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August 26, 2019
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Do French Bulldogs Sink? Revealed

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Being a French bulldog owner brings hundreds of great things! They are the best breed for apartment living conditions and can fit any family. Besides they are adorably cute, Frenchies have one particular feature. Unlike other dog breeds, French bulldogs sink when they find themselves in the water. Are you curious to find out why it is so?

french bulldogs sink

The reason why French bulldogs sink

While some of you would say that their Frenchies are doing all well in the water, it’s not actually like that. These gorgeous little gremlins can sustain swimming for a couple of seconds or minutes, but any longer staying in the water can turn out to be fatal. One of the main reasons for the French bulldog’s inability to swim is because they have shortened nostrils. We all know that breathing is a crucial part when we learn how to swim. And, since they breathe in short intervals due to brachycephalic skulls, French bulldogs can’t sustain swimming for an extended period.

Another essential factor that affects Frenchie’s swimming is its small and compact body. Short legs and swimming don’t go hand in hand.

french bulldogs sink

How to help a French bulldog with swimming?

One of the best ways to prevent your pooch from sinking is to buy a French bulldog life swimming vest. If he’s afraid of water, my advice is to make him enter into the water by telling him praise words. Giving treats can also help a lot since there’s no Frenchie who doesn’t like food. Try swimming with your dog and praise him during and after you finish the lesson. The following Life swimming jacket comes in blue and yellow colors and comes with a practical handle. You can use it to better maneuver while you spend the time swimming with your little gremlins.

Another great thing is that the vest has a D-ring so you can attach a leash, and have a walk by the sea or ocean with your pooch.

french bulldogs sink

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

After you read the reasons why French bulldogs sink, I am sure that you’ll adore seeing your pooch dressed in the following life jacket. Your dog’s swimming vest doesn’t have to look ordinary. You can make your Frenchie look both fashionable and safe at the same time. Frenchie World store offers you plenty of different French bulldogs swimming vests, and this one is our favorite one. It comes in 3 colors and a practical handle to make sure your Frenchie will stay above water.

french bulldog sink

Clownfish Summer French Bulldog Life Jacket


Do you remember Nemo the clownfish from the animated movie Finding Nemo? Well, the following jacket will surely turn your dog into a cartoon character that will catch everyone’s eye on the beach. The life jacket comes with adjustable straps and an over-needed handle to keep your dog safe.

french bulldogs sink


Can French bulldogs swim in a kiddie pool or baby pool?

Baby and kiddie pools can present the best way to prevent your pooch from overheating. Since this breed is on a high tendency to get heatstroke if it spends time outside during the hottest part of the day, allowing them to cool off in a kiddie pool can become the best option. However, before you let your little gremlin to spend time inside of it, I recommend you to make sure that the water level doesn’t cross his legs while he’s standing. When we talk about keeping a Frenchie safe during the summer season, there are many other things you should pay attention too. For example, hydration and keeping their paws safe from hot pavements is equally important as buying a French bulldog life swimming jacket.