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What To Do If Your Frenchie Refuses To Eat?

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Is your French bulldog a picky eater? So, let’s say that you are feeding a Frenchie puppy and he has decided it’s not interested in what you’re giving him. On the other hand, the pieces of kibble are just a little too big for small dogs because their teeth and mouths are still small. It can actually be a bit uncomfortable. There are a few things that you should give a try if your Frenchie refuses to eat.

Why Your Frenchie refuses to eat?

There’s no doubt that all of us would agree it can be very distressing when our canines don’t eat. Whether you’ve just brought a Frenchie puppy home or your adult Frenchie lost his/her appetite, it’s really a nightmare. Determining the cause is one of the first steps to help your furry friend.

frenchie refuses to eat

1- Make your dog’s food more attractive

a) If you feed your French bulldog with dry kibble food, I advise you to add a little bit of warm water. In that way, you’ll make your dog’s dry kibble softer. Another solution is to switch to wet food. There are actually some really great high-quality wet food on the market. Traditionally, we thought that wet food is not as good as the dry kibble. It’s because dogs don’t necessarily need to chew it.

frenchie refuses to eat

b) If you give an advantage to a dry kibble food, I advise you to mix it with wet food altogether to see if it changes your Frenchie’s motivation to eat the food. You can also pour raw or boiled chicken breast over (without bones). Adding human food to a dog’s kibble is not the end of the world as long as you’re not doing it right ‘from the table’. You should just keep to the part of the regular routine of preparing the food.

c) In the case previously mentioned tips don’t work, you can also try to microwave your Frenchie’s food for a few seconds. In that way, the food will release the tasty smell. Before you give it to your pooch, make sure the food is not too hot because it can burn your dog’s tongue.

frenchie refuses to eat

d) Adding a few spoons of chicken or beef broth will give the smell so your furry friend won’t be able to resist.

e) Switching to the BARF diet for French bulldogs might sound like the best solution. Note that dogs are carnivores that used to search for raw ingredients (prey) in nature. However, as they became domesticated, people created different types of dog food that can be kept outside of the fridge.

2- Make your dog work for his/her food

It’s an undeniable fact that dogs like toys. There are many interactive dog toys that can motivate your Frenchie if he refuses to eat. I suggest you check the following interactive feeding ball that releases the dry kibble food as your Frenchie rolls it.

Another solution presents performing the training routine. You can make your dog interested by giving him a few treats while asking him to sit, stay and lay down.

What rules to keep in mind if your Frenchie refuses to eat?

1- Stay objective

First of all, it’s very important to stay objective when you’re judging your dog’s appetite. The guidelines on the food you buy for your pooch are only the average amounts. Many completely healthy French bulldogs don’t eat the prescribed amounts you find on the back of the dog’s food.

2-Don’t push your dog to eat

Dogs are like children. Sometimes, no matter how hard you’re trying to make your Frenchie eat, you simply can’t succeed it. But, why? It’s because French bulldogs know to act stubborn from time to time. You need to make a good strategy and make your dog start eating without fuss. French bulldogs are intelligent, so he’ll easily find out what you’re planning to do. I advise you to spontaneously try to make your Frenchie eat while playing.

3-Hand feeding in extreme situations

If your puppy or your adult Frenchie refuses to eat, hand feeding is the last solution. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll spoil your dog, it means that you want to help him to get back on track. Sometimes, dogs refuse to eat due to illness, so hand feeding might help.