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Where To Buy a French Bulldog Puppy in New York?

Making a decision of buying a French bulldog puppy may sound challenging especially when we talk about choosing the right breeder. No matter what part of the world you live, you need to know that buying a puppy should not become an easy and short task. Your puppy will become your family member that deserves to have equal rights as any other human. It includes providing him/her a quality diet, cozy bed, and a lot of love and respect. So, in case you are searching to buy a French bulldog puppy in New York or anywhere else in the world, you need to know the following.  The key to owning a healthy and well-bred puppy is not limited by a distance.

Join thousands of French Bulldog puppy lovers all over the world!

At this point, you might be asking, why I am suggesting the topic of buying a French Bulldog Puppy In New York?

When it comes to your new family member, you do not want to buy from any breeder around the corner. You want to make sure that you only get a Frenchie, which comes from the right parents, is healthy, well socialized and ready to go to their forever home when the time comes. Frenchie World can give you all that and much more. At any time, you can fall back on our vast expertise. Frenchie World is here for you, whenever you need help with your puppy!

Nowadays, thanks to well-organized types of transport, you can get a French bulldog puppy in New York that has been breed in Europe. Therefore, I advise every future Frenchie owner not to look only for a breeder in his/her vicinity. Note that you are buying a dog that you want to stay with you for a long time, and such a fact doesn’t have a price.

french bulldog puppy in New York for sale

French Bulldog Puppy In New York –
The best and most adorable puppies you will ever meet

We at Frenchie world are crazy French Bulldog lovers with more than 20 years experience. As an ethical breeder, I stand out from most online breeders and leave backyard breeders far behind for sure.

Producing a healthy litter of French Bulldog puppies is nothing that happens all by itself. To give you a puppy, which you can enjoy for the rest of its life needs quite some preparation. There are also ongoing testing to make sure that only the best genetic material is passed on to the next generation. Of course, Frenchie World cannot guarantee you that your new pup might never get sick. What we can assure you is, that through all those years of breeding Frenchies, we have done the uttermost our side. We can assure you there are no inherited diseases passed on.

By the time our puppies are ready to find their forever families, they are all vet checked, microchipped and vaccinated. For the next few weeks, there is nothing else for you to do. You only need to enjoy the love your new companion brings to the family.

What to ask the breeder when searching to buy a French bulldog puppy in New York?

 We all know that Frenchies’ popularity is rapidly grown in the last few years. Unfortunately, it led to the irresponsible breeding of this gorgeous breed. ‘So-called’ breeders figured out they can get a perfect chance to earn a lot of money.  That’s only one of the reasons why you can find many articles about French bulldog health issues and other precautions when buying a puppy.

Here is the list of questions that every reliable French bulldog breeder will answer:

1-    Who are the puppy’s parents?

Health history of parents plays an important role in the further health of a French bulldog puppy you want to buy. Since there are many health issues that can be caused by genetics, a puppy you want to buy should have well-cared and healthy parents.

It includes a long life span, low tendency to develop allergies, healthy spine and hips, and absence of obstruction of the respiratory tract.

french bulldog puppy in new york

2-   Has a Frenchie puppy you want to buy done all the health checks?

Every puppy bred by reliable breeder should be checked by a vet. The breeder should have paper evidence of the health checks he performed.

Generally speaking, it includes phenotype and genotype testing. Phenotype testing includes X-ray testing to see if a puppy has a genetic-caused Hip Dysplasia or some other spinal issues. Other tests include checks of hearing and vision and abnormal skin in a dog’s mouth.

Genotype testing is performed to check if a puppy will have a tendency to suffer from certain diseases such as food or environmental allergies or DNA caused malformations.

3-    How many puppies have been in a litter?

One of the reasons why French bulldog puppies are so expensive is the number of puppies in a litter. Unlike other dog breeds, Frenchie females usually deliver one or two puppies. They need to go through special prenatal care and a C-section to give birth. Another important fact is that Frenchies don’t mate in a traditional way because of their short legs and bodies. French bulldog dams go through artificial insemination to stay pregnant.

4-    What determines the price of a French bulldog puppy?

First of all, you need to know that you can’t buy a well-bred and healthy Frenchie by paying a small amount of money. First-time dog owners usually don’t know what is the price they should pay for a French bulldog puppy. Do not deceive yourself by buying a cheap puppy because it will actually lead you to pay high medical bills in the future.

The price for a quality French bulldog puppy usually ranges between 1,500 to 15,000 $. I guess you are probably curious to find out why one puppy costs 1,500 and another 15,000 $, right?

Well, it’s all in the carried genes. So, if a Frenchie carries a Dilute recessive gene which is actually very rare, the puppy will be more expensive. Other things to consider are the puppy’s color patterns and colors included. For example, it’s difficult to ‘create’ Isabella-colored French bulldog or a perfectly pied Frenchie.

In case a when a breeder mated rewarder French bulldogs that were participated in competitions, their puppies will also be high in price.

french bulldog puppy in new york

Frenchie World – French Bulldog Puppies for Sale In New York
So, a litter of adorable pups is born, what now

With the French Bulldog puppies being born, a new chapter in the life of the puppies begins.

Every Frenchie caretaker will gladly tell you, that those little fellows not only crave attention, they demand attention and will do everything to interact with you and your family. That this bond indeed can happen, we take great care that every puppy is well socialized before it meets your family. This socializing process during the first weeks in the life of a puppy is essential so that your Frenchie eventually will grow into an independent and self-assured adult dog.

Meet your Frenchies now, and we will do everything possible to make the transition to your family as stress-free and as smooth as possible.

Did you know, Frenchie World, French Bulldog Puppies for Sale In New York, were featured in the New York Times. Please read on.

Frenchie World – French Bulldog Puppies for Sale In New York, ask us now!
When you are not in New York

We are committed to shipping our precious French Bulldog puppies anywhere around the world. Our shipping price is $750 per puppy, which includes a nanny that will travel with your chosen four-legged friend. She or he will attend to the puppy’s every need and make sure that it arrives well and safe as its destination. If you have more questions regarding the shipping of our puppies, please feel free to contact us at the Frenchie World. We are always keen to answer all your questions before the puppy makes its journey to you.

Every French Bulldog puppy you buy from Frenchie World comes with its own International Health Certificate and lifetime health guarantee.

You are looking for not any other French Bulldog, but one you do not see on every other dog show or magazine?

Frenchie World offers you the most exquisite colors, which are widely not seen at all. Indeed, our puppies are so popular even celebrities choose us to find their favorite little darling in a litter of our pups!

Did you know, our Frenchies are amongst the smallest French Bulldogs there are? Our mini-sized breeds will not weigh more than 9 kg when fully grown. They are petite, they fit easily in every apartment, in every environment.

Still not convinced?

Why don’t you visit us at Frenchie World? Not only will you meet our little champs, but we also offer you a vast amount of information, including gift ideas and a book free of charge! We are committed to make your French Bulldog experience the best experience yet!

French Bulldog friends from all over the world

Indeed, we have shipped our precious puppies to almost every country in the world. And we like to stay in touch with all those first, second, third or more French Bulldog caretakers.

So, we have created the biggest French Bulldog online community in the world. Here, all the big and small Frenchie lovers come together, and exchange stories and their first-class experience with those little critters people cannot get enough of.

Frenchie World is based in Serbia; however, our reputation expands beyond the borders of Europe. Ask us now, and we find the right pup for you.

Frenchie World – French Bulldog Puppies In New York

You too will find someone to love!

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