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9 Best Beds For French Bulldogs In 2021

If you’re still in doubt about whether your dog needs to have his own bed for sleeping, the answer is simple. Every dog should have a safe and silent place for sleeping and chilling for many reasons. That’s why we decided to provide you with the best picks of beds for French bulldogs that will make your dog sleep like in heaven.

What are the benefits of buying a bed for your French bulldog?

Allergic reactions:

Dogs can carry dust, dirt, dander, and other allergy triggers on their fur. That’s why it’s not advisable to allow your dog to sleep with you in the bed. Besides, all dogs carry those well-known doggy odors and release dead hair all over our furniture.

Joint pains:

Senior dogs can experience mobility issues and suffer from painful joints. To help them easier go through those life stages, the best option is to buy them dog beds filled with memory foam.

Separation anxiety prevention:

To prevent your dog suffer from separation anxiety, buying him/her a dog bed is over needed. By teaching your Frenchie to become independent, you’ll help him associate at an early age and build a healthy and confident personality. French bulldogs are known for their Velcro behavior, so teaching them to sleep in their beds can help in preventing separation anxiety.

What are the best beds for French bulldogs?

Frenchie World® Donut Cuddler Bed

Our high-quality giant Donut Cuddler dog bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up! The round shape provides support and security, while the super-soft stuffing helps with joint and muscle pain. The bed includes a completely removable zippered shell which makes it easy to clean. There are 3 zippers, which allows for the inner cushions to easily be removed and re-inserted without any hassle. The bottom of these shells is water-resistant so spills do not make their way inside your house.

beds for french bulldogs

Frenchie World® House & Bed 2 in 1

Your French Bulldog will find his own private haven in this tent bed. The super-soft poly-foam lining and an ultra-plush pillow is a perfect place for your pup to rest after playing all day. If he wants some peace of mind when it’s time for sleep, then you’ll love how easy the machine-washable material makes cleaning up messes! This bed is made with longevity in mind so that it won’t lose its shape even through repeated washes.

Self Cooling™ pad bed

When the summers are getting hotter, it’s important to take care of our furry friends. Luckily, there is an array of new cooling beds for French bulldogs that give them relief from the heat! These coolers usually contain gel or water which works best when kept outside in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, French bulldogs are prone to heatstroke, so besides using cooling collars and vests, we have to provide them with a quality dog cooling bed.


3 in 1 Multifunction Dog Bed-Sofa-Mat

This French bulldog bed is a cozy cave for your pooch to sleep in during cold weather and can be transformed into an open mat when it’s warm. You can place it even on your bed in case you want your pet to spend time with you while watching TV at the end of the day. The elevated edges are great for your pet to place head and experience the ultimate comfort.

Winter Yarn Dog Bed

This super chunky, cozy French bulldog bed is perfect for your pup to lounge around in. Made from 100% cotton with a soft and gentle feel that pets love, it wicks moisture away so they’re comfortable all the time. The yarn used in this durable handmade item also has hypoallergenic properties which help prevent health issues like allergies or other skin conditions. It’s easy to clean too!

Italian Handmade French Bulldog Bed

This orthopedic French bulldog bed is made with human-grade mattress foam and provides crucial bone support. The poly-filled bolsters are a soft place for your Frenchie to rest his head, while the tear-resistant cover makes it good for an energetic pup. We also love the amazing design and removable covers and liners that are machine washable.

Pineapple Dog House

This pineapple French bulldog bed is the perfect spot for your French Bulldog to hideaway. Designed with their comfort in mind, this bed has a soft plush cushion that can be removed and hand-washed when needed. How could you not smile looking at them curled up cutely inside of it?

beds for french bulldogs

White Frenchie tent (with Cushion)

This White Frenchie tent is the perfect piece to hide your fur babies’ toys and accessories when guests come over. It adds some spunk to your décor with its fun design that features a cotton canvas with two flap openings at the front of a eucalyptus hardwood frame. The Pet Teepee makes for easy assembly! The Eucalyptus hardwood makes this sturdy so that you don’t need to worry about anything breaking or tipping over when they play inside.

Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat

A Frenchie World ® Cooling Mat is a reliable choice because of its durability (made from polyester), breathability (solid gel inside the nylon fabric), and weight-activated sensors used for your dog’s body temperature. It will regulate the dog’s temperature throughout spring or summer days when our canines can easily overheat if they stay outdoors for an extended time.

Croc Frenchie House

Does your Frenchie love to curl up while sleeping? If yes, then this Croc house will be the right pick for his/her sleeping habit. Your little gremlin will feel secured and snuggled thanks to faux shag fur that makes this bed especially cozy.

best beds for french bulldogs

Features to consider when buying beds for French bulldogs

If you own a Frenchie, make sure to buy them appropriately sized beds. They weigh around 16-28 pounds and are about 11 inches tall when they’re lying down. If your dog is an avid chewer, go for something made of sturdy material that won’t break easily whenever the pup starts chewing on it!

In case you live with a messy pooch, you may want to consider getting enclosed beds for French bulldogs. They are perfect for dogs that enjoy the comfort of snuggly and enclosed retreats.

Where is the best to place a bed for your Frenchie?

It’s important to consider where you should place your French bulldog’s bed. You could put a small, cozy one in the room where you hang out so that your pet can spend time with his family members. However, if it gets too loud or busy for your pooch then give him his own quiet space somewhere warm like in the corner of your bedroom.

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