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French Bulldog Shedding – This Is The Solution

Although considered for a low-shedding breed, the French bulldog shedding circle depends on many factors. They are famous for their smooth, shiny and silky coats and cute bat-ears that make them one of the most unique-looking dogs in the World.

What affects French bulldog shedding?

French bulldog shedding depends on different factors such as age, weather, genes, and nutrition.

Frenchie puppies are more likely to release their hair everywhere than adult dogs since during their puppyhood they change their soft and silky coats for stronger hair. Weather conditions also play an important role in their shedding frequency. During the summer, most dogs shed their undercoat to keep them from overheating. Here you can read some useful tips on how to keep a Frenchie cool in summer.

When we talk about the French bulldog diet, many dog owners are usually not conscious of the effect it leaves on a dog’s skin and coat. Therefore, if you want your furry batpig to have shiny and healthy hair, I recommend you to include food rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as fruits rich in antioxidants.

french bulldog shedding

Tips to prevent shedding

The following tips may help their owners to keep their French bulldog’s shedding under control:

1- Choose the right shampoo

Since Frenchies have sensitive skin and are prone to develop skin allergies, I suggest you buy a hypoallergenic dog shampoo suitable for sensitive skin. Another option may present a bathing salt that will not sting their eyes and make any irritations on their skin. Check out the following Bathing Salt that is created especially for those furry gremlins.

2- Choose the right grooming brush

When we talk about French bulldog grooming demands, you can comb their fur once a week. Since they have short coats, you don’t have to use hard brushes that will make them feel uncomfortable. Instead of using a brush, maybe you can try this grooming glove. Since it’s made of silicone, you can be sure all the hair will stick to the glove like a magnet. Besides you can use it for grooming, it can serve as a great tool for massaging your little gremlin’s body. I am sure he’ll definitely enjoy it!

3- Don’t forget to dry your Frenchie’s fur

For drying your dog’s coat, I don’t recommend a hair dryer usage since it can make his hair looking dull and lifeless. The following Frenchie World® Special microfiber towel would be enough to absorb all the water from his coat and to clean his paws from dirt. Microfiber towels present a better choice than cotton-made ones because they can pick even the dog’s dead hair, sand, mud, and dirt.

4- Protect your living place

It’s true that you can’t totally prevent your Frenchie shedding, however, you can protect your furniture from his hair by covering them with different mats.

On the following image, you can see the Frenchie World® Breathable Sofa Mat that presents a sort of dog bed settled on your own bed or sofa. In this way, you can keep your furry friend beside you while watching Tv and resting and will make your furniture a hair-free place.


5- Protect your car

How many times you’ve got annoyed by your dog’s hair found in a car? Well, in case you were searching for a car dog seat that will keep all the hair inside of the seat and prevent your car from the mess, then this Frenchie waterproof car seat cover can present the right solution. With side flaps, the car seat covers can protect your car door from any scratch and keep your dog from falling. The middle zipper on hammock allows pets and kids to share the back seat together. Just zip up for a full hammock or zip down for half of the hammock, so dogs and passengers can travel together.

What to do in case of excessive French bulldog shedding?

In case you’ve noticed that your French bulldog started to shed excessively or started to lose hair in patches, I highly advise you to ask your vet for help. There could be a number of other underlying problems and some of them are:

French bulldog shedding doesn’t need to present your nightmare. It can be successfully prevented by using the right cosmetics and feeding your pooch with a balanced diet. The previously mentioned tools can be only one of the possible solutions for keeping your home clean from your dog’s hair.