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Tips To Keep Your Frenchie’s Joints Young

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It’s a fact that seeing your dog in pains seems heartbreaking. As your dog age, there are high chances that he will become susceptible to different health issues and painful joints are one of them. When we talk about Frenchie’s joints, every owner should know how to help a dog to deal with this issue. Luckily, some tips provenly help.

What are the symptoms of painful Frenchie’s joints?

First of all, it’s important to note that there are two types of dog arthritis. The first one is triggered by a dog’s age and the loss of cartilage, while the second one occurs due to inflammation and disease. Inflammatory joint disease can occur in canines of all ages, and it’s triggered by a fungal or bacterial infection. In most cases, tick-borne diseases are the main culprits for occurring the second type.

The symptoms of painful Frenchie’s joints include limping, inability to climb the stairs, tiredness, nervousness, and loss of muscles (arthropathy). A dog with pains can also start to lick and chew the tender spots to release pains. Unfortunately, it may lead to other issues such as hair loss and developing red and inflamed spots.

frenchie's joints

Natural ways to keep your Frenchie’s joints healthy

We can’t deny that every dog owner loves his/her dog to death. They love us unconditionally and put a smile on our faces every day. However, sometimes, there were moments you thought you’d already done everything to help your four-legged friend. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessfully.

So, what you can do to keep your Frenchie’s joints healthy and his body in good shape?

1- Take your French bulldog to regular walks

Indeed, these furry gremlins don’t need much exercise because of their brachycephalic skulls. On the other hand, it is the exact reason why they are prone to gain weight. If you don’t take your Frenchie to regular walks, he will quickly gain weight and will make an additional pressure to his joints, hips, and spine. Therefore, even when it’s cold outside, dress up your furry four-legged friend and have a stroll for at least 5 minutes. Of course, don’t forget to put your pooch in a thick winter jacket because they are naturally prone to hyperthermia. Check out French bulldog jackets to find the best one for your Frenchie.

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In icy weather conditions, you can also play inside the house. Playing fetch will surely thrill your dog. To make your Frenchie entertained, I advise you to check the following Self-rolling ball. It will never stop rolling because of the 360-degree system.

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2-Change your dog’s diet

Diet plays a huge role in keeping a dog’s average body weight. As your Frenchie gets old, his metabolism slows down too. Therefore, you need to switch your furry friend to a lighter menu. Since the excess fat can only worsen the symptoms, my advice is to choose ingredients that help in pain-relieving. For example, sweet potato is famous for the high percentage of beta-carotene that helps in decreasing inflammations.
On the other hand, it also contains amino acids that serve to protect and build muscles.

Fish oil is another ingredient that you can include in your dog’s diet. Since it’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, your Frenchie’s joints will increase mobility, while the skin will become healthy and elastic. However, before you include it in your Frenchie’s menu, I advise you to check with your vet which ingredients to combine with it. Overuse of fish oil may lead to gaining weight, so it’s better to keep in mind that less is more.

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3- Glucosamine for dogs

Glucosamine presents a natural compound of a dog’s body. It’s also found in humans and other mammals with joints. Since the amount of glucosamine decreases as we get old, we need to take different supplements to keep our joints young. Glucosamine for dogs boosts the repair of damaged cartilage and can be used for keeping a dog in good shape, easing pains in joints after surgery, and alleviating pains in joints and hips. However, before you decide to include it into your dog’s diet, I advise you to ask your vet to prescribe you the allowed dosage. Most glucosamine supplements are in tablets and pills, but there are also those in powder and liquid.

4- Take your Frenchie to swim

I am sure that you’ve already heard that swimming can help people with osteoarthritis. That’s why there will be nothing wrong if you take your little gremlin to swim. Swimming will not only help him to relieve pains but will also improve the muscles. Since French bulldogs can’t swim, it’s always a good idea to take a life swimming vest. Life swimming vests will help your batpig to keep his brachycephalic skull above water. The following French bulldog life jacket comes in 2 designs and has a handle on its back so the owner can easily maneuver while spending time in the water.

frenchie's joints

5- Choose the right bed for your Frenchie

If your Frenchie’s joints are painful, you should not allow him to sleep on hard surfaces. Dogs with arthritis should sleep on soft and cozy beds that will change shape according to a dog’s body. Therefore, the best solution represents memory-foam dog beds that come with a removable cover. They are usually higher in price but will certainly help your pooch to relieve pain. Note that older dogs often lose control of their bladder, so a removable or waterproof bed cover would be a great solution for keeping your dog’s sleeping place clean.

In case your doggie experiences severe pains, maybe you should consider making your house more pet-friendly. Steps and ramps can help him to get in or outside of the car, as well as when entering the front house door.

6- Buy your dog anti-slippery shoes

Dogs with painful joints shouldn’t be allowed to walk on slippery surfaces. To prevent your pooch from falling and getting other injuries, I advise you to buy your little batpig anti-slippery shoes or socks that will improve your pet’s fraction. The following dog boots are waterproof, so your pet can wear it on rainy and snowy weather as well.