches in the world. They enjoy spending time with their owners and are capable to spend hours and hours playing with children. That’s why they often find places in big families where they can get plenty of love. 

If you want to buy this book, we sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy discovering the secrets of experts. It is written with a lot of love for these little gremlins, and with a will to help all those dog owners who don’t know how to take care of their dogs.