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The Best French Bulldog Life Jacket in 2020

french bulldog life jacket

We all agree that going to the beach requires bringing equipment that will provide us spending a pleasant time at the beach. And, if you’re planning to go swimming with your Frenchie, then you’re probably aware of the fact that they need essential equipment too. French bulldog life jacket is definitely one of the most important items that will help your dog float.

french bulldog life jacket

How to choose the best French bulldog life jacket for your dog?

The summer season is definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting parts of the year. It’s the time when not only humans but also our dogs love to refresh and enjoy swimming. If you’re an owner of a Frenchie, then you gotta keep in mind that French bulldog can’t swim.

They have stout bodies, short legs, and flat muzzles that are not capable to inhale enough air at once to keep them floating. Although some Frenchies might look like they know to swim, they’re actually not capable to sustain long swimming. They quickly get tired due to their restricted airflow system and short necks that don’t allow them to keep the head above the water. Unlike other dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Border Collies, French bulldog’s paws are not ‘constructed’ for swimming. Therefore, using a quality French bulldog jacket is of high importance.

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is available in neon colors that will make your dog spotted when spending time on the beach. At the same time, it’s padded with floating panels that provide superior buoyancy while spending time in the water. Another feature that we need to mention is the Sharkfin that brings a dangerous appearance in a cute way.

On the top, just behind a dog’s neck, there is a handle that provides you to grab your pet in emergency situations. This French bulldog life jacket has an adjustable strap around a dog’s neck and the belly as well. The mesh fabric serves to provide essential ventilation and to allow the skin to breathe. The metal D ring serves to attach the leash when you want to have a stroll with your pooch.


  • attractive colors and design
  • adjustable parts
  • attractive sharkfin
  • ensured with thick foam

Frenchie World Life safety vest

Made of high-quality oxford fabric, this French bulldog swimming jacket will make your dog comfortable and safe in the water. For better safety, we’ve put two belly straps that will give the perfect fit. Besides, this vest doesn’t cover the privates which is a very useful feature for small male puppies.

french bulldog life jacket

The reflective straps on the dog’s back will provide essential visibility while swimming, and the handle helps you to easier maneuver with your dog. The straps that help you set the size will provide your dog with safety all together with a sturdy velcro padded with soft fabric.
  • available in neon colors
  • reflective parts
  • supports natural swim
  • straps can be customized

Frenchie World® Shark Life Swimming Vest

Ensured with floating panels on a dog’s belly, this French bulldog life jacket will provide with extra safety your pet while swimming. It’s made of solid diving fabric that won’t irritate the Frenchie’s skin. The edges are carefully crafted without sharp parts that could cause cuts and redness.

This Frenchie life jacket has adjustable nylon straps, quick-release buckles, and velcro on the neck and belly. It is available in grey color, and a cute fin serves to make your dog spotted.


  • attractive design
  • stylish and safe
  • ensured with velcro and straps
  • durable handle and D-ring

french bulldog life jacket

French Bulldog Life Swimming Jacket

Unlike the previous life vests, this one features an added part that goes under the dog’s chin. It serves to help your dog keep the head above the water while swimming. The vest is available in 2 patterns and it’s made of durable and soft neoprene fabric. The buoyancy panels are put on the upper and side parts, while the wide velcro strap and belts are found on the belly. On-top you’ll find a rescue handle that can be used in case your pup has trouble while spending time in the water.

french bulldog life jacket


  • added extension for the chin
  • good cut for Frenchies
  • comes with a practical handle
  • high-quality buoyancy panels

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

If you’re searching for a unique French bulldog life jacket for your dog, look no more! This one definitely stands out from the crowd and will add a spotted detail for your Frenchie.

The vest is available in different colors, and comes with an extension that comes under the dog’s chin. Since Frenchies have short necks, this can be an especially beneficial feature to consider. Since the size can be customized, you don’t have to worry if it will fit well. The velcro on the belly is sewn on a diving fabric that is double ensured with belts.
french bulldog life jacket
  • shiny and eye-catching pattern
  • the added part that goes under the dog’s chin
  • adjustable size
  • practical handle

French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket

Made of high-quality diving fabric, this French bulldog life jacket will certainly make a difference in your dog swimming. It is well-padded, ensured with thick foamy panels, and features breathable parts to improve ventilation. Besides, this life vest has reflective straps, and a metal D ring that will allow you to have a walk with your pup near the water. Since underarm padding is one of the most important things to consider when buying goods for a Frenchie, we’ve put a low cut to make your dog comfy.

french bulldog life jacket

  • high-quality diving fabric
  • reflective straps
  • ventilation holes that allow the skin to breathe
  • padded with floating panels

French Bulldog Life Jacket buying guide

Before you make a final decision about buying a French bulldog life jacket, our advice is to consider the level of buoyancy. Make sure that the vest/ jacket has enough foamy panels to support your French bulldog’s swimming.

The size is also essential, so you need to follow the size guide and measure your pet before ordering. Remember that the right size entails more comfort and safety. When we talk about the durability, the right French bulldog life jacket should be made of professional neoprene or diving fabric. They are more likely to last longer than others.