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The Ultimate Gift Ideas For Frenchie Owners

gift ideas for frenchie owners

These little batpigs take the world by storm! Their affectionate nature and calm temperament are some of the reasons why they often found places in our homes. Another reason presents the fact that they easily adapt to any type of environment. Since no dog owner can stay indifferent to their iconic appearances, these ultimate gift ideas for Frenchie owners will help you celebrate the love for these gremlins.

Finding the right gift for a Frenchie lover is now easier than ever because we’ve selected the best ideas to surprise your special person. We are sure that every dog owner would love to own an item inspired by their lovable four-legged friends.  

What are the funniest gift ideas for Frenchie owners?

French Bulldog Airpods Case

For all lovers of music, we’ve prepared this awesome AirPods case. The case is available in two colors and presents great protection for your AirPods. The cute Frenchie face will always remind you of your little pooch wherever you go! There is also a hook so you can attach it to your bag or keys.

Limited Edition Vinyl Frenchie Key Chains

Let your Frenchie hang out with you all day long! This Vinyl Frenchie Keychain is available in many colors and will stop you from losing keys. All the profit from buying this keychain goes to charity, so it’s another reason why you should own it!

Peeking Frenchie iPhone cover

We are all aware of the fact that our phones became inevitable parts of our lives. They help us to finish or discover many important things that take a big part in our lives. That’s why we think that you’d love to have a Frenchie-inspired cover. It presents a great gift idea for everyone who adores these little batpigs.

French Bulldog 3D LED Hologram Night Lamp

This Frenchie hologram night lamp may serve as a modern decoration to your living place. Made in 3d shape, acute and shiny Frenchie will decorate your bedroom and transform it into the most beautiful place in the World.

French Bulldog Giant Wall Clock

The giant French bulldog wall clock presents a perfect choice if you want to bring some Frenchie-inspired spirit into your living room. The clock is inspired by all Frenchie’s behavioral phases he goes through a day. Therefore, you can set the stickers according to your dog’s daily routine (the time for eating, sleeping, playing…).

French Bulldog Silicone iPhone Case

We bet that you haven’t seen funnier iPhone case that this one. You can choose between greedy, angry, confused and many other cute Frenchies that will put a smile on your face. If you are searching for gifts for Frenchie moms, then look no more!

French Bulldog Welcome mats

Another great gift for Frenchie lovers is made of waterproof material. Let everyone know that a Frenchie is the guard of your home! The doormat is available in 4 colors and will surely bring the lively spirit and joyful colors into your home. 


Life is better with Frenchies and friends! That’s why you should own this unique T-shirt that is inspired by the famous American TV series- Friends! Can you guess who are Raichel and Ross on this T-shirt?

Frenchies iPhone Case

To make an awesome mix with the previously mentioned French bulldog T-shirt, we suggest you have a look at this Frenchies iPhone Case! The insanely cute Frenchies are ready to follow you on your daily adventures. Your phone will have a unique cover inspired by the American TV series- Friends! This Frenchie gift will surely thrill every dog owner!

How Not To Greet French Bulldog Poster

If you are searching for gift ideas for Frenchie owners, look no more because you won’t make a mistake with the following one. This poster perfectly describes how do Frenchies react to human’s greeting habits. So, next time you want to greet this little gremlin, we hope you’ll remember this poster!


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