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What Helps A French Bulldog With A Runny Nose?

french bulldog runny nose

French Bulldog runny nose might be one of the most concerning occurrences in your Frenchie.  Unlike other dog breeds, Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from nasal infections. They have brachycephalic skulls that make them more susceptible to catch allergens such as pollen and dust. Therefore, let’s find out when you should become worried about your French bulldog’s runny nose.

What are the most common symptoms of a French bulldog runny nose?

  • Watery discharge
  • Nasal discharge
  • Troubles with breathing
  • Sneezing
  • Heavy breathing
  • Bad breath
  • Deterioration in oral health

There are two types of runny nose syndrome in Frenchies. The first one is triggered by an allergen, while the second type can be a severe or chronic runny nose.

french bulldog runny nose

What are the causes of runny nose in Frenchies?

Since Frenchies have short nostrils, they are susceptible to respiratory issues and different infections. Therefore, as an owner of this breed, you should observe your pet’s behavior and monitor the new symptoms.

One of the causes can be an allergic reaction to an inhaled allergen. We all know that dogs love to sniff, so inhaling pollen, dust, mites, or a chemical can cause an immune reaction.

A stuck plant or some other foreign object can also be the potential cause for a French bulldog runny nose. In this case, you should carefully try to take the item out by using the tweezers.

Bacterial or fungal infection in a dog’s sinuses is always followed by yellowish, grey, or green discharge. In this case, your pooch should get urgent treatment. The nose discharge can easily descend to the lungs and cause severe pneumonia.

The next case when your Frenchie can have a runny nose is during the teething period. Besides, dental issues such as gingivitis, and periodontitis can also obstruct the nasal passages.

french bulldog runny nose

What are the best remedies for a French bulldog runny nose?

Since allergies are usually the most common trigger, you should consult with your vet to help you determine the root of the issue. In case your dog suffers from seasonal allergies, your vet will prescribe you an antihistamines therapy. Corticosteroids are meant only for severe symptoms when a dog’s struggling for breath. You shouldn’t use it for more than 7 days, because they can cause different side effects.

A bacterial or fungal infection requires antibiotic treatment or antifungal therapy.

Dental issues followed by a dog’s runny nose can be temporary. However, in case of chronic dental illness, your dog might need a tooth cleaning or removal under anesthesia.

Tips to keep the French bulldog’s nose healthy

Every part of a dog’s body needs to get proper care, even the Frenchie’s nose. Therefore, if you’re wondering what is the best product to use for soothing the dog’s nose, French bulldog Snout Balm is my choice.

This nose balm features olive and Avocado oil which are known as one of the best remedies for dry and injured skin. Besides, this balm will help you in treating nose hyperkeratosis that is definitely one of the ugliest conditions to spot on a dog. The mix of magical plants will help in removing dry scabs and will help the new skin growth.

I also recommend you to use it on your Frenchie’s nose during the cold months. It will work as a protective layer from freezy weather.

french bulldog runny nose