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Are French Bulldogs Smart?

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Are French bulldogs smart? This is probably one of the most common questions people want to find out the answer. If you still haven’t decided what dog breed to own, I am sure these facts will convince that Frenchies are perfect dogs for your home.

French bulldogs are for a reason one of the most popular dogs in the world. They take the high 4th place in homes all over the USA and even take the first place in New York.

are french bulldogs smart

What makes French bulldogs smart?

If we take a look at the history of this breed, we will realize they learned to work alongside their humans. They are always in a mood to follow their owners and act very territorial and protective. That’s why they are considered for excellent watchdogs. Even though they don’t bark much, Frenchies are always ready to step out and protect their loving humans.

These furry gremlins are very smart and intelligent and are capable of learning tricks and commands quickly. However, their primary motivation is food. So, before you start teaching your pooch how hot to sit, lie down, and stay, you’d better prepare a full hand of his favorite treats.

One of Frenchies’ bad sides is that they tend to act stubborn from time to time. Therefore, French bulldog owners need to be patient and consistent when they teach them specific commands. They don’t like punishing and yelling. Otherwise, you can expect them to get back at you. Positive reinforcement in teaching and telling praise words are something that Frenchies appreciate.

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Frenchies are the smartest of all bully breeds

Despite the fact French bulldogs were used for bull-baiting in history, these dogs have an extremely gentle nature. They like to feel the love and affection of their owners and are considered for the smartest of all bully breeds. However, you’d better not mess with a Frenchie. They can literally ‘smell’ someone’s bad intentions and danger, so they turn into real avengers.

If you want to own an alert dog, then a Frenchie is not a dog for you because this breed doesn’t bark much. When a French bulldog wants to admonish the owner, he/she will start to howl and yip. That’s how he communicates.

are french bulldogs smart

Are French bulldogs friendly?

Besides Frenchies are smart, they also get along well with kids and other dogs. They adore being in kids’ vicinity and consider them for their best playmates. French bulldogs act gentle toward toddles, however, they don’t like to fall into anyone’s shadows. So, if you’ve just got a new family member, it’s advisable to introduce a Frenchie with a baby gradually. As long as you continue showing love and affection to your pooch, he/she will not act jealous.

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Are French bulldogs smart or damp?

One of the essential rules when owning a dog is to tailor his/her personality from the early puppyhood. Everyone’s intelligence needs to be encouraged to show positive results. Many studies claim about the importance of using interactive toys in a dog’s early age. They not only help a dog to initiate the intelligence but also serve as great tools to prevent separation anxiety. So, if you are a responsible owner who has carefully tailored a dog’s behavior from the start, you don’t have to worry.

The following interactive toy can serve as a great solution for improving the dog’s intelligence. The egg releases snacks as your Frenchie rolls it. We are sure he’ll adore discovering how it works.