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French Bulldog VS. English Bulldog- Which One To Choose?

french bulldog vs english bulldog

Are you in doubt whether to buy an English or a French bulldog? Despite the fact these breeds look like they have many features in common, it has quite a few characteristics by which they differ. Let’s compare French bulldog VS. English Bulldog and how to make the right decision for your family.

French bulldog Vs. English Bulldog- A few words about their history

If we compare French bulldog VS. English bulldog, we can notice that English bulldogs were recognized in the 13th century. Thanks to their powerful jaws, sturdy bodies, and many folds, this breed was used for a cruel sport called bullbaiting. Luckily, this sport became forbidden in 1835, but the fighting still went underground. And while some people decided to create crossbreeds of Pit Bull and English bulldogs, others decided to use them as guards and companions.

Luckily, English bulldogs got their chance to become pets thanks to the fanciers that bred them to become gentle and calm. Today, English bulldogs are famous for their affectionate and calm nature. They are especially popular among non-sporting people because they don’t require much activity.

When we talk about French bulldogs, they also pull their roots from England. They have been created by crossbreeding English bulldogs and other domestic toy breeds and Pugs in the 19th century. French bulldogs took the spotlight in France when Nottingham lacemakers expanded their business over the island.

Unlike English bulldogs, Frenchies changed their appearances through history. Today, they take the high 4th position on the list of the most popular dog breeds.

french bulldog vs. english bulldog

French bulldog VS. English Bulldog- Appearance

Both breeds are recognizable for their flat muzzles and sturdy bodies. However, Frenchies are quite smaller, possess fewer folds, and have bat-shaped ears. There is an interesting anecdote about the appearance of the first-developed French bulldogs. They had rose-shaped ears until breeders and official communities decided to consider bat-shaped ears as the only approved characteristic.

Another noticeable difference between a French bulldog VS. English bulldog is their size. Frenchies can be tall between 11-13 inches, while English buddies stand 14-15 inches tall. A fully grown Frenchie shouldn’t exceed 27/28 pounds, while an English bulldog can go up to 50 pounds.

Both pooches have short, and smooth coats that can come in variations between cream, fawn, and white. However, Frenchies can also come in quite rare colors such as blue, merle, Isabella, and lilac.

french bulldog vs. english bulldog

French bulldog VS. English Bulldog- Temperament

If we compare a French bulldog VS. English bulldog, we will notice that they possess similar personalities. Both breeds are friendly, affectionate, and lively. When we talk about their intelligence, Frenchies take a small advantage. They’re better students than English fellows, and faster learn tricks. Since both pooches can behave stubbornly if you don’t choose a good motivational tool, you might have issues with ’breaking’ their strong characters.

Stubbornness is the key factor that affects the obedience in a dog. Therefore, future dog owners of both breeds should be ready to continuously repeat lessons until their dogs finally get it.

If you want to choose these dogs to live in big families, we want to note that you certainly won’t make a mistake. Both Frenchies and English bulldogs love kids and spending time surrounded by people. They are actually a sort of four-legged kids who like to be in the center of attention.

When we talk about comparing energy levels of French bulldog VS. English bulldog, the smaller fellows possess a higher energy level. While English buddies would always choose chilling and lying on the couch, Frenchies will make a good balance between playing, sniffing around, and relaxing.

french bulldog vs english bulldog

French bulldog VS. English Bulldog- Which breed is more expensive?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that neither a Frenchie nor an English bulldog can’t be bought for a small amount of money. These dogs go under artificial inseminations and can’t deliver puppies naturally. Besides, a reputable breeder will select perfectly healthy parents that have been cleared out from all hereditary diseases.

The average price of a French bulldog goes between 1,000- 5,000$ while the price of an English bulldog can go between 1,500- 7,000 $. These are only the average prices for both breeds because they can range up to 10,000 $.

A special note for future owners

It should be noted that Frenchies and English bulldogs can be susceptible to different health issues. It can happen if you buy them from untrusted breeders who deal with overproducing unhealthy litters.

Therefore, we recommend you to pay special attention when buying a dog and to check the health history. French bulldogs can be on a higher tendency to suffer from allergies, while both pooches can deal with hip dysplasia, narrow nostrils, overheating, and hypothermia.

French bulldog VS. English bulldog- Wrapping up

Whatever breed you choose, the most important rule is to provide your pet with plenty of love, support, and care. Once a Frenchie or an English bulldog sneak into your heart, you won’t be able to resist those big eyes, and round bodies. Owning one of these dogs will show you how an unconconditional love should look like.