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How To Trim French Bulldog Nails?

Trimming a dog’s nails is definitely one of the most uncomfortable experiences both for a dog and an owner. That’s why we want to provide you with some useful tips on how to trim your French bulldog nails. It doesn’t have to present a fearful experience for your little gremlin by considering the following advice.

How often to trim your French bulldog nails?

Depending on your dog’s activity level and the type of surface it spends most of its time, you should know to determine when is the time for nail trimming. Does your Frenchie spend most of his time outside or he prefers spending a day in your arms or on the sofa? These are only some of the facts to consider. Another thing to pay attention to is the balance of minerals your Frenchie eats. They can have a great impact on the growth and strength of your French bulldog’s nails.

The last fact that should be noted is the length of your French bulldog’s nails. Dog nails should stand up straight and not touch the ground. When you hear the ’knocking sound’ onto the floor when your pooch walks, it’s a high time for cutting.

french bulldog nails

When to start teaching a Frenchie to get used to nail trimming?

We all know that most dogs don’t get thrilled to realize there’s a nail trimmer approaching their paws. That’s why it’s advisable to start with the lessons from an early age, so your dog can get used to this routine. In the first months of a dog’s life, his nails are soft and easy to trim. Some puppies even don’t require a nail trimming because they do that by themselves by walking on high-abrasion surfaces.

french bulldog nails

So, how to perform a nail cutting?

First of all, it’s essential to make sure that your little gremlin seems relaxed and calmed. By previously cuddling and showing affection, you can prepare him for the process. The next step includes introducing the Frenchie with a nail trimmer/ groomer. After your little gremlin sniffed it or licked it, you can start approaching it to his paws. In the first few times, the lessons may last for one or two minutes. As lessons go by, you can gradually increase it until you successfully cut all the nails. It’s also essential to finish the routine by giving your Frenchie a treat so he’ll be less prone to become frightened.

Which nail trimmer to choose for cutting French bulldog nails?

Choosing the right nail grooming tool might sound challenging. Now you can painlessly and easily trim your Frenchie’s nails anywhere without the pain. Painless experience is one of the most essential factors to consider. The following Dog Pedicure presents a life-savior option because in only 2 minutes you’ll be able to trim all the nails.  The package includes a nail trimmer and 3 replaceable filing wheels.

french bulldog nailsAnother nail-grooming item specializied for the French bulldog breed is the following Professional Nail Grooming Tool.  It is so silent and will allow you to trim your French Bulldog nails easy and without pain. The diamond wheel head gives you an efficient and clean nail trimming. Another great fact to mention is that this tool contains an USB charging port so you can forget about spending money on bateries.