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How To Train Your Frenchie To Sleep in Their Bed?

Do you own a Frenchie? If so, then I’m sure that his favorite place to sleep at night is right by your side. Is it hard to train your French Bulldog sleep in their bed? But what happens when he can’t find his loving human or someone else around for company? The time of loneliness does not sound fun to your dog. In case you want to save your bed from an uninvited four-legged guest, then you probably want to teach your Frenchie to sleep in his bed.



How to teach a Frenchie to sleep in his bed?

Choose the right French Bulldog bed

Choosing the right bed for your French bulldog is the first thing to do when you bring him home. It should be made of pet-friendly fabric that is easy to clean and must be of appropriate size. The desirable inner filing is memory foam because it shapes according to your furry friend’s body.

Choose the right spot

Once you choose your dog’s bed position, you should not relocate it. Dogs love to feel safe, calm, and relaxed in their beds, so that’s why it’s important to find a cozy and quiet place in the house. Every dog should sleep in its own bed because that’s how we help them build independent personalities. Frenchies are naturally prone to clinginess, so allowing them to sleep in their owners’ beds can only make things worse.

The result will be living with an over-attached dog who will follow you even when you go to the bathroom. And, it can be one of the reasons for suffering from a separation anxiety disorder in the future. Dogs who behave like Velcros will be on a higher tendency to develop this condition in the future.



Use a voice command

To teach your dog to sleep in his bed, you can use a voice command every night right before you’re planning to take him to the ‘sleepy spot’. Use rewards because that’s how you’ll create a positive association with the activity. ‘Go to bed’ should be the phrase you should tell your Frenchie daily so he can memorize it well.

Time for bed

Just like your furry friend learns when is the time for a meal, that’s how he needs to learn when is the time for bed. When it’s time for bed, your dog will memorize your ‘sleeping routine’. For example, it can be dressing in pajamas and taking a shower. Other methods include teaching a dog to memorize a routine by producing a certain sound. You’ve probably heard of a trick when a dog reacts to a command by hearing a clicking sound. Therefore, this could be one of the methods too.


French Bulldog Sleep in Their Bed


The length of night sleep

Teaching a dog to sleep throughout the night is also important. You certainly don’t want to take your Frenchie outside in the middle of the night and interrupt your time of sleeping. To prevent such behavior, you should take him outside for a potty before sleeping and don’t let him drink water late in the evening.

If your Frenchie leaves the bed during the night, try to redirect him by inviting him to get back and reward him with a treat. However, be careful not to reward it too frequently, otherwise, your dog can conclude that rewarding is connected with his waking up.

Nap time

If you want to get your dog dolled up for bed, be sure that he has eaten and rested. Then at night time after mealtime use the command “bed” in order to make him comfortable on his mat or simply take him over there yourself if necessary! Make rewards fun by using tasty treats as motivation while also rewarding with verbal praise like “good job” when things go right.

Place your t-shirt in your dog’s bed

Some dogs get afraid of sleeping alone. That’s why you can try putting your t-shirt or some other item that contains your scent in your French bulldog’s bed. Puppies are more often prone to such behavior because they want to feel safe.



What to avoid when teaching your French Bulldog Sleep in Their Bed?

  • Do not place your furry friend’s bed far from yours. You can choose a dark spot in your bedroom in order to avoid your Frenchie’s whining, howling, and barking during the night.
  • Sharing a bed with your dog can be tricky if they are in the puppy stage. You may find yourself disturbed during sleep, and it could lead to future problems for both of you! If you’re a person who wants to share the bed with a dog, then try to do it as late as possible.

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