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How Do I Stop My French Bulldog From Snoring?

For many dog owners, French bulldog snoring is probably one of the most hilarious sounds their dog produces. Although Frenchies are famous for their marvelous snoring abilities, we have to pay attention to their quality of breathing and know how to recognize whether they have certain problems.

French bulldog snoring- What could be the reasons?

French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls which means they’re on a higher tendency to suffer from breathing issues. Narrow nostrils can cause the spooky sound of wheezing, while an elongated soft palate restricts the amount of air a dog inhales.

If your little gremlin goes through severe breathing attacks even when you take him to relaxing strolls, then it’s a clear sign that you have to schedule a vet visit. Your vet might recommend you nostril surgery to expand and facilitate the dog’s breathing.

How to reduce snoring in your French bulldog?

Since we can’t completely prevent French bulldogs from snoring, snorting, and wheezing, we can perform certain routines that could ease their breathing.

Choose a French bulldog bed with elevated edges

To decrease French bulldog snoring, it would be best to buy a bed with elevated edges where your dog will be able to place the head. The edges can be filled with soft pp cotton or memory foam for better comfort. Our recommendation is to have a look at the following Teddy Bed which is extremely soft, cuddly, and made of easy-clean plush.

french bulldog snoring

Round dog beds can also help

Another type of dog bed that could ease snoring in your Frenchie looks like a nest. It also has elevated edges and looks like a deep and round nest where your pooch will feel snug and safe. They’re the best to use during cold months when your pup needs extra warmth and coziness. Our suggestion is to have a look at the following Winter Cozy Dog Bed which is made of soft and warm plush.

Escape late meals

If your Frenchie got used to having late meals, it would be best to change that routine because just like in humans, their diaphragm may rise due to overeating. The ideal time to feed your pet is 2-3 hours before sleeping.

french bulldog snoring

Sleeping in fresh and clean air

Cigarette smoke and unventilated rooms can also trigger your French bulldog snoring. Therefore, make sure your little batpig sleeps in a room that is smoke-free and that is not too warm. If you’re a passionate smoker then it’s highly important to note that Frenchies can develop asthma, allergies, and other breathing issues if they spend a lot of time in smoky rooms.

Both you and your dog should avoid sleeping in rooms where the air is dry. For example, central heating is one of the main culprits for dry throat feeling.

french bulldog snoring

Check if your Frenchie suffers from allergies

In case your furry gremlin excessively snores even though you have taken all the necessary steps, then you have to check whether he/she suffers from environmental allergies. Dust, dirt, seasonal pollen, mould, and mites can cause French bulldog wheezing, snoring, snorting, gagging, etc.

As one of the most important things to keep in mind is to regularly clean and wash your Frenchie’s bed, and escape using laundry detergents with strong scents.

Keep your French bulldog’s weight within normal limits

Obese French bulldogs will be on a higher tendency to become snorers. Therefore, check if your Frenchie is overweight and put him on a special low-calorie diet to help him breathe easier. Taking your pet on regular walks will also leave a positive impact on his/her health and overall body. Talk to your vet to get the best advice and type of diet for your little batpig.