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Trimming French Bulldog Nails: How To Trim A Dog Nails At Home?

french bulldog's nails

Trimming your French bulldog’s nails might sound stressful. Most dogs don’t find it pleasant so that’s why it’s important to start early and learn how to avoid accidents. With a few simple steps, you and your furry friend can get professional-looking nails without the stress. Read on and discover the best tips for trimming the dog’s nails at home.

Choose the right nail trimmer

Not all nail trimmers are the same. You have to choose a trimmer that will be the right size and easy to use. Unlike clippers, nail trimmers represent a better choice for inexperienced dog owners. To avoid discomfort in your dog, it’s important to regularly change files and batteries. Dog nail trimmers produce vibrations that can make your dog uncomfortable if the file wears out.

french bulldog's nails

When to trim your French bulldog’s nails?

The rule of thumb is to trim your Frenchie’s nails when you hear they’re touching the ground. The clicking sound is a warning sound that the nails are too long. If you leave them to continue growing, the nails can curl outward, or worse- inward. Long nails will not only affect your dog’s mobility but also cause severe pains and discomfort.  Ingrown nails are also followed by pus ad infection which can seriously damage your French bulldog’s paws. Therefore, paying attention to those tiny body parts is highly important because they do a lot for your pet’s body.

Where to trim the nails?

Many dog owners get scared of trimming their pet’s nails. It’s because dogs have a vein inside of the nail that’s called quick. Quick is the spot where the vein begins (or ends) and if you hurt it, your Frenchie can experience mobility issues and pains. If your furry friend has light-colored nails, then the quick can be spotted easily. It will be slightly darker in color than the rest of the nail.

How to make your Frenchie calm during nail trimming?

Nail trimming should become a routine that won’t make your dog anxious. Therefore, start teaching him to get used to it from an early age. To distract his attention, you can try to desensitize him and create a positive experience. For example, you can place a licking mat with peanut butter inside your bathtub or reward him with treats during the trimming. French Bulldog Bath Distraction Feeding Lick Mat is made of silicone and it easily sticks to different surfaces.

If your dog seems afraid of a trimmer or clippers, do not force him. It’s essential to gradually make your Frenchie relaxed by allowing him to sniff the clippers or trimmer. After he sniffed or licked the item, reward him with treats. Slowly approach his paw by holding a trimmer in your hand. Gently squeeze the paw pad and do it several times before your dog becomes relaxed. Sometimes, this lesson should be repeated daily in order to make a positive association with the routine. You can cut one nail a day until your Frenchie get used to it completely.

What are the best nail trimmers for your French bulldog’s nails?

Professional Nail Grooming Tool

Your life is way easier with this handy dog nail grooming tool. Whether you have so much to do every day or only have time for one small pet project, this durable USB-charged device will keep your pup’s nails prim and proper in no time. It comes with an interchangeable file that gently trims nails without the bloodshed of clipping against them – just push the file all the way down until it sits flush against your pet’s nail bed, then pull up across their nail.

Dog Electric Rotating Nail Trimmer

The Dog Electric Rotating Nail Trimmer is a godsend to anyone who gets stressed about cutting nails. What would normally be a painful experience is now replaced with a peaceful and fun way of clipping your pup’s nails. It doesn’t hurt them, it stays charged for a good amount of time, and the files are replaceable so you can continue trimming their nails when they grow out. Doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced member of the nail care club or still figuring things out, this tool has got you covered!

Dog Pedicure

Help your dog feel more like a million bucks with this nail grooming tool. This battery-powered device will trim nails without hurting their sensitive paws. Don’t let your French bulldog’s nails get too long just because you don’t have experience with dog nail trimming. From now on, you don’t have them trimmed by an animal groomer to spend way too much money for something that can easily be done at home!

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