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25 Unique French Bulldog Gifts Every Owner Gotta Own

french bulldog gifts

We can’t deny that receiving gifts is one of the most thrilling moments in our lives. Therefore, if you want to surprise your special person, you might find yourself in doubt about what gift to choose. That’s why we’ve made a list of the 25 unique French bulldog gifts that can give you great ideas for choosing the right present. Let’s discover the list!

What are the best French bulldog gifts for Frenchie dads?

Buying French bulldog gifts for men might sound challenging. It’s because sometimes they can go through a real struggle when picking clothes and other items. Even though they don’t look like they’re able to spend hours shopping, some men can really beat the women in this category.  That’s why it would be wiser to choose a gift that will be practical for everyday use. Buying Frenchie gifts such as mugs, keychains, and phone cases always seem like a safer choice.

Cute French Bulldog Soft Case For iPhone

It’s an undeniable fact that phones became inevitable parts of our lives. That’s why you surely won’t make a mistake by buying the following soft Frenchie case for iPhone. A cute and funny print of a Frenchie will surprise every Frenchie dad who would like to carry an item that will remind him of his little gremlin.

french bulldog gifts

Frenchie Wars t-shirt

If your friend, brother, or boyfriend stops changing TV channels when he sees a scene from the world-famous movie series Star Wars, then you gotta buy him this tee. Made of 100% cotton and emblazoned with high-quality prints, this men t-shirt will surely thrill every French bulldog dad. Choosing the appropriate French bulldog t-shirt might sound challenging, so that’s why we recommend you to follow the size chart before ordering. The tee is available in many colors and sizes and can be washed at 30 c.

french bulldog gifts

French Bulldog LED Night Lamp

If you like buying items inspired by Frenchies, then you’d love to have this night lamp in your collection. French Bulldog LED night lamp may become a cute and useful addition to anyone’s bedroom. You can change the colors of light and it’s made of elastic PVC that won’t crack.

Vintage French Bulldog wall clock

Buying a lovely and unique wall clock for a present always seems like a good idea. They used a vinyl record to bring the spirit of the past and put the Frenchies in the main roles. Therefore, we’re sure this will be one of the best French bulldog gifts for dads of these little gremlins.

You can also set the LED light by using a remote controller.  They have a long-lasting lifetime of more than 50.000 hours.

Frenchie World® Boys bedding set

Buying bedding set for a gift represents a quick, easy, and budget-friendly option. Therefore, if you want to ‘play safe’, we recommend you buying this Frenchie World Boys bedding set. It comes with one coverlet and two pillow shams, and it’s made of soft and cozy cotton blend. You can wash it at 40 C and will surely add charming detail to your special person’s bedroom.

french bulldog gifts

French Bulldog Coffee Mug

Spice up your morning routine by taking the first sip of coffee from this cute French Bulldog Coffee Mug. Decorated with a giant Frenchie face, it will surely guarantee you a good start of a day. The mug is made of fine ceramics and it’s dishwasher safe.

french bulldog gifts

3D Frenchie Phone Case

Another French bulldog gift that will really thrill every Frenchie dad because this silicone phone case will protect phones from scratching, falling, and cracking. Besides it features 3D Frenchie face, it also comes in many colors and different models.

french bulldog gifts

Frenchie Bluetooth Speaker

If your special person is a lover of music and Frenchies, then you gotta buy him this extremely loud Frenchie Bluetooth Speaker. It’s portable, easy to store, and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets. It can be very handy to use when spending time outdoors or going on vacation.

french bulldog gifts

Limited Edition Vinyl French Bulldog Key Chains

If your friend is prone to losing keys, then you’ll probably want to buy the following keychain inspired by French bulldogs. Small, practical, unbreakable, and available in different colors, this keychain will make every Frenchie lover keep the keys by their side.

frenchie gifts

What are the best French bulldog gifts for Frenchie moms?

Frenchie moms belong to a special type of humans. They consider Frenchies for their children that deserve to get the best care and plenty of love and affection. That’s why we’re sure they’d love to get a gift that will remind them of those furry little gremlins. We’ve selected the best French bulldog gifts that will help you make the best decision.

French Bulldog 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Whatever a woman wears, she will always need a special detail to fulfill her outfit. And, is there anything more beautiful than wearing a bracelet inspired by Frenchies? Made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with a lovely Frenchie face, it will suit any occasion.

french bulldog gifts

Frenchie World® 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

If you want to make a good match with the previously mentioned combination, look no more ’cause this one will make you spotted wherever you go. The cute Frenchie earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and can be worn with different styles of clothes.

gifts for frenchies

French Bulldog Airpods Case

If you’re always in a hurry and want to have your hands always free, we suggest you have a look at this French bulldog AirPods case. The 3D Frenchie will always remind you where you’ve put them and will make them ready for the next usage. Available in two colors, and made of solid plastic, this case will become an inevitable item of every woman’s bag.

french bulldog gifts


French Bulldog Welcome mats

Every Frenchie owner needs a doormat to wipe their dog’s paws after those long strolls. Wrinkle-resistant, made with anti-slipping bottom, and available in two sizes and patterns, your entrance will get a totally new look.

gifts for frenchies

Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog pool sliders

We’re sure that every woman would rather enjoy wearing slippers than heels. That’s why we think it would be great to surprise your friend by buying this practical and Frenchie-inspired gift. Made of durable and soft rubber, these pool sliders feature anatomical arch support to provide comfort through every adventure.

gifts for frenchies

Iphone Case with Expanding Stand holder

Available in chic red color and emblazoned with popping Frenchie, this iPhone case will protect your phone from scratching. It features a holder on the back and it’s made of resistant polycarbonate shell that allows full access to device ports.

french bulldog gifts

Womens French Bulldog Bubble Gum T-shirt

Step into a soft and elastic summer tee and get ready for sunny days. This French bulldog t-shirt features 100% cotton and can be matched with a good pair of jeans, skirts, and shorts. The casual cut makes it perfect for everyday wear and long walks with your Frenchie.

french bulldog gifts

French Bulldog 3D LED Hologram Night Lamp

If you want to refresh your night table with a unique lamp then you’re in the right place. This French bulldog 3D night lamp will illuminate in 7 colors and will give an elegant dash to your interior. The piece creates an optical illusion, as it appears as a 3D light bulb, but is actually completely flat.

frenchie gifts

French Bulldog Noddling Head Car Toy

Turn your car rides into a fun adventure by putting this French bulldog nodding head toy in your vehicle. From now on, you’ll have the best companion wherever you go thanks to this lovely Frenchie figure. It’s made of resin and comes in a size of 5x 8 cm.

French Bulldog Art Canvas

Decorate your office, living room or any other special corner in the house by using this lovely French bulldog canvas.

Pick your favorite romantic Frenchie and let everyone know how much you love those little gremlins. The pictures come unframed and can be bought in different sizes.

frenchie gift

French Bulldog Secrets Hardcover Book

This book about Frenchies should literally become a Bible of every French bulldog owner. French bulldog secrets book represents the ultimate guide that will provide you with the best tips about how to take care of your little gremlin. It’s now available in hardcover, so it definitely deserves to find the place on our list of the best French bulldog gifts.

french bulldog gifts

Frenchie World Watch Band

Emblazoned with Frenchies on the belt, this Woman’s clock will add a cute and vivacious detail to your outfit. The belts are available in two sizes, and will surely make a spotted detail wherever you go.

french bulldog gifts

Small French Bulldog Wallet Purse

Whether you wanna go for a walk or to a nearby bakery, bringing a small wallet purse can be of great help. Pack your documents and money and pick your favorite color of these cute Frenchie wallets that take up little space.

french bulldog gifts

Frenchie Table LED Lamp

You can never make a mistake by buying a home item that will decorate a living place. This Frenchie Table LED lamp is inspired by sleepy Frenchies and will add a cute, unique, and attractive detail to your table. You can choose between a male or a female Frenchie and come at a height of 16 cm.

frenchie gifts

Summer Women’s Pyjama Set

Step into comfort during the sleepy summer nights by wearing a pajama inspired by Frenchies. Made of soft cotton fabric, these pajamas will provide you with maximum pleasure during sleeping. Emblazoned with dozens of Frenchies, they represent a perfect gift for a French bulldog mom.

Not Today Womens T-Shirt

We are sure that every French bulldog owner will agree there are no lazier dogs in the World than Frenchies. Due to that reason, we think that you deserve to have a shirt inspired by that side of their nature. If you like sleeping more than doing anything else, then you’ll surely like to wear this French bulldog t-shirt this summer. It features elastic cotton, and it’s available in many colors and sizes.

gifts for frenchie owners