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The 7 Best Frenchie Harnesses To Prevent Pulling Behavior

frenchie harnesses

Because of their unique body shapes, thick necks, and wide belly circumferences, choosing the right Frenchie harnesses might sound challenging. Since using French bulldog collars is not recommended to use on untrained puppies, we’ve decided to introduce you to the best harnesses for a French bulldog body type. They’re becoming more and more popular thanks to adorable patterns and benefits they provide.

frenchie harnesses

Why to choose Frenchie harnesses over collars?

It’s an undeniable fact that dogs should wear both collars and harnesses. However, every dog owner needs to know when is the right time for switching from a harness to a collar. A harness is definitely better to use on small puppies who still haven’t gone through a leash training. For pooches who pull hard during walks, collars may increase the risk of injuries. They restrict airflow and since Frenchies have flat skulls, they’re on a higher tendency to experience issues with breathing. Collars may also cause additional pressure on a dog’s eyeballs and cause them to protrude from their sockets.

frenchie harnesses

French bulldog collars-What are they good for?

Collars represent useful tools for carrying the dog’s ID that contain the essential info in case of running away. Usually, ID tags feature a dog’s name and the owner’s phone number. Unlike harnesses, collars also represent a much better choice for long-haired pooches because straps can twitch their hair. The collars are completely safe to use on adult dogs who have learned to walk beside their owners’ legs.

French bulldog harnesses– What are they good for?

Frenchie harnesses are made with different goals in mind. Besides you can find harnesses that look like vests, you can also pick the orthopedic types that are crafted for senior dogs. Orthopedic harnesses come with a practical handle on a dog’s back and serve to help pooches who deal with mobility issues and painful joints. Frenchie harnesses are simply the safest and the most practical items to use on small puppies because they provide full-body support. They reduce pulling, allows you better control, and decrease stress on necks and joints.

What are the 7 best Frenchie harnesses that prevent pulling?

Frenchie World Multi Color “Leaves” Harness

If you’re searching for a high-quality and well-padded harness for your dog, then look no more! This harness is stretchy and soft, and carefully crafted to discourage pulling behavior. The low neckline serves to prevent choking, while the edges are padded with soft leather that won’t cause irritation. The inner layer is padded with breathable mesh, so your pet won’t feel uncomfy to wear it.

The vivid patterns serve to make a dog spotted and attractive, and the size can be customized according to a dog’s belly circumference.



Breathable and Reflective French Bulldog Harness

If you’re searching for a 2 in 1 solution for your dog, look no further because this harness suits pooches of all ages. This harness has 4 adjustable points and it has been padded with a foamy mesh. There is also a practical handle on a dog’s back which serves to help elder batpigs who want to climb the stairs or jump into the car. The reflective parts are especially beneficial when going for a walk in the evening. Overall, this is one of the most popular Frenchie harnesses among buyers.

frenchie harnesses

Tropical Leopard French Bulldog Harness, Leash and Collar

For all those who want to have both a harness and a collar for their dog, this set represents the ultimate solution! Each part of the set is reversible, therefore, it comes in leopard and jungle-inspired patterns. The mesh harness is very elastic and soft, and it’s designed to suit the French bulldog breed. You may use it during your dog’s puppyhood and then to switch to a fancy collar that comes with a bowtie. Another awesome feature about this set is that it comes with a matching leach and bandana for special occasions. Your little gremlin will surely look like a chic beast by wearing any of these goods.
frenchie harnesses


Soft Breathable Rainbow French Bulldog Harness

Lightweight and breathable Frenchie harnesses are perfect to wear during the summer season. They improve skin breathing and cover a bigger part of a dog’s body which is an essential feature to consider. Since this harness moves pressure to a dog’s chest, your puppy will stay safe from getting injuries. The strap that goes around a dog’s belly is adjustable, so you can customize the size according to your pooch.  The soft brim edges won’t irritate the skin, while the breathable mesh will make your pet comfortable to go for a stroll in hot weather. The  Rainbow Frenchie harness comes in a package with a matching leash and a poopbag dispenser with 1 roll poop bags.

frenchie harnesses

Professional French Bulldog harness vest

For maximum comfort and total control over your dog, we suggest you try the following Professional French Bulldog harness vest. It’s perfect for small and untrained puppies because the X-shape holds the pressure to the chest part. The metal D ring put on the back is very durable and the adjustable straps allow you to set the right size that won’t make your pet uncomfortable.

frenchie harnesses

Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness

Let us introduce you to the cutest Frenchie harness for your little gremlin. It features not only back D ring but also frontal D ring that may serve to attach your Frenchie’s ID tag. Since it’s padded with foamy mesh, there’s no way that a dog will get cuts, redness, and blisters around armpits. The cute colorful straps will make your pooch spotted, while the straps with reflective stitches make it very easy to keep an eye on your dog during night walking.

frenchie harnesses

No-pull Breathable French Bulldog Harness

Built to last, this Breathable Frenchie harness will rule pooches of all ages. The 360-degree round system provides full-body support to your pet. It features 4 adjustable points, padded edges, and breathable foamy mesh. It is available in many colors and the metal D ring is firmly sewn into the nylon strap.

frenchie harnesses