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The Best French Bulldog Paw Protection Stick

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Choosing the right care for your Frenchie’s paws might sound challenging. It’s because we need to consider the fact that they are exposed to different harmful influences. That’s why you need to provide them with the appropriate care by choosing a paw protection stick.

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Frenchie World Paw Protection Stick–  What are the benefits of using it?

Frenchie World paw protection stick is made of entirely natural ingredients. Since these little pooches tend to show allergy to different components, I recommend bypassing artificial ingredients in a full circle. Do you remember what road salt does to your boots in winter? Well, now imagine how it would look like to walk barefoot in winter. As you can guess, the results may be developing burns, wounds and experiencing severe pains.

Therefore, one of the best solutions presents buying waterproof dog booties. On the other hand, there’s something more important, and that includes performing daily paw care to your pooch. Frenchie World paw protection stick provides a protective layer to your dog’s paw pads and keeps them safe from being cracked and dry.

paw protection stick

How can the Frenchie World Paw Protection Stick help your pooch with paw issues?

There’s nothing worse than finding your little gremlin’s paws cracked. In that way, they become susceptible to developing bacterial infections that can be difficult to heal. This magical paw stick is rich in beeswax that is known as one of the best ingredients with antibacterial effects. Other essential elements that make this paw balm one of the best on the market are olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and lavender oil. You don’t have to worry even if your pooch licks its paws because it’s completely harmless.

Daily care routine means a lot to your Frenchie

Besides giving a Frenchie a regular pedicure, you also need to perform daily paw checks. Stuck plants between your dog’s toes can make pains and irritations. Since our little gremlins walk on sharp and rough terrains, it’s crucial to have a dog first-aid kit for minor injuries. In case your Frenchie got a minor cut or blisters, I advise you first to clean it out with an anti-bacterial solution. Bandaging the area is also desirable since in that way you’ll prevent the injured spot from infections. The last step presents applying this magical paw stick to heal the skin. The mix of oils will work as an antibiotic and will help in release itching as well.

When we talk about protecting your French bulldog paws during summer, it’s essential to avoid walking on hot sand and other hot pavements. By using this paw stick, you’ll strengthen your dog’s pads, and will make them more durable to harsh weather conditions. In the winter, it can be especially dangerous if your Frenchie licks his paws after walking on salty ice melts. To avoid poisoning, I recommend you to wash your dog’s paws after walks. You should rinse them in warm water to remove chemicals and salt, and to dry them with a towel. After you’ve cleaned your doggie’s paws, you should apply the Frenchie World paw protection stick to moist the skin.