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Hip Dysplasia in French Bulldogs- Prevention and Symptoms

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Besides they’re famous for their iconic appearances and lovely nature, French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from certain health issues. Unfortunately, many pooches are born with different hereditary diseases. Since hip dysplasia in French bulldogs is a common orthopedic condition, we’ve decided to relieve this topic.

Hot to determine the hip dysplasia in French bulldogs?

Luckily (or not), unlike other conditions, hip dysplasia is easy to spot. Since the puppy may be born with this issue, it’s essential to perform the X-ray examination to make sure whether the newborn is having any skeletal disorder.

There’re also other tests to perform to make sure if the puppy you’re buying is completely healthy. Given that Frenchies are prone to a number of health issues, the only prevention for living with a healthy pooch is to buy it from a trusted breeder. Every trusted and reliable breeder will tell you everything about a dog’s health history. He will also make sure that the litter has been cleared out from all hereditary diseases.

When we talk about hip dysplasia, this condition occurs when the ball doesn’t fit the socket snugly. The hip joint consists of a ball and a socket of the hip bone. Besides it may occur in a dog’s early age, hip dysplasia in French bulldogs more often happens in seniors due to a loss of cartilage.

What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia in French Bulldogs?

One of the most common symptoms to spot are:

  • lameness in the hind legs
  • loss of thigh muscle mass,
  • bunny hopping,
  • decreased activity,
  • inability to jump and climb the stairs

According to the experts’ opinions, hip dysplasia occurs due to genetics and environmental factors. Genetics affect not only a dog’s spine and skeleton, but also its tendency to allergies, atopic dermatitis, and many other conditions.

The environmental factors include a lack of activity and overfeeding that leads to a dog’s overgrowth. Therefore, even though Frenchies belong to low-energy dogs, it’s essential to take them to daily walks. Another thing to keep in mind is choosing the right food. Only a dog who eats a well-balanced diet will have healthy bones and cartilage.  Loss of cartilage is one of the main triggers for hip dysplasia in French bulldogs. As your dog ages, his joints become damaged because of the constant grinding. This causes an enormous amount of pain, mobility issues, and visible discomfort while walking.

How to treat and prevent hip dysplasia in French bulldogs?

If you’ve bought a perfectly healthy puppy, your goal of being a dog owner doesn’t end here. The health of your pet will also depend on how much you care for him/her. Since hip dysplasia can be triggered by environmental factors, these are the facts to consider:

  • Take your Frenchie to regular walks

Despite the fact that Frenchies belong to low-energy breeds, they need to go to strolls in order to stay healthy. Obesity can be one of the reasons for a dog’s loss of cartilage. It also leads to muscle weakness that is another trigger for this condition.

  • Choose a healthy and well-balanced diet

When choosing a diet for French bulldogs, it’s essential to find the one that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, many inexperienced dog owners have no habit of reading the label on the back of the dry kibble. It will relieve you everything you want to know about the food your pooch eats. Eating diet rich in Carbohydrates will lead to adding extra weight that causes hip and joint stress.

  • Massage and warm baths

Many vets recommend gentle massages and warm baths to ease the pains. Therefore, try to help you batpig by placing him in a bathtub filled with warm water. We recommend you using our Spa bath Salt because it will make your dog’s coat to smell great and won’t irritate the skin.

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  • Choosing the right French bulldog bed

Dogs with hip dysplasia should not sleep on hard surfaces. Instead, try to find a dog bed that is made of memory foam. It will shape according to your Frenchie’s body and will provide better support to his joints.

hip dysplasia in french bulldogs

Since Frenchies with hip dysplasia will lead to issues with mobility, your dog will need mechanical support when climbing stairs and jumping into the car. Harnesses with a handle on the back will help the owners to provide the essential help to their pets.

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  • Surgery

If non of the previously mentioned tips don’t help, performing the surgery should be the last step. Complete hip replacement is one of the methods that require a debt recovery.

Can a dog live normal with hip dysplasia?

Although it’s considered for a painful condition, this coxofemoral joint disease won’t affect your French bulldog lifespan. There are drugs that can be used for treating this issue, however, you should be especially cautious with side effects. Long-term usage can cause contraindications that may ruin a dog’s organs such as heart or kidneys. Therefore, never buy dog ​​medication on your own. Your vet is the only person you should trust when giving drugs to your pet.