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Top 12 Collars For French Bulldogs in 2020

collars for french bulldogs

Bringing a Frenchie puppy home requires writing a checklist that will help you with buying all the essentials for your little gremlin. Besides searching for dog harnesses, collars for French bulldogs also present over-needed items for your pooch. They need to carry your dog’s ID tag, as well as to keep him safe when going for a stroll. That’s why I’ve selected the top 12 collars that suit the French bulldog breed.

What to look for when buying collars for French bulldogs?

If your dog is still small and didn’t learn to obediently walk on the leash, my advice is to use a Frenchie harness over a collar. Harnesses provide better support to a dog’s body and keep its spine and hips in a good position. They also help the owner to easier maneuver without making any choke effects and neck injuries in his dog.

Choose a durable fabric

Collars for French bulldogs are suitable to use on canines that show good walking behavior. A quality collar should have a solid buckle and must be made of durable fabric. Some fabrics may cause irritations and cuts on your Frenchie’s neck, so that’s why I recommend you using padded collars that are made of nylon webbing. They don’t strain on a dog’s neck and make a comfortable effect.

Leather dog collars are less durable than nylon collars because they pick up the moisture of a dog’s skin. Since it’s a natural material, it’s prone to thinning.

Choose the right size

Another essential feature to follow when buying collars for French bulldogs is to choose the right size. Carefully measure your dog’s neck circumference and leave the space to place two fingers. Always buy only adjustable collars so you can set the size as your Frenchie grows. Flat collars present a better option for younger pooches as they have adjustable lengths.

Always make sure to take your Frenchie’s collar off

Regardless of your dog’s age, I always advise dog owners to take their dogs’ collars off when they come back home. You can’t know what’s going on in your dog’s mind, so leaving him with a collar on brings a risk of choking. Every dog should have a feeling of freedom when he spends time at home and should distinguish when is the time for going outside.

Avoid Martingale collars for French bulldogs

Martingale collars don’t present a good option for brachycephalic breeds. They are meant for leash and behavioral training but only for dogs that have thin necks. This type of collar automatically decreases the size when a dog’s trying to pull by restricting his airflow. Due to this reason, martingale collars shouldn’t be used on Frenchies, Pugs, Boston terriers and other similar-looking dogs.

What are the best collars for French bulldogs?

Personalized Engraved Frenchie Collar

This is one of the best-selling French bulldog collars. It is made of nylon webbing and padded with cotton to prevent irritations on your dog’s neck. The metal buckle is highly durable and the D ring is strengthened with nylon webbing too. Another great feature about this Frenchie collar is that it can be engraved with your phone number and the dog’s name.


Rhinestone Dog Collar With Crystal Bone Pendant

Well, this is surely not one of those collars where you can hook the leash to walk your dog outside. It presents a stylish and glamorous detail when you want to take your Frenchie to a birthday party, wedding, photo shooting, etc. It comes with white, pink and blue zircons that will make your four-legged friend shine bright like a diamond.

Frenchie World® Stainless steel collar

Stainless steel collar will make your Frenchie look like a powerful guardian. It’s available in three colors and it’s lightweight even it seems heavy. Thanks to a special way of crafting, the chain won’t strain your dog’s fur. It’s suitable for any kind of occasion and it’s available in many sizes.

Frenchie World® Skull leather collars

This is the kind of dog collar you find in boutique pet shops for about a hundred dollars! It’s a soft leather with beautiful thick heavy metal skulls. It presents a great choice to give your Frenchie that edgy look without the skulls scratching the skin.  Your Frenchie will turn into the tuff, sour and evil. Then you’ll see his true nature. Soft and cuddly.

Marble Collar, Leash & Bow Tie Set

To make your pooch look both fancy and cute, I recommend you check this collar and leash set. The modern marble texture is an excellent pick for special occasions. This adorable collar is made of 100% cotton fabric that has been sewn over heavy webbing for durability and a comfortable fit. All fixing points are sewn several times to make the collar safe. It also contains a high-quality metal buckle that is quick-releasing.

Plaid bowtie, collar & leash

Your Frenchie can now look like an elegant furry gentleman by wearing this Plaid collar and leash set. The webbing is durable, while the cotton fabric on the surface is pleasant to wear. You can also adjust the size according to your dog’s neck as your pup grows. Your Frenchie will surely make everyone turn their heads when goes down the street!

Bling Jewel Dog Collar

Sometimes, less is more. That’s why I decided to put this elegant-looking collar on the list. The discrete zircons and traditional design made this collar look fashionable and adorable at the same time. The PU leather is really soft and durable, while the zirconare planted and fixed into each alloy hole by hand.  

Frenchie World® natural leather collar, leash and harness set

This is probably the most dangerous-looking dog collar set that you’ll ever find. It is specially crafted to be worn on photo shootings, birthdays, and other parties when you want to show your batpig. The spikes are available in two colors (silver and golden), and it’s made of natural leather.

My advice is to take off the collar / harness from your pooch if he wants to take the nap. The spikes can be really uncomfortable.

LED Dog Collar

Since you need to think about how to keep your pet safe during night walks, my advice is to check this LED dog collar. You can change the light between steady mode, rapid flashing or slow flashing with just 1 click. Thanks to the easy-to-use clips the LED Dog Collar is easy to put on and off. It comes with a USB rechargeable battery that provides 5 hours of illumination per 1-hour charge.

Pizza Collar, Leash & Bow Tie Set

This cute collar set will fulfill your dog’s daily outfit and make him/her spotter wherever you appear. The rose gold metal feels high-quality and the pattern is gorgeous. The nylon webbing makes it super-durable, while the padded cotton prevents your dog’s skin from cuts and redness.

Bling French Bulldog Collar

If you’re enough of constant cleaning and washing your French bulldog’s collars from dirt, then metal collars present the right choice. This Bling collar is available in silver and gold colors, it’s massive-looking but still lightweight. It comes in one size, but the size can be adjusted.

Soft Suede Rhinestone French Bulldog Collar

Turn your little princess into a wonderful Diva by wearing this Soft Suede Rhinestone French bulldog collar. You can choose between three colors and comes with a traditional buckle. The suede is pleasant in touch, and won’t strain your dog’s skin.