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Albino French Bulldogs: What Do You Need To Know About These Rare Dogs?
April 21, 2022

Top 7 French Bulldog Life Jackets In 2022

french bulldog life jackets

Nothing can replace endless summer adventures with your dog. However, if you’re planning to bring a Frenchie on your vacation and enjoy swimming together, then you have to think about buying a quality dog life jacket for your batpig. To keep your dog safe and relaxed by the sea or pool, we’ve selected the top 7 French bulldog life jackets. They are ‘must have’ summer essentials that will keep your pooch floating like a swan.

What are the best French bulldog life jackets in 2022?

Frenchies might be famous for their muscular built and stout bodies, however, swimming is definitely not their cup of tea. French bulldog’s short legs and brachycephalic skulls are some of the reasons why they can’t float. Although many French bulldog owners would tell their pooches know to swim, allowing these batpigs to spend time without life jackets is craziness. Some Frenchies can indeed swim without life jackets, however, they can quickly get tired and just one breath of water can be fatal.

Since we all love our pets and want to make sure they feel comfortable in every situation, buying French bulldog life jackets is over-needed. The following 7 picks are carefully designed to suit these little gremlins and make them visible to other swimmers.

Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket

Made of water-resistant oxford fabric and padded with foam and mesh for better floating, this French bulldog life jacket will make your pet visible and safe. There is also a special addition for a dog’s neck and chin that will keep his head above the water. Since these little gremlins have short and thick necks, choosing a dog life jacket with an adjustable neck collar is essential. The handle on a dog’s back will help you maneuver with your pet easily and be of great help in dangerous situations.

french bulldog life jackets

French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket

Available in orange and pink colors, this swimming life jacket will keep your pooch fully protected when spending time by the sea. A special diving mesh addition is put on both sides to improve skin breathing and make your pooch more comfortable. There is an adjustable belt that goes around your dog’s belly, and also under the chin. In case you want to have a walk with your pooch by the sea or ocean, there is also a metal D-ring on the back to attach the leash. There’s no need to take the Frenchie life jacket off thanks to that addition.

french bulldog life jackets

Frenchie Life Vest Summer Dog Swimming Jacket

Want to turn your little gremlin into a baby shark, lobster, or turtle? With one of these hilarious-looking and gorgeous life swimming vests, your Frenchie will be noticed wherever appear. A Velcro closure on the belly allows you to easily set the size, while the quick-release buckles are put for better safety. As in the previous two picks, this one also comes with a safety handle and a metal D-ring.

dog life vest

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

We bet everyone will laugh out loud to see a shark that barks! This is one of the best-selling French bulldog life jackets not only because of the hilarious design but also because of the quality of craftsmanship. It’s made of a professional diving fabric, ensured with floating panels, and available in two colors. Both blue and orange colors will make your little gremlin stay visible in the water. The grab handle, as well as D-ring, are put to make your strolls safe.

frenchie life vest

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

Want to turn your furry friend into a Little Mermaid? Look no more than this Mermaid Dog Life Jacket. Thanks to a distinctive design and shiny fabric, it will keep your pet visible and noticed on every corner. Just like previous picks of French bulldog life jackets, this one also comes with a grab handle, D-ring, Velcro closure, and adjustable straps. Every Frenchie girl deserves to look fabulous wherever she goes, so we’re sure she will enjoy making glam moves in this Mermaid life jacket this summer season!

French Bulldog Life Swimming Jacket

With the addition that goes under the chin, this Frenchie life jacket will keep your pet safe in deep waters such as swimming pools and the sea. It is available in two patterns and thanks to quality floating panels, your pooch won’t sink like a rock. To make a perfect balance while swimming, the floating panel is also put on the dog’s back. In that way, there is no danger of tipping over. Reflective stripes are put under the neck, so your little gremlin will stay visible wherever you go.

French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest

Light as a feather, this is one of our favorite French bulldog life vests. It’s ensured with two reflective stripes that go across the dog’s back, and there are also extra spots to improve ventilation. In that way, your dog won’t feel hot in the summer in case you have a stroll by the sea. The dog life vest is available in 4 patterns and many sizes to fit both puppies and adults.