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French Bulldog Ears! How To Keep Them Clean?

There is much talk about the French bulldog ears. Since they are wide opened, Frenchie’s ears are prone to collect a lot of debris and dirt. That’s why you as an owner of this iconic-looking breed need to stay aware of the issues that can happen to their main body trademark.

How to teach a dog to the routine of cleaning ears?

We all know that our pooches usually don’t get so thrilled with the ear-cleaning performance. In order to teach your batpig to act calmly, I recommend you to start doing it from an early age. You can do that by previously showing him affection, telling some praise words, and giving him snacks. It’s simple! You don’t need to make a big deal about your dog’s ear cleaning. Note that dogs can smell our feelings so that’s why you need to stay calm.

Note that some dogs can allow you to perform the ear cleaning from the first try, while the others will need a gradually teaching. The patience is the key to success and it only depends on your French bulldog’s personality. In case you are a first-time owner, I also suggest you to ask your vet to show you how to perform the cleaning of French bulldog ears.

french bulldog ears

Why do you need to clean your French bulldog’s ears?

Since Frenchies are prone to show allergy to different environmental allergens such as pollen mites, and dirt, their ears need to be regularly cleaned. In that way, you’ll prevent your frog dog from excessively scratching the ears to blood and causing some serious ear infections.

Note that excessive rubbing the ears can also cause the yeast to overgrow which is certainly not pleasant to see and smell. The yeast on French bulldog ears not only smell unpleasant but it can also lead to hair loss around the ear, redness, swelling and constant head shaking.

I also need to remind you that the yeast presents a natural resident of everyone’s body. Therefore, the overgrowth on a dog’s body can be caused by a lack of hygiene.

french bulldog ears

How to clean French bulldog ears?

For performing the cleaning of French bulldog ears every dog owner needs to prepare the following equipment:

  • cotton balls
  • baby wet wipes (not regular ones)
  • wet cloth
  • Ear Cleaning solution
  • Snacks to occupy your Frenchie’s attention


The first step presents calming a dog and telling him to lay down. After you applied the Spirit French bulldog Ear Cleaner on a cotton ball, you should gently clean the outer part of the ear. Keep in mind that you need to avoid deep cleaning of the ear because in that way you can hurt the ear canal. Make sure that there are no pieces of cotton balls left inside because they can cause an infection.

Another step presents pouring the ear solution into the ear canal and allowing your Frenchie to shake the head after a few seconds. This is method is one of the best because your pooch will not get stressed or hurt. Repeat the process if there is still debris left inside. The solution will ‘melt’ the debris and disinfect the ear canal.

I also suggest you perform ear cleaning while you are inside the house. It might happen that your Frenchie will start rubbing his ears onto the floor so it’s best to do it at home. Imagine that he wants to rub the ears onto the grass. Otherwise, it will certainly become an endless game of ear cleaning.

In case you want to clean the outer part of your Frenchie’s ear while you are spending time outside, I suggest you use simple baby wet wipes. They are free of alcohol and present a great solution for removing the pollen, dirt, and mud.